Univeristy of Central Arkansas College of Fine Arts and Communication Graduate Brochure

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Information regarding our graduate programs in Fine Arts and Communication at the University of Central Arkansas

Text of Univeristy of Central Arkansas College of Fine Arts and Communication Graduate Brochure

  • college of fINe AR T S AND coMMUNIcATIoN gRADUATe pRogRAMS


    UNIveRSIT y of ceNTRAl ARkANS AS

    fRoNT AND ceNTeR

  • WelcoMe To THe college of fINe ARTS AND coMMUNIcATIoN

    The College of Fine Arts and Communication offers graduate programs of exceptional quality in selected disciplines. The Colleges primary mission is to prepare the next generation of artists, communicators, and scholars to participate in their various disciplines and provide leadership in their fields. The col-lege offers the MFA in Digital Filmmaking, the only one in AR, a program that prepares young artists for careers in the film industry. The College also prepares talented artists for careers in the literary arts through the MFA in Creative Writing. The Master of Music degree expands preparation in music and prepares talented artists for doctoral programs in all conducting, music education, music theory, and performance. UCA also prepares performers through the graduate certificate program in performance.

    The College enriches the community through its broadcasts, conferences, exhibits, live performances, publications, readings, recitals, and film screenings. The College of Fine Arts and Communication shares its artistic achievements and communication expertise with the general public.



    cReATIve WRITINg (MfA)uca.edu/go/mfa

    DIgITAl fIlMMAkINg (MfA) uca.edu/go/film

    MUSIc (MM)uca.edu/go/masterofmusic

  • cReATIve WRITINg (MfA)

    60 credit Hours

    The Arkansas Writers MFA is a writing-intensive studio program in Creative Writing that uniquely prepares graduates for careers in writing pedagogy and publishing.

    The degree includes a culminating project/thesis component.


    THe vAlUe of eXcelleNce

  • DIgITAl fIlMMAkINg (MfA)

    60 credit Hours

    Graduates of the MFA in the Digital Filmmaking program will be fully qualified to teach at the university level and compete in the evolving landscape of the motion picture industry. The program emphasizes filmmaking skills through production seminars and a thesis project.

    The degree includes a culminating project/thesis component.


    I began writing poetry and short stories as a young child and quickly learned that words were magical and powerful. Since that I time I

    have had a life-long love affair with creative writing. After working as a nurse for 26 years, I decided that it was time to embrace that love and follow it wherever it lead me. The Arkansas Writers MFA Workