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There are some great free video apps for iPad designed for for watching videos on iPad. Here we list the best free iPad video apps that you should have on your device.


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Video Apps for iPad

With the 9.7-inch widescreen, iPad is absolutely the best portable video player at the present. Maybe you just bought a new iPad and are looking for the best iPad video app to watch videos on iPad. Here we collect some top video apps for iPad and list them below. One of them are totally free video app for iPad! You can choose the best one for you loves iPad and enjoy movies on iPad at your leisure.

Best iPad Video App - NetflixIf you want to watch lots of movies, you can choose Netflix. For as little as $8 per month, you can view as much as you want and as many times as you want from a library that's estimated at 17,000 titles. Netflix offers a free 2 week membership where you can try the subscription with Netflix. You are allowed to order the DVDs during the free trial. You can cancel your subscription anytime during your 2 weeks and you are not charged.

Free Video App for iPad - AirVideoir Video is an app the allows you to steam video files from your home computer to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It works on both Windows and Macs, and can stream over Wi-Fi or 3G to your iPad. It can handle just about any format, and converts on the fly for a smooth, breezy video-watching experience. Air Video gets my highest recommendation. It sells for $2.99 and is available through the App Store right now. There is a free version if you want to give a try before you buy.

Best Video Apps for iPad - ABC PlayerABC Player is one of the best video players in the internet broadcasting industry. The app also has the ability to remember where you left off so you can come back and finish a show where you left off. You can use it either over WiFi or 3G. It lets you watch recent episodes from two dozen ABC primetime and daytime shows on your iPad, without paying a cent or breaking a law. Its excellent.

Tips: If you have stored plenty of great movies on your hard disk and want to convert them to your new iPad, here we strongly recommend the Video Converter for iPad to you, which can convert all kinds of DVD and videos to iPad with high quality easily and quickly.

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