Using Technology to Motivate Reluctant Learners

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Using Technology to Motivate Reluctant Learners. Group 5 Katie: Show H ost, Lea: The Expert, Alex: The Teacher, John: T he Student. Introduction. There are many types of technology that can be used to motivate students Interactive whiteboards, eBooks, apps, tablets, interactive games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Using Technology to Motivate Reluctant LearnersUsing Technology to Motivate Reluctant LearnersGroup 5Katie: Show Host, Lea: The Expert, Alex: The Teacher, John: The Student1IntroductionThere are many types of technology that can be used to motivate studentsInteractive whiteboards, eBooks, apps, tablets, interactive gamesE-readersInterview expert: LeaKatie: I am going to be presented as the show host for anonymous chat, introducing our subject 2E-readersWhat is an e-reader?How will using an e-reader help to motivate reluctant learners?Are there any drawbacks to this?Do you believe there will be any issues with using this product?Lea: will be discussing the specifics about what an e-reader is and why students like to use them, Katie will be asking Lea questions in an interview format. A graph will be appearing in the film to display boys struggling with reading more than girls. 3How to use in the ClassroomLittle Johnny had trouble readingExplain how to use the product firstExplain the task and what is expected of themWork together as a wholeWork individuallyReflect and reviewBriefly back to the host, we are now going to cross over to a classroom who has a teacher with a student who is a reluctant readerIntroduction to Alex and John we have a teacher and a student from a year five classroom that are happy to talk with us about how e-readers have impacted their education 4Positives and the NegativesWhat are the benefits from using the e-readersMotivates children to interact with their classBecome more motivated to read and retains information.Enjoy reading - read moreWhat are the negatives?It can have the opposite effect on girls, they can become reluctant to readThe teachers can have trouble using the program until they learn how to use itWill be discussed during Alexs part of the interview as the teacher, reffering to the benefits and the drawbacks in a classroom setting5How does this effect the studentHow was your reading experience before e-reader?How was your reading experience after e-readerWhat do you like about it?What dont you like about it?Conclusion and References Many different types of technology can be used, e-readers usefulBenefits outweigh the issues with e-readersTeacher technique combined with technology will engage the reluctant studentReferencesMcDonald, T. (2013). Classroom Management, Engaging Students in Learning (2nd ed.). VIC: Oxford University Press Australia Pty Ltd.Back to the host to conclude. 7


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