Using Skype. Overview What is it? –Skype is a software based VOIP application and network. What is VOIP? –VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol

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  • Using Skype

  • OverviewWhat is it?Skype is a software based VOIP application and network.What is VOIP?VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • OverviewHUH?Voice and Video communication using your computer and your broadband connection.Supports: Windows, MacOSX, LinuxMobile: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WinMobile

  • OverviewI have a phone why do I need this?Video Skype can allow you to see the folks you are talking to.Its free If the person you are calling is a Skype user the call is free. Even internationally.Conference calling.File sharing.Instant Messages

  • OverviewWhat else?Various Free Skype Extras allow you to:Record callsDisplay presentations to othersMore

  • Skype Extras

  • OverviewHow do they stay in business?Calls to non-Skype numbers are not freeSome Extras cost .extra.Voicemail is not free

  • Getting Set upWhat do I need?Webcam and MicrophoneBroadband internet connection. Got dialup dont bother.

  • Getting Set upWhat do I need?Skype Software (from the software and run the installer.Skype AccountIts free just sign up

  • Someone to call

    Search by:NameEmailOr have Skype search your contactsThe other person must allow you to contact them!

  • Searching

  • Importing

  • Calling (voice)Highlight your contact and click on call

  • Conference CallingHighlight your contacts and click on call group

  • Save the GroupClick on the save group button

  • Add people later tooClick on the + or add people button

  • Recommended Settings

  • Recommended SettingsMake sure your speaker and mic show up here.

  • Recommended Settings

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