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  • Untold Stories

    Artist: D.D. !Facility Name: Juniper Hills High School @JCC-Nampa !

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  • !!!!!!!!!Beautiful Agony

    Reaching for the light of existence is something that I never thought I would have

    to do. Looking for the next remedy to help me soar to bliss once again, is a pain so

    indescribable that I looked for more to ease it. I never considered I would sign my soul

    over to the devil so quickly, but I did. The moment my mind was taken over, the

    innocence could not be stopped from flowing out of every pore of my being.

    And then I met euphoria. I was no longer trapped in an existence that was neither

    life nor death; I was free! The cold metal that held the sacred nectar meeting my veins

    was like fire, burning the memories of an old life, leaving a scar that symbolized a new

    existence. The rush of heaven was what I hunted on a daily basis, and I felt like not

    even the highest of angels could condemn me. I was my own God, and everything was in

    my control. It still amazes me how quickly my reign ended, and I was left to my own

    daunting thoughts. No longer was I in control, the monster held my soul in his hands, and

    it amused him by how quickly I reacted to my own lack of oxygen. It was my breath, life,

    happiness, best friend, worst enemy, and downfall, all composed to form one small

    pebble of ash.

    Author: M.G. !!Teachers Name: A. Marlow!!Facility Name: Juniper Hills High School @JCC-Nampa !!State: Idaho

  • Without it, I was nothing. Without it, I went senseless. With it, I was insane. With

    it, I was fierce. With it, I was the maker of my own defeat. I was weak, and helpless; I

    was nothing.

    Long nights spent in jail were suffocating, and agonizing. I knew nothing of life

    outside of pain and craving. And then, I was shown the light of sobriety; I was shown

    how to take back the bond that held my soul, and, without a second glance, I walked

    away from the bind of the monster. Here I am, in a room filled with people who have

    walked in my shoes, and I, theirs. Wanting the same thing, and needing a new life. We

    each have our own struggles and triumphs. We each possess a resiliency that can never be

    taken from us. The realization that we hold the key to our own destiny is motivation to

    keep going. The understanding of why we do things is like opening your eyes, after

    having them shut your whole life; you can finally see the glow of the world.

    We are like roses, and life is like dirt, each of us goes through a lot of dirt to get to

    the place we want to be. And you can either choose to be sad that every rose has a thorn,

    or you can be grateful that every thorn possesses a rose.

    Ultimately, the power to choose is yours.


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    Artist: S.A.!!Teachers Name: D. Christie!!Facility Name: Pinellas Juvenile Detention Facility !!State:Florida

  • !!!!

    !My Untold Story

    Behind every smile, there's a story. Nobody knows what the next person has been

    through and are often so quick too judge. Many are quick to call me a hoe all because I

    chose to sleep with someone, not knowing anything I've been through. Did they know I

    was molested by my one of my childhood friend's dad for longer than it should have been

    going on in only elementary school, when I was still a baby? That I had to testify when I

    was only 11? Did they know that not too long after that I was raped? And two months

    after that, I was raped again? This time by someone I thought I could trust; someone who

    was very important to me. Do they know all the pain in my heart? All the tears I cry? Or

    do they see the nightmares I see every night, always scared to fall asleep? Do they feel

    the fear I feel, when every place I go, Im scared that someone is going to take me and do

    bad things too me all over again? Do they feel my nervousness that hes going to get out

    of jail soon and come looking for me?

    Im lucky that after all of that has happened to me that I dont have a disease. I

    feel as if I have a wound on my body that just digs deeper and deeper, and it will never

    heal, because it always continues to get hurt and infected. Will it ever heal?

    Author: M.R. !!Teachers Name: H. Sheppard!!Facility Name: Cypress School @OGA!!State: Florida

  • People dont know what Ive been through, so they cant feel my struggle.

    Everything that has happened to someone in their life takes a toll on them, the way they

    think and the way they are. And they will never be the same again.

    Im not blaming my past on my decisions, but it does have something to do with

    who I am today. Maybe disobeying will work, and if that doesnt, maybe weed will. If

    those two dont, what about sex to get your mind off things? If not that, how about you

    just run away or try a harder drug to numb all the pain? Why care about myself, with all

    thats happened to me? Why did all of it happen to me? What did I ever do to deserve it?

    How am I still alive? Will the obstacles ever stop? Do you know how it feels to have so

    many questions that will never get answered? My story made me who I am today and if

    nobodys got me, I got me.


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    Artist: M.B.!!Teachers Name: A. Long!!Facility Name: Arkansas Consolidated High School @ AJATC!!State: Arkansas

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    My Stay at Camp Summit Boot Camp

    When I arrived at Camp Summit Boot Camp, I learned that I was given another

    chance! I can get productive in my school work, get my GED, and prepare myself for

    when I get out. I came to Camp Summit to work on my attitude. Instead of my judge just

    letting me go home, he knew I would continue to behave the same way that I was doing

    in the beginning. He sent me off because he knew it was better for me. He wanted to test

    me to see how well I behaved myself in boot camp.

    To show him and my family that I am better now than I was before (acting when I

    was out on the streets), I was given a chance to improve and to be respectful, a new and

    better person. I was given a chance to get my schooling, college, and work ready for

    when I return home to my family and my community!

    The moment I walked thru the door at Camp Summit, I felt weird. I heard people

    marching; I saw other kids and young men doing pushups. I saw some running around

    big dirt track, others were playing basketball. All the staff and DIs had big attitudes, like

    they were going to work me to death! So I was thinking to myself what, did I get myself

    into now. I knew I was going to hate myself for my actions, and my behaviors that led me


    Author: M.B. !!Teachers Name: R. McLane!!Facility Name: Camp Summit Boot Camp!!State: Indiana

  • So, I have been doing what I have to do to get my GED and my social behavior has

    improved. Ever since I have been here I have been working so hard! I did pushups, sit-

    ups, and ran the mile everyday almost for two weeks, then we all only did it every

    weekend early in the morning.

    Ive been so worn out; I just want to sleep at night. My body is so sore, however,

    now my body has become used to the work outs, and yes, it is still a hard workout. But I

    can do it and I will do it till the day I leave Camp Summit! My time here has been hard,

    but great. Im working in the kitchen and doing detail helping staff, and doing a great job

    on my program. From this point I have two months and two weeks left, as long I keep my

    all points up to 100% and higher! As long as I keep this up, I will be home free real soon.



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    Artist: M.B.!!Teachers Name: R. McLane !!Facility Name: Camp Summit Boot Camp!!State: Indiana

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    Mom on Drugs

    What happened to the powder on the coffee table? my mom asked, bursting

    through my bedroom door.

    I threw it awayit didn't look like it was for anything.

    Next time, ask, she said, slamming the door on the way out of the house. When

    she returned about an hour later, she looked dysfunctional.

    Whats wrong, mom? I asked.

    Nothing, she responded. So I went to my room.

    About an hour later my sister walked in. Wheres mom? Shouldnt she be home

    by now? Confused, I checked the living room. My mother was gone, and there was a

    straw on the table where the powder had been previously. I hurried outside. There she

    was, in our car. I approached warily. When I opened the door, she looked at me as if she

    didnt know who I was. What are you doing? I asked her.

    Someone is trying to steal the car, she replied. There was nobody in sight.

    Do you know where you are?

    Maybe, she answered.

    I escorted her to the house and told her to lie down. She flipped out on me. Dont

    you tell me what to do!

    Author: J.V.!!Teachers Name: