Using WEB 2.0 Technology to Engage Students Presented by: Miley Grandjean, Jed Duggan,

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Using WEB 2.0 Technology to Engage Students Presented by: Miley Grandjean, Jed Duggan, and Sandy Johnson IIQ and OCIP. Web 2.0 Agenda. Defining Web 2.0 Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tools Creating Web 2.0 learning objects Delivering Web 2.0 learning objects Whirlwind Tour of Web 2.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Using WEB 2.0 Technology to Engage Students

Presented by:Miley Grandjean, Jed Duggan, and Sandy JohnsonIIQ and OCIP

Web 2.0 AgendaDefining Web 2.0Evaluation of Web 2.0 ToolsCreating Web 2.0 learning objects Delivering Web 2.0 learning objectsWhirlwind Tour of Web 2.0Questions or CommentsEvaluation of Presentation

Open these sites in different tabs if you would like to follow along.Wordle



What do you think?Please complete the poll pod.

I know what Web 2.0 is and could lead this presentation.I have a little bit of knowledge of what Web 2.0 is but need to learn more.I have no idea what Web 2.0 is.

What are your questions?Use the chat pod provided to ask any questions you may have concerning Web 2.0.

Throughout the presentation we will answer your questions.

Web 1.0 to Web 2.0Web 1.0 was the beginning of the WWW. Could only view webpages. Could not contribute to the content of the webpages.Users were consumers of content.Information was not dynamic.Content had to be updated by the webmaster.Focused on presenting, not creating. What is Web 2.0?Came about ~ 2004Using the Web as an applications platformNew methods to distribute informationAre applications and applets - small programs that fit within a larger program or Web page Made for Web surfing or accessing the Internet Interactive and engaging

Image from creativitytheories.wikispaces.comWhy should we use Web 2.0?Provides rich user experiencesAvenues for interaction and engagementPromotes creativityImproves lines of communicationSpaces for collaborationOpportunity to remix contentExtends connectionsEvaluation of Web 2.0 ToolsAppropriate use of the right tool can ensure better access.Right selection can strengthen interactions and learning.Making a selection from among several similar Web 2.0 tools can often be challenging and time-consuming. Use some type of evaluation tool to narrow choice and save time. Lets Explore!Suggestion: Open these sites in a separate tab for quick access.Wordle



WordleFreeOne of the most well known Web 2.0 toolsVisual representation tool (Word Clouds)Creates different visualsCan print to .pdf or can take a snap shot of image

Ideas for Uses of WordleUse as a banner in the Home PageCreative introduction activitiesEdit and revise papersAssist in the presentation of papersPrompt discussionsDesktop ShareHold on while we share our desktop and demonstrate

Screencast-o-MaticFree version15 minutes of recordingUpload to Youtube/SOM, or save to computer (MP4, AVI, FLV, or GIF)Captures screen and webcam (if you choose that option)Easy sizing recording frameCan pause during recordings Ideas for Uses with Screencast-o-Matic

Course introductions/toursExplain a challenging conceptGive students audio/visual feedbackStudents teach other students Peer support

very popular with flipped classroomsDesktop ShareHold on while we share our desktop and demonstrate.

Todays MeetCreates personal chat room that you can set up and invite people to participate.Designed to be a backchannel the conversation behind whats going on.Quickly and easily write comments or ask questions.

Ideas for Uses with Todays Meet1. Have a conversation. Students can talk about anything in a TodaysMeet room.2. Share links. Post the URL for a website you want everyone to visit. 3. Ask questions. Ask questions and get answers without interrupting.4. Take a poll. Results will be visual in a matter of seconds.6. Check for understanding. Ask a comprehension question.7. Gather feedback. Quick method to gather student feedback.

Desktop ShareHold on while we share our desktop and demonstrate

Tour of Web 2.0 Go2Web20 http://www.go2web20.netFacebook https://www.facebook.comLinkedIn https://www.linkedin.comFlicker https://www.blogger.comPandora http://www.pandora.comPB Wiki

More ResourcesPinterest http://www.pinterest.comLearnist http://padlet.comGo2Web20 http://www.go2web20.netWeb 2.0 for Education

Questions or Comments? Please complete our survey for evaluation and feedback concerning this presentation.

Thank you for attending!Web 2.0


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