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    RICHMOND, VA 23218-1216

    #MC 109533 Sub 146

    #MC 109533 (Sub-No. 149-P)

    Rules and Charges

    For Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Service

    EFFECTIVE: April 29, 2019


    Important Statement Of General Application

    This publication explains the rules and conditions of service that apply on shipments by the LTL Division of UPS Ground Freight, Inc., and that show this document as a governing publication. Exceptions to any of the Items in this publication will be noted in agreements that apply for an individual customer. When UPS Freight® acts as a motor carrier, it is acting pursuant to its motor carrier authority #MC 109533 Sub 146 (as to common carrier authority) and #MC 109533 (Sub-No. 149-P) (as to contract carrier authority); when UPS Freight acts as a broker, it is acting pursuant to its broker authority #MC 109533 SUB 105 B. In the event UPS Freight is acting as a motor carrier and, in order to meet operational goals, finds it necessary to broker any shipment(s), it will then be doing so pursuant to its brokerage authority; provided, however, UPS Freight will remain liable for any freight loss or damage claims, as set forth in the contract documents and/or Rules Tariff applicable to such shipment(s).

    In an effort to provide its customers with quality service at competitive rates, certain commodities may be offered to be shipped at less than full value and UPS Freight encourages shippers to review this publication, as some Items may be subject to limitations of liability, released values or other options specific to a shipment or a commodity. All shippers are further encouraged to evaluate their cargo insurance program so they may tender their goods at the lowest possible overall cost while still being insured for a value consistent with their requirements.

    ( SEE ITEM 100 )


    Rules and Charges - TARIFF UPGF 102-M


    Cumulative List of Items in UPGF 102-M and Supplements

    Listed below are Items that have been added, amended or brought forward in supplements and incorporated into the original Tariff.

    UPGF 102-M ORIGINAL TARIFF EFFECTIVE: February 18, 2019 Effective April 29, 2019

    Item 166 A Carrier Liability for Cargo Loss or Damage

    Item 780 A Prohibited or Restricted Articles

    Item 790 * Marijuana and Hemp

    Explanation of Abbreviations and Referenced Marks

    A 1st Revised

    B 2nd Revised

    * New Item

    *c Canceled

    Essential Contacts UPS Freight Less-than-Truckload (LTL) 1-800-333-7400

    UPS Freight LTL Urgent 1-800-644-0900

    UPS Freight Truckload Service (TL) 1-888-682-4652

    WorldShip® Technical Support 1-888-553-1118

    UPS Customer Service 1-800-PICK-UPS

    UPS Package Design and Test Lab 1-877-877-7229

    Track your Shipment Track UPS Freight shipments directly from the homepage using the PRO number. Shippers can also track the shipment using the bill of lading or purchase order number

    UPS Freight Services Contact 1-800-333-7400 for all UPS Freight LTL needs.




    Service Delivered By Destinations Other Information


    LTL -End of scheduled Business Day

    -Backed by day-definite, on-time guarantee at no additional charge in the 48 contiguous states, and to and from Canada

    -All 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam

    -Regional, interregional and long-haul LTL Service

    -More than 45,000 one- and two-day lanes nationwide

    -No Fee Guarantee applies to current UPS Freight Tariff customers only

    -See Item 824 and 824-2 for applicable terms, conditions and remedies

    LTL Guaranteed -Delivery by 5:00 p.m. of the scheduled Business Day

    -Direct Service Points in the 48 contiguous states and Canada and the 48 contiguous states and Mexico

    -Guaranteed service available for customers with contracts and/or pricing other than the current UPS Freight Tariff

    -See Item 823 and 823-2 for applicable terms, conditions and remedies

    LTL Guaranteed A.M.

