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This e-copy of "Viewpoint" is a widely distributed, quarterly magazine that I co-wrote, edited and published with the Executive Director of Corp. Communications at KCET-LA/PBS.

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  • 1. ViewPointIssue 16California At WarKCET One-Hour Special Revealsthe Lasting Impact of World War IIon CaliforniaCalifornia at War, a one-hour special from the award-winningseries California Connected, is the story of how World War IIchanged California and how California changed the war.California Connected Emmy Award winners, Post Production World War II was a turning point for California; some haveProducer Morgan Bell, Producer Jonathan Dann, Senior Producercalled it a second Gold Rush in the sense that the war fastJustine Schmidt, Executive Producer Bret Marcus, and Line Producerforwarded California into the future, says Bret MarcusEllen Raphaelproducer and KCET Vice President of Programming, Publicityand Promotion. California began its transformation from aKCET Tops Los Angeles sleepy West Coast enclave to the mega state it is today. Thereare historians in this program who argue that victory wouldArea EmmyAwards at not have been possible without the production, technologyand troops provided by California.59th Annual CeremonyAnchored by veteran journalist Judy Muller, California atWar interviews dozens of veterans, eyewitnesses and histo-rians including former state librarian and historian Kevin Starr, author Walter Mosley and Hollywood legendWinning more awards in a single ceremony than at any previousMickey Rooney, among others. The story is also told through archival film and stillssome of which aretime in its 43-year history, KCET won six statuettes at the 59thbeing shown for the first time ever.Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards held Saturday, August 25. Thewins followed 15 nominations in eight categories that often saw California at War tells its story in six sections. The Prologue looks at the early forties when CaliforniansKCET productions competing against each other. In addition, the enjoyed the good life, a world away from war-torn Europe. The War at Our Doorstop takes us to the daysstation tied with KNBC for most wins for the evening. and months directly after Pearl Harbor, when California actually became a target of Japanese submarinesoff the coast, culminating in the Battle of L.A., which began after a false radio report that Los Angeles was California Connected, which justunder attack. The War Against Ourselves takes a frank look at the war against non-whitesfrom the premiered California at War, (article oninternment of more than a hundred thousand Japanese-Americans to the targeting of Mexican-Americans Page 1) won five of the six KCET awards,in the Zoot Suit Riots. The War Machine speaks to the role California played in becoming both a defense the most received by any one program.industry powerhouse and a staging ground for the war in the Pacific. The Homefront tells the story of therole Hollywood played from propaganda films to the famed Hollywood Canteen, where celebrities enter-tained the troops. Finally, The Legacy captures the joy and elation of VJ Day celebrations, and the war time As a program, California Connected woninnovations and industries that would have a lasting impact on the state. Emmys for Information/Public Affairs series; Crime/Social Issues (War StoriesThe special will air September 20 at 8 p.m. in conjunction with the premiere of Ken Burns PBS documentary from Ward 7-D, the DuPont-Columbiaseries The War. award winning half hour about Iraqi warCalifornia at War is made possible through generous contributions from the Annenberg Foundation, vets with Traumatic Brain Injuries); andElizabeth Hofert Dailey Trust, the California Endowment and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Life & Times reporter Cris Franco Information Programming (Troubled Waters, about the most polluted river in North America). California Connected also won two prestigiousKCET Toasts BPs Bob Malone craft awards: an Emmy for Non-News Writing and an Emmy for Non-News Videography.and wife DianeLife & Times, the stations signature news and public affairsseries, won the Emmy for best Feature for an engaging segmenton Laurel Canyons famous dog park.KCET received the third highest total number of nominations, butat the 2007 Visionary Award Galadue to the nature of its programming, all of them fell in only eightof the 45 award categories. In those eight categories, The Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was transformed intoKCET received 15 of the 27 nominations and won six of a dazzling Texas ranch-inspired fantasy land for the 9th Annual KCETthe eight categories in which it competed. Visionary Award Dinner and Gala. Past Visionary Award recipient Eli Broad In a broader sense, the nominations themselves wereserved as Dinner Committee Chair and welcomed nearly 400 guests tothe true accomplishment and we are extremely grati-honor BP America Chairman and President Bob Malone and his wife, Diane.fied to be recognized by the Academy, notes