Using Task-Based Language Teaching: Engaging Your Students By Brad Tipka

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  • Using Task-Based Language Teaching:Engaging Your Students

    By Brad Tipka

  • Brads Guitar Learning ExperiencesThree Teachers: 2 Korean, I AmericanThree MethodsOne Successful: Why?

  • How have students changed?More ResponsibilityQuick access to informationAre used to seeing constant images (video games, TV, advertising, etc.)Immediacy of communicationGlobalization

  • How does this photo demonstrate the Task-Based Approach?

  • Task-Based Teaching and Learning Lesson OutlineIntroductionHands-On ActivitiesRole of the TeacherRole of the StudentsManagementSelf-Access ActivitiesApplications for Elementary School Students in KoreaConclusion

  • Task-Based Demo LessonGroups of fourChoose any of the tasks on the board and work on themWork at your own paceYou can do one or all of the activitiesPractice English Conversation!!!!

  • What specific things did the teacher do in this exercise?Introduced new vocabularyProvided instruction clarificationProvided background knowledge especially regarding cultureListenedTalked freely about topics not on the worksheetDemonstrated the activity CharadesWorked with the groups equally

  • What specific things did the students do?Cooperated with each otherDecided what tasks to work onDecided when to try a new taskCorrected each otherMonitored each otherListenedLaughed!!

  • TBLT should use real world tasks..Call the airline and reconfirm a reservation you have. Check other details, such as time of departure, and time you have to be at the airport. Write your resume and exchange it with another student. Study the positions available advertisements in the newspaper and find a job that would be suitable for your partner.

  • Language Exercise

    Fill in the blanks with these words: boring, romance, Annie McDowell, chocolate and roses _______ is a terrible actress. Her new movie is _______. Its a ______, but its also extremely ________.

  • Enabling SkillsTeach vocabularyComedies, horror films, action movies, romances, thrillers, dramas Teach structuresWhat kind of movies do you like? I like_____________. Do you like__________? Yes, I do. No, I dont.

  • Communicative ActivitiesFind Someone whoGroup CharadesInformation GapInteractive homeworkInvestigative Tasks: Creating Projects, Korean CSIInterviews

  • ScenariosWork with three other students. You are on a ship that is sinking. You have to swim to a nearby island. You have a waterproof container, but can only carry 20 kilos of items in it. Decide which of the following items you will take. (Remember, you cant take more than 20 kilos with you.)

  • Scenario Task continued

    Waterproof sheets of fabric (3 kilos each.) Notebook computer (3.5 kilos) Rope (6 kilos). Firelighting kits (500 grams each) Portable CD player and CDs (4 kilos.) Short-wave radio (12 kilos) Medical kit (2 kilos.) Bottles of water (1.5 kilos each) Packets of sugar, flour, rice, powdered milk, coffee, tea. (Each packet weighs 500 grams) Cans of food (500 grams each) Box of novels and magazines (3 kilos) Axe (8 kilos)

  • Analyzing Self-Access WorksheetsGroups of fourChoose two worksheets that you used during the classComplete the Analyzing Worksheets study guidePresent one analysis to the class

  • Concluding ThoughtsTask-Based Language Teaching addresses some of the ways students are changingAny curriculum content can be taught through tasks the key point is that the teachers usually will have to create their own worksheets!The teacher must stay very active during a task-based lesson assisting students individually or as a group!

  • Task-Based Language Teaching is another tool for your teaching arsenal use it when it works for you!Adapt this approach to your classroom where you are the expert!

  • The Skys the Limit!!