Upward Basketball Coaches Training 2015- ... November 5th¢â‚¬â€œ Coaches Training, TCLC December 10 - Referee

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  • Welcome by Coaching Commissioner


    •Information by Communications Commisioner

    •Key Dates & Info

    •Meet & Greet


    •Safe Sanctuaries

    Coaches & Referee Training by League Director

    •Upward Leadership Team & Divisions

    •Coaching in Upward

    •Website, Rules, Misc



  • Welcome UPWARD COACH Training

    The coach is the key component to fulfilling the mission of Upward. This entire mission is in the hands of you, the coach, at practices and games.

    In Upward Basketball, the success of the coach is not based on wins and losses. The success of a coach is characterized by how he or she conveys Christ in actions and attitude on and off the court as well has how he or she teaches and encourages within the sport of basketball.

    The Upward Experience. - Let us Pray

  • ➢ November 5th– Coaches Training, TCLC ➢ December 10 - Referee Training ➢ Nov. 30, and Dec. 7, 14 Week of - Practice ➢ December 21 & 28 , 2015 – No practice ➢ January 4, 2016 resume practice for next 8 weeks ➢ January 9 , 2016 - Games begin ➢ February 13, 2016 – Picture Day ➢ February 27 , 2016 - Last game ➢ Feb 29, 2016 - End of Season Celebration

    2015-2016 KEY DATES

    Important Information Website for Jarvis Memorial UMC (our league specific information)

    http://www.jsmnow.org (under student outreach)

    To keep Up with the latest Jarvis & St James Upward League news and up-to-the minute announcements then, go LIKE our Facebook page:


  • Complete Coaches & Referees Application process!

    Why are we here?

    Meet & Greet with Coaches & Referees

    Training for Coaches & Referees

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  • ➢ Director Michie Faulconer ➢ Assistant Director TBD ➢ Devotion Commissioner Jarvis & St. James staff ➢ Cheerleading Commissioner Aleiyah Sanders ➢ Communications Commissioner Dennis Leanhardt ➢ Coach Commissioner James Enos-Edu ➢ Referee Commissioner: Michie Faulconer ➢ Follow-up Commissioner: Alicia Milam ➢ Celebrations Commissioner Bob Milam

  • Age/Gender Divisions:

    ➢ Kindergarten (Boys & Girls) Jarvis ➢ 1-3 Grade Girl Jarvis ➢ 4-6 Grade Girls St James ➢ 1-2 Grade Boys Jarvis ➢ 3-4 Grade Boys Jarvis ➢ 5-6 Grade Boys St James

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  • ➢ Demonstrate self-control. Remember, people care more about what you do than about what you say.

    ➢ Teach the ______________ of basketball. Upward Basketball is designed to teach the fundamental skills of the sport.

    ➢ Support the referee with __________comments. Choose to start the Circle of Affirmation. Your lead will promote respect for authority and create a positive atmosphere for all who participate or watch.

    ➢ Distribute Upward Stars. The Scripture learning stars should be distributed at the end of each practice and the multi-colored stars should be distributed at the end of each game. These stars play an important role in building the self- esteem of your players.



  • As an Upward Basketball coach, you have an incredible opportunity to make a ___________ in the life of a child. The following responsibilities are associated with fulfilling the purpose of this ministry:



  • Actions and reactions on the court will have a lasting effect that either opens or closes the door to ministry.

    The Circle of Criticism and the Circle of Affirmation are

    simple diagrams that illustrate the results of a coach giving a referee either negative or positive feedback.


  • Being an effective coach means being an effective communicator.

    Here are a few guidelines about communicating with your players:

    • Create a positive environment by speaking to each player as he or she arrives for practices and games. Greet players with enthusiasm and let them know how glad you are to see them.

    • In all your interactions, talk to the child on his or her _______.level

    • When teaching basketball fundamentals, focus on a few skills at a time. Remember that too much information at one time will not be retained.

