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  • Universal Wing Kit USER MANUAL

    Please read and understand this manual completely

    before installing the Universal Wing Kit.

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    Warning & Safety Information: • Take care when handling and installing the Drawers & Wing Kit, some of the edges may be sharp. • This kit is not intended to be installed by people (including children) with reduced physical or

    mental capabilities, or those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. • Always use safe lifting techniques when moving and installing the kit. • Always use a template to ensure your measurements, cuts and holes are correct, before making

    permanent modifications to the wings.

    COMPONENTS: • 2x Short Lengths of Plywood • 2x Short Lengths of Carpet • 2x Long Lengths of Plywood • 2x Long Lengths of Carpet • 2x Pre-carpeted brackets • 2x ‘Thin’ Brackets • 2x ‘Thick’ Brackets • 4x Locking Tabs • 2x Locking Screw Assembly • 18x Dome Headed • 12x Screws • 8x Counter Sunk Screw • 12x Nylon-Insert Lock Nut • 12x Flat Washers • 12x Split Washer • 1x Allen Key




    x2 x2

    x18 x8 x12 x12 x12 x2

    REQUIRED TOOLS: • Marker • Adhesive • Drill • Small Diameter Drill Bit

    (Eg. 2.5mm) • 6.5mm Drill Bit

    • 51mm Hole Saw • Saw (for straight cuts

    & curved cuts) • Knife or Scissors • Phillips Screw Driver • 10mm Spanner/Socket • Optional – Centre Punch




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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. If Titan Drawers are already installed into

    the vehicle, they will need to be taken out to install the Universal Wing Kit.


    1. With the drawers out of the vehicle, remove the tops by unscrewing all bolts. (1pictured, pointing to all points).


    1. Flip the drawers onto their side and grab all of the brackets. You’ll notice the brackets are designed to suit left and right sides. • The carpeted bracket will sit at the front of the drawers (opening), ensure that the carpeted front faces forward. • The bracket with the two threaded inserts and two slots is positioned in the middle of the drawers with the slots facing toward the opening of the drawers. • The bracket with only two threaded inserts, sits flush at the back of the drawers. The pre-existing holes should provide clearance for the hex-headed bolt.


    1. With the tops off, remove the tubs. If your drawers were already installed into your vehicle, you will need to first remove the stoppers on the tubs - You should be left with just a frame. Note: If the drawers are new, the stoppers will not yet be fitted and the tubs will slide straight out.


    1. Align the brackets with the pre-cut holes in your drawers and ensure they are sitting square and flush with the top of the drawer unit.


    1. With a marker, mark the locations of the drilling holes on the ‘thin’ and ‘thick’ brackets. There should be three holes for each bracket.


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    1. Using a small diameter drill bit, drill a pilot hole for each mark. You can use this pilot hole to double-check that all your holes align with drawer’s pre-cut holes. (We suggest using a punch to indent each hole which will stop the drill from slipping)


    1. Flip the drawers over and repeat steps 5 through 8 for the remaining brackets.


    1. With the help of at least one other person, lift the drawers into the back of your vehicle.


    1. Bolt on all 6 of the brackets. The carpeted brackets require 3x dome headed bolts. The “thin” and “thick” brackets require a dome headed bolt, a flat washer, split washer and nylon locking nut.


    1. Install drawer frame as per included Titan Rear Drawers instructions. Fasten to vehicle and then add tubs, stoppers and tops.


    1. Measure to the two holes on the “thick” middle bracket.


    1. If you’re happy with the alignment, use a 6.5mm to drill out the holes.


    1. Using the 4 lengths of plywood (2 short and 2 long), cut out 4 cardboard templates to match the 4 pieces of plywood.


    1. Using the cardboard templates, align them with their respective brackets and trim them down so they fit against the side of your ute tub. Repeat this for both sides.


    1. Once you’re happy with the shape of the back templates, measure the distance from the back end of the “thin” bracket to the pre-cut holes. And the measurement from the edge of the draw top to both holes (see diagram) Note: Factor in the carpet thickness when marking your holes.


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    1. Once you have all the measurements for the back wing completed. Factor in the thickness of the carpet, on both sides of the wing, as well as the front and back; adjusting measurements to account for the increase in width.


    1. Using an adhesive, glue the carpets onto the top of the plywood boards. Making sure it fits firmly to the top and sides of the board.


    1. Mark the position of the slots on the middle bracket, along with the hole on the front bracket. Do not move the template during this process to ensure correct positioning.


    1. While the glue is drying move onto the two front wings.


    1. Using the front templates, place them onto the middle & front brackets. Trim them to the shape of your tub, taking into account the thickness of the carpet and making sure they are centred.


    1. Transfer the dimensions and cut them to shape using a saw. Then, mark and drill holes onto the plywood. Note: The bottom of the plywood is pre-carpeted and top is exposed timber.




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    1. Transfer this shape, the slots and hole onto the plywood.


    1. Using an adhesive, glue the carpet onto the plywood and allow it to dry.


    1. With the front brackets, position the tabs onto the marked slot lines. Fasten the tabs with 1 screw, test fitting them onto the middle bracket.


    1. Slot the wing’s tabs into the bracket and then screw the plug into the front bracket. Repeat for both sides.


    1. Screw in the back wings using the counter-sunk bolts.

    31 1. If they fit well, screw in the remaining

    screws into each tab. 27

    1. Once the glue has dried on all four wings, trim off the excess carpet and cut out the holes for the bolts.


    1. Insert the screw plug mount into the plywood.


    1. Using the marking for the front bracket hole, drill a 51mm hole for the locking screw assembly.


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    WARRANTY PERIOD: Full 12 month warranty from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects.


    Under normal usage conditions, this warranty covers:

    a. Any defect in design or manufacture which results in the product failing to perform substantially as described in authorised advertising or literature.

    b. We will either repair or replace the product at our discretion providing that the fault is found to have been caused by a design or manufacturing defect and not misuse or tampering.

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits provided to you as the nconsumer by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you under the law.


    a. Any damage resulting from improper use

    b. Faulty installation or modification made during installation

    c. The cost of removing and reinstalling the product

    d. Travel and /or other expenses due to customer’s remote location

    e. Transport charges and damage in transit. It is your responsibility to deliver and pick up your product, including any costs associated with the postage of your repair or replacement product. If you do freight your product we recommend that you insure against loss or damage.

    f. Any loss directly or indirectly associated with the product failing to operate.

    g. Damage caused by mould, insects, animals, misuse, incorrect operation, adverse weather, accidents and fair wear and tear


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