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Product Foundation Services

Usage Hub IntroductionShared Technologies Nov 20151Whats Usage Hub Service?A free service for HP Software customers that provides the following abilities:

Visibility - consolidated dashboard of all HP Software Products and Solutions data: license, features and usage information.Compliancy - Proactively track usage and help minimize compliancy risk.Consumption - Governance and control of your software license usage / consumption.Maximize value - Identifying license capacity issues and work with HP Software to maximize the value out of the products and solutions.

2Whats Needed To Have Usage Hub Service?Only new VM machine with minimum resource, Windows or Linux:For detecting HP Software products using agent based method:Download Usage Hub Agent (Windows or Linux).Install the Agent on where HP Software product is installed.Turn on the agent and let the data flow to the dashboard.Usage Hub:Download the Usage Hub Service (Windows or Linux) and install on the new VM.If new VM is not available, Usage Hub can be installed on any existing machine.For detecting HP Software products using agent less method:Only make sure there is a network connection from the Usage Hub VM to where HP Software product is installed.

3Usage Hub DemoShared Technologies Nov 20154

After 10 minutes of installation, login to Usage Hub is available

After the login, a landing page is available

Choose the relevant language

Check the admin options for future use

Check the configuration options for future use

Interactive view on license expiration.Interactive view on license models.List of all HPSW products that were detected (agent less or agent based)Click on admin > Overview to detect products or view data

Export Data

Product Detection

Product Search

Click to get features and usage data

> List of features, usage and capacityExpand

> Full Data of each feature as a tableArchive an expired license to removed the line Archived data is always available if needed >

Click to see the License Key

Click to see usage trend report >

Full report export to HTML looks like thisFeature NameExp. DateCapacityLic. TypeSKULock ValueOrder NumberRawKey21How Can I Get Usage Hub?Usage Hub Success Team Is Ready To Help You!Make sure the VM is ready.

Download the Usage Hub full package to the new VM from HPLN:

Send an email to once you are ready for installation with new VM.

Make sure you have access from the new VM to where HP Software product is installed.

22Thank You!Shared Technologies Nov 201523