Al Jerome,The Visionary Award honors individuals who have improved the lives ofKCET President and CEO.others through their support of the arts and culture, healthcare, educa- tion and childrens causes. Guests from Washington, DC to Houston to LosMary Mazur, KCET Executive Vice President of Angeles filled the historic ballroom to honor and celebrate the BP familysProgramming and Production adds, KCET has an accomplishments.incredibly dedicated team of people in front of andbehind the camera. Congratulations to the winners, the The evening opened with a cocktail reception that featured Patrn marga-nominees and all of the KCET staff who work tirelessly ritas, southwestern flavored hors doeuvres and a serenade by Los Angelesto deliver the quality programming KCET produces. Edye and Eli Broad (1st and 3rd fromcelebrated Mariachi Los Toros. Inspired by the Malones Texas LLR ranch, the left) with Diane and Bob Malone ballrooms dcor was uniquely southwestern-themed. The entrance wasKCET 2007 Emmy Winnerstrellised with vines and roses, and the ballroom adorned with weatheredwood wagon wheels, brush, and desert landscaping to create a Texas-sized event. Enormous wrought-irontable center-pieces were erected with tightly packed yellow roses and glass encased candles. In addition,Informational/PublicInformation Segmentbejeweled-broach napkin rings were given to guests as gala mementos. Asleep at the Wheel, the nine-timeAffairs Series (more thanTroubled Waters (CaliforniaEmmy-winning Kings of Texas Swing performed several rousing renditions of standards from the Lone50% remote) Connected)Star state.California Connected Joseph Angier, Producer Lisa McRee, AnchorBret Marcus, Executive The highlight of the evening was Al Jeromes announcement that BP would not only underwrite the cost of Justine Schmidt, Senior Producer the entire event, but would make a generous ProducerJohn Ridley, Reporteradditional contribution to push the net proceeds Bret Marcus, Executive from the fundraiser to more than $1 million.Feature Segment Producer Dog Park (Life & Times)BPs commitment of $25 million for A PlaceEllen Raphael, LineCris Franco, Reporter of Our Own and Los Nios en su Casa, KCETs ProducerJack Moody, Editorsignature childcare provider series, is the largest Morgan Bell, Postsingle donation in the stations 43-year history. Production ProducerOutstanding Non-NewsThis unprecedented generosity and support gotWriterCrime/Social Issues the attention of PBS President and CEO PaulaJohn Ridley, Writer War Stories from Ward 7-DKerger, who traveled from Washington, DC to(California Connected)(California Connected)attend the event. BPs commitment to KCET Jonathan Dann, ProducerOutstanding Non-Newsenables A Place of Our Own and Los Nios en su Lisa McRee, Reporter/Videographer SingleCasa to be distributed nationally, through PBS, Producer Camerato its member stations and the internet. Bret Marcus, Executive John Kabasakalis, CameraTexas ranch-inspired fantasy land at the Grand Ballroom of Producer(California Connected) See page 4 for more on the Visionary Awards the Beverly Wilshire HotelViewPoint Issue 16 | 1

2. kC E T C U lTU r A l PA rTN Er SPOTlIGhTDonor Spotlight The Hollywood BowlWomens Council Honors KCET and the iconic Ernest Lieblich Hollywood Bowl have a mutually successful More than 11 years ago, during a visit to KCET, Ernest Lieblich was astounded at the delightful relationship goingpaintings on the walls created by elementary students who had taken part in the KCET Womens back more than 15 Council Festival of Student Art. Ernest, businessman and ardent supporter of the arts, is a man years. KCET, as a media of many talents who says he has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He is known by partner, promotes others including the Womens Council as a philanthropist and a person of demonstrated the summer concertaccomplishment. series and in return, For more than 30 years, the Womens Council has worked with local public and private schools to The Hollywood Bowl gather student paintings that are exhibited at local arts venues. The women, however, had always promotes their connec- wanted to add another element to the Festival and find a way to display the paintings in a facility tion to the station by where they might inspire other children. displaying KCET prominently on theIn a masterful stroke, Ernest initiated collaboration between the Womens Council and the City of Hollywood Bowl sign Hope that resulted in a new tradition: each year, a new collection of Festival paintings has hung on Highland Boulevard in the corridors of the pediatric wing of the Brawerman Building at City of Hope, bringing joy to at the entrance to the venue and featuring KCET in printyoung patients and artists. materials. Additionally, KCET is acknowledged as a sponsor Over the years, the Womens Council added venues for display, which benefit children and visi- of 2 nights during the Hollywood Bowl season. tors at the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital; UCLA Mattel Childrens Hospital; St. Josephs Hospital The Hollywood Bowl was recently named Best Major in Burbank, and temporary displays in