Using Webconferencing at NDSU

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There are many web conferencing / webinar tools and services to choose from: Wimba, Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft LiveMeeting, Skype, Google + Hangouts to name a few. This session will help you get started using these tools to collaborate with colleagues and connect with the people you serve. Bring your webcam and headset microphone with your laptop.

Text of Using Webconferencing at NDSU

  • 1. Using Web Conferencing Bob BertschScott SwansonNDSU Ag Communication

2. Free Options at NDSU Blackboard Collaborate Microsoft Lync Google+ Hangouts 3. Getting Started - AudioGet a USB headset microphoneRECOMMENDED 4. Getting Started - AudioGet a USB headset microphoneFactors: sound-quality, comfort, noise-cancellation 5. Getting Started - VideoMostly participating Regularly presenting 6. Tips - Audio Know how to control your audio on yourcomputer and in your web conference tool Turn off your phone, close your door orfind a quiet place Mute your microphone when you are notspeaking 7. Tips - Video Avoid backlight, use extra lighting Clear background of clutter and otherdistractions Place your camera at eye-level and lookinto the lens when speaking 8. Tool Comparison SetupAccess RecordingMobileMicrosoft LyncDownload &PC only needYes Noinstall fromattendee client Microsoft for full access portalBlackboard Links provided Download Java-YesiOSCollaborate by Scott based plug-inGoogle+Google account Hangout plug- YesAndroid & iOSHangoutsneeded in 9. Collaborate Demo 10. Lync Demo 11. G+ Hangouts Demo 12. Questions