    • When distributing stars, give __________ _________ why each child earned a particular star.

    specific reasons

  • o Allow time for each player to participate and respond during devotions.

    o Personalize each devotion. Be confident and remember that God is working through you. You can impact a child in your weekly five- to eight-minute devotion, especially as the truths presented are reinforced by what you do and say.

    o ______ for each player by name throughout the season, both in group prayer and in your own prayer time. Pray

  • COMMUNICATING WITH PARENTS Get to know the parents and family members of your players.

    • Include parents in the first team meeting • Share your excitement about the season

    Here are some ideas to increase family involvement:

    • Give each family a copy of the team roster.

    – Encourage families to get to know each other. – Ask families to pray for each player on the roster.

    • Recruit one of the parents to organize a snack schedule for each game.

    – Tying a snack time to Upward Star distribution gives you time to

    talk to parents. – This time allows families a chance to build relationships and open

    to each other.

  • The Coach website is your complete resource to enable you to carry out the mission of delivering the Upward Experience. Here you will find specific information on:

    • Training Videos

    • Weekly devotions

    • Skills and Drills

    • Rules Unique to Upward Basketball

    • Substitutions

    • Upward Stars – Game day recognition

    • Player/Coach Items located in the Team Box

    • The Coach’s Sideline (individual practice plans)

    • What it means to be an Upward Coach

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  • ➢ Specifics of Upward play:

    ➢ Half court defense only

    ➢ Man-to-man defense ONLY

    ➢ Help Defense permitted

    ➢ No double teaming

    ➢ Line up players at beginning of quarter – (using colored bands)

    ➢ Substitution Patterns

    ➢ No Jump balls

    ➢ No Timeouts

    ➢ No Overtime

    ➢ No League Standings

    ➢ Game clock continues to run

    ➢ Scores are not kept

  • ➢ Meet the Coach:

    ➢ Have team parent help to hand out paperwork & meet other parents.

    ➢ Teaching Children – At their level

    ➢ Medical Treatment:

    ➢ Minor Injuries – first aid kit

    ➢ Major Injuries – qualified personnel

    ➢ Weather Cancellations:

    ➢ Follow Pitt County School District Closings

    ➢ During the week – communicated by 3 PM that day

    ➢ On the Saturday – communicated by 7 AM if possible

    ➢ Check Jarvis website for cancellation notices

    ➢ (http://www.jsmnow.org/jarvisupwardbasketballcheerleading)

    ➢ Check your email

    ➢ Phone call is last resort

  • ➢ Rosters:

    ➢ Coach has their own roster with players eval scores

    ➢ Special Roster to hand out to parents WITHOUT eval scores

    ➢ Practices:

    ➢ Do not cancel practices if you cannot make it

    ➢ You can combine with other team of same age….one big practice, same time,

    same night

  • ➢ K - 6

    ➢ practices during week are Mon, Tues & Thurs

    ➢ Practice first 18 mins of hour

    ➢ Half-time devotion on floor at edge of court

    ➢ Game the last 25 mins of hour – 4 quarters of play.

    ➢ Coaches ref games and are encouraged to be on the court

    ➢ Same Upward rules

    ➢ Cheerleading during games:

    ➢ They are along the wall opposite announcer table:

    ➢ Sometimes between quarters, they cheer on the court

  • ❖ Hoop height

    ❖ Kindergarten - 7 ft

    ❖ 1-2 grade boys - 8 feet

    ❖ 1-3 grade girls - 8 feet

    ❖ 3-4 grade boys - 9 feet

    ❖ 4-6 grade girls - 9 feet

    ❖ 5-6 Grades boys - 10 feet

  • Want to Know More? We tried, but we probably did not cover everything...

    No Worries

    Here are a few super ways to find anything and everything you could ever want to know about Upward and coaching:

    Upward Sports Official Site www.upward.org

    The best resource for you as a coach! www.myupward.org (look for Coach link at bottom)