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Using Chinese Reader Version 6 for Windows

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Instructional Manual MDBG

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UsingChinese Reader Version 6 for Windows Main Using Chinese Reader Access the most popular 105,000+ Chinese words, names and phrases Simplified ChineseLookup words in English, Chinese, or Pinyin Tag word as your favorite Meaning in English (or other languages) Hear words pronounced in Mandarin (optional Cantonese) [Traditional Chinese] 2 LiveScan Using Chinese Reader Point to Chinese words to see the popup LiveScan window Meaning in English (or other languages) Pinyin phonetics Browse popular websites,PDF files and Microsoft Office documents in Chinese Copy and paste into your email or other document (faster than typing Chinese) 3 HighlightScan Using Chinese Reader Select a range of Chinese text and the HighlightScan annotation window pops open Reading panel View the full range of meanings for each word Highlight Chinese text and see a rough auto-translation from Google or Microsoft Bing Detail panel (similar to LiveScan) 4 Some translation services are optional and require fees. WebTranslate is available at no charge. ClipboardScan Using Chinese Reader ClipboardScan lets you quickly confirm what youre about to paste Reading panel View the full range of meanings for each word ClipboardScan pops up an annotation window whenever you copy Chinese to the clipboard with Ctrl+C (or Edit > Copy). Detail panel (similar to LiveScan) 5 Change settings Bing Translator Bing Chinese Translator WebTranslate Using Chinese Reader One click to view translations from 3 popular servicesall for free Google Translate Right-click and choose WebTranslate 6 Personalize Chinese Reader Using Chinese Reader Objective Character tones and Pinyin Objective Pinyin and Bopomofo ObjectiveUnderstand words in Hindi Turn on and off settings to personalize Chinese Reader for your needs Objective Pronunciation with Pinyin See interactive Settings guide for more information: http://mdbg.loqu8.com/settings.htm 7 Google is optional and require fees.Toolbar Using Chinese Reader Black/white: Scanning is enabled. This is the normal mode for Chinese Reader Black/gray: All scanning is disabled. Its a handy way to pause Chinese Reader without closing the program Blue/White: Ctrl+Scan is on. Youll need to hold the Ctrl key while pointing or highlighting text Left-click to disable/enable scanning Right-click to individually turn on LiveScan, HighlightScan, ClipboardScan and Ctrl+Scan modes Pronounce: speak the selected word(s) in Chinese Copy to clipboard: add the selected word(s) to the Windows clipboard Take screenshot: save image of window and adjacent region as a photo (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG or TIFF) Change settings: personalize Chinese Reader On the right, youll find the standard Microsoft window controls (minimize, maximize, close) and pin (for popup windows). 8 MDBG icon Along the top of each window, youll find a toolbar that provides one-click access to common operations. Hover over the MDBG icon (top left corner) to see the status of Chinese Reader.Toolbar Toolbar Shortcuts Using Chinese Reader Many popular Chinese Reader functions are accessible from the shortcut keys. These functions are available with the LiveScan, HighlightScan and ClipboardScan when a Chinese word(s) is selected.* Copy Ctrl+Alt+C Pronounce Ctrl+Alt+N Lookup Ctrl+Alt+L Breakdown Ctrl+Alt+B Export Ctrl+Alt+X Edit/Add Word Ctrl+Alt+E Selective Copy Copy Simplified Ctrl+Alt+S Copy Traditional Ctrl+Alt+T Copy Pinyin Ctrl+Alt+P Copy Bopomofo Ctrl+Alt+Z Copy Definition Ctrl+Alt+D 9 * If another applications uses the same shortcuts, then these keys will not be available.Universal Shortcuts Using Chinese Reader These shortcuts control LiveScan and HighlightScan. These shortcuts are available whenever Chinese Reader is running.* Scan enable/disableCtrl+Win+Space Toggle LiveScanCtrl+Win+L Toggle HighlightScan Ctrl+Win+H Toggle Ctrl+Scan Ctrl+Win+C Snapshot Ctrl+Win+S You may also control the scan operations by right-clicking the MDBG icon or making changes from the Settings dialog. * If another applications uses the same shortcuts, then these keys will not be available.10 MDBG icon Learn More Using Chinese Reader Get the most out of Chinese Reader. 11 Learn about the key features of MDBG Chinese Reader: See a videos highlights:http://mdbg.loqu8.com/videos.htm Tour the 6 top features: http://mdbg.loqu8.com/feature.tour.htm Dig deeper into specific features:http://mdbg.loqu8.com/features.htm Browse guides and documentation:http://mdbg.loqu8.com/documentation.htm Compare editions:http://mdbg.loqu8.com/editions.htm 11 [email protected] Websiteswww.mdbg.net mdbg.loqu8.com Purchasemdbg.loqu8.com/buy.htm Supportmdbg.loqu8.com/support.htm UsingChinese Reader Version 6 for Windows http://mdbg.loqu8.com Related Resources Feature Guide Installing Chinese Reader Using Chinese Reader View or download from http://mdbg.loqu8.com/documentation.htm 2013 MDBG. All rights reserved worldwide. Version 6.7