Using the Weight Room safely

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Using the Weight Room safely. For You and Your Friends . Design For The Individual. Principle of Specificity-SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) which means train for the outcome you want. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weight room Safety

Using the Weight Room safelyFor You and Your Friends

Design For The IndividualPrinciple of Specificity-SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) which means train for the outcome you want. Principle of Progressive Overload-the practice of continually increasing the intensity of your workout as the muscles become accustomed to that level of intensity. Design For The IndividualPrinciple of Individuality- to reach your goals your program must be appropriate for you. Advanced body builders workout vs. a beginners workout. Principle of Reversibility- if a program is stopped without maintenance the body will reverse(hypertrophy).

Design For The IndividualPrinciple of Variation- no matter how effective a program is you need to switch it up. Your body will always adapt. Principle of Maintenance- once a person reaches his or her goal is not hard to maintain. Training is reduce after time.

RepsRepetitions are the key to sculpting your body.Long and Lean- your count should be between 10 and 20.Getting Jacked- between 3 and 8Keeping track of your repetitions is always important. Weight training is a process and growing safely over time will be aided by documenting your work. RepsReps are also a good way to check your weight. If you are only doing 2 reps drop your weight. If you are ripping 30 reps increase your weight.Weight training involves thinking and knowing your limits.

RMRepetition Max- is reached when failure occurs after 1 rep.Working through a number of weights to find your RM is time consuming and very tiring. When finding your RM you should wait 3 minutes between each set.

RMThis calls for perfect technique and an understanding of your body. Dont just jump into this, you need a perfect understanding of technique and a spotter with the same knowledge. This is a site with a calculator but it goes off the number not your body. Lifting formSpeed- fast and slow reps are beneficial but control is more important. When starting to weight train you should take your time and understand what muscle your working and how. The 2 seconds rule is effective.Breathing- exhale on exertion inhale on weight return.Single joint exercises- during a bicep curl movement should only occur on the distal portion of the elbow. Lifting FormMulti joint exercise- should be done without weights to build a comprehension of the movement. Asking advice from a trainer is important. Asking a random exercise enthusiast could result in injury. Never be to proud to ask for a spot.Understand your movements before you do themNever lock out your joints, its cheating and it can hurt you.

Food As Fuel Your workout is only as good as you eat. This means if you eat garbage and exercise a lot the end result will not be as great as it could be.Certain for food for certain performance but in appropriate amounts.


Wiki Due Next Friday this article and write 2 goals this is the last time I am going to ask before our projectPost two goals and write a paragraph on each of why you want to do theseAssignment For TodayGo to 2 exercises for each muscle group. Explain how you would spot this exercise and identify the muscle group.Do the exercises with a classroom friend who has different exercises and see how it feels.

Stance & Rhomboids Stance-Standing with a staggered stance or with feet shoulder width apart, squeezing your butt and your abdominal. Switch feet every exercise this is a from of isometric exercise.Rhomboids- Give your shoulders a big role and slightly squeeze your scapulas together.

Stance & RhomboidsCreate stability it only take a second to protect your spine.Improper stance- hunched or round back, wild elbows and hips. Shaking is a form of work for the muscles but it increases your chance of falling, dropping a weight, or injury.

Breathing Never for get to breatheExhale on the excursion or workInhale when your recovery from the work position

SpottingDumbbell- spotting one joint away is always safe you (drops)and the person your working with. Your an aid not a worker.Barbell- Using the stance previously discussed will help you with spot. With the bigger bar you need to worry about the weight. If some one is on the bench press you cant get to there elbows. With a bigger comes bigger weight, two people spotting at each end of the barbell works well and keeps it safe.SpottingThere is no one position for spotting so having an understanding of weight training will help you and all others around you. Talking to the lifter, your voice is motivation. It is also a tool for correction the harder someone works the more stress they put on their body. Their technique will suffer.

Walking and Cleaning Be mindful of where your walking you could hurt someone or they could hurt you. Cleaning is essential, if the floor is messy you will fall. Not everyone can move heavy weights, be courteous and dont give them the chance to hurt themselves.

Walking and Cleaning Be a role model, people who dont know what they are doing look at others and copy more than just movements.