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Using Formulator Tarsia to make Collaborative Activities

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Text of Using Formulator Tarsia to make Collaborative Activities

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  • Using Formulator Tarsia to make Collaborative Activities
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  • Aims Why collaborative activities? How do you use the software?
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  • Success Criteria I have used the Formulator Tarsia software to make an activity. I have reflected on how I can use collaborative activities with my students.
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  • Why Collaborative?
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  • Active Learning One of the key principles of active learning is.. teaching is more effective when it uses cooperative small group work
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  • Activities Jigsaws easy or extended Follow me cards Discussion circles Dominoes Matching cards
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  • Using the Software
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  • Choose your jigsaw
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  • Type the question and answer into each half Question Answer
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  • There are lots of different symbols. Click the buttons to see the full range.
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  • Click the right hand navigation bar to move to the next question.
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  • Click table at the bottom to check your working.
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  • Click output to see how it will print.
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  • Still on output, choose the size of the pieces.
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  • Click solution to see the solution to the jigsaw.
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  • Print out the sheets from the output screen and then photocopy onto card or paper. I suggest card if you want to use the puzzle time and again I suggest paper if you want the pupils to make the pieces into a poster
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  • HELP! More help can be found at: &id=9&Itemid=10 &id=9&Itemid=10 Or contact: [email protected]
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