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Vibratory bowls

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Page 1: Vibratory bowls


Grav-i-F10 Corp., Kalamazoo, Mich.

The Torex T-4822-HE Vibratory Finisher is de- signed for 24-hour per day production at a speed of 1,750 vibrations per minute. Large cartridge- mounted double-row roller bearings lubricated by a pressurized oil system provide the durability needed for high-energy processing. Higher speeds contribute to faster cutting and/or finer finishes and enhance separation in vibratory processes. The T-4822-HE machine is designed for all vi- bratory processes including steel ball burnish- ing. Larger machines are available with HE ca- pabilities.


Sweco, Florence, Ky.

The Sweco removable center-column finishing mill offers new design features that enhance flex- ibility and ease of operation and enable finishing of larger parts. The mill processes metals, plas- tics, ceramics, and elastomeric parts. It will per- form deburring, flash removal, edge-breaking, metal cleanup, rough surface work, or preplate finishing as wells as radiusing, precision surface reduction, and applications to improve surface appearance or develop reflectivity. It can also be used for descaling, burnishing, chemical treating, or producing special surface effects.

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REM Chemicals Inc., Southington, Conn.

Normal parts grinding and polishing operations leave a linear pattern of surface ridges and valleys, which must be removed in subsequent operations. This is especially important for metal-to-metal parts. REM’s chemically accelerated vibratory mass finishing process increases the life expectancy of treated components. The process has become the stan- dard in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.


VibraHone, Hamilton, Ohio

VibraHone offers a unique, compact design in high-energy vibratory bowls providing an ex- tended screen deck, low-profile, curved-wall con- struction and integral sound cover. Direct-drive, 1,800-rpm motors with variable speed control are standard with all machines. Sizes range from 1 to 20 ft3.

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