    -Delivery by 12:00 p.m. of the scheduled Business Day

    -Select destination points in the 48 contiguous states

    -Guaranteed service with up-charge applied to existing LTL pricing provisions

    -See Item 825 for applicable terms, conditions and remedies

    LTL Urgent -Guaranteed capabilities for shipments that require faster delivery than standard LTL service or specific time- definite delivery

    -All 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam

    -Customized solutions for unique LTL transportation needs

    -Call 1-800-644-0900 for rates and to schedule service

    -See Item 822 for applicable terms, conditions and remedies


    Trade Show Services

    Our Trade Show specialists help you select package and freight shipping solutions for your exhibit and supporting materials to and from the show:

    -Advance warehousing and round-the-clock tracking provide peace of mind for your inbound trade show shipping -On-site UPS Trade Show representatives to assist with return shipping needs

    -Customs Brokerage and air freight services available when exhibiting internationally

    -Call 1-800-988-9889 to speak to a trade show specialist about your show

    Temperature Protection Services

    -See Item 810 for further information

    -Call 1-800-644-0900 for fees and more information

    Consolidation and Distribution

    -Consolidate shipments from multiple origins; distribute from one origin to multiple destinations

    -Call 1-866-598-5814 for fees and more information

    Service Other Information


    Dedicated Contract Carriage

    -Secure the capacity and rigorous service levels of your own customized private fleet with the peace of mind and operational efficiencies of being managed by experts at UPS with exclusive use of dedicated equipment, drivers, systems and management domiciled on-site.

    -Highly customized and engineered dedicated fleet solutions to meet unique client needs for automotive parts, retail, perishables, medical and any industry where rigorous delivery service levels are required.

    -send an email to to request information.

    Truckload and Intermodal

    -Truckload specialists provide a single point of contact and personalized service to advise the best way to move your heavy freight shipments by working with our network of thousands of quality truckload carriers or finding capacity using our rail intermodal network or backhauls on UPS LTL and TL assets.

     Standard dry van (53 foot trailer) Temperature Controlled Flatbed Rail Intermodal  Special projects Specialized equipment LTL Volume Pricing Warehouse moves

    -For heavy freight moves within the 48 contiguous states, and to and from Canada and Mexico

    -Call 1-888-682-4652 or send an email to to request a quote or schedule service





    Abbreviations-States of Mexico 125-2

    Absolute Minimum Charge 610

    Advancing or Paying Charges 300

    Application – General 100 100-2

    Application of Classes 360

    Application of Density Based Rates 645

    Application of Rates – Canadian Points 149

    Application of Rates – Direct and Indirect Pricing 101

    Application of Rates – Florida ZIP Code’s 146

    Application of Rates – New York City (Borough of Manhattan) 145

    Application of Rates – Pallets 466

    Application of Rates – Trade Show Shipments 148

    Application of Rates – Shipper Pricing 105

    Appointment and Notification of Arrival 647 647-2

    Bill of Lading, Letter of Authority and Freight Bill Corrections 361

    Billing on Joint Line Shipments 811

    Border Brokerage Fees (Mexico) 135-2

    Border Crossing (Mexico) 487-2

    Border Processing Fee (US-Canada) 486

    Bumping Clause – Non – Application 171

    California Compliance Surcharge 756

    Capacity Load – Minimum Charge 390

    Carrier Liability 166 166-2

    Claims and Legal Actions 812

    Claims for Unidentified Payment, Overpayment or Duplicate Payment 813

    Collect on Delivery Shipments (C.O.D.) 430 430-2

    Collection of Charges – Collection Fee for Non-Payment or Late Payment 721

    Collection of Charges – Extension of Credit 140

    Collection of Charges – Currency 815 815-2

    Collection of Charges – Currency Exchange Rate 475

    Collection of Charges – Payment Application 814

    Collection of Charges – Third Party 435

    Confidentiality of Rates and Charges 130

    Construction Site Delivery 755

    Containers, Pallets, Skids 465

    Customs – In Bond Freight 480

    Customs - Inland In-Bond / Examination Fee 485

    Customs Inspection Border Unload Fee 487 487-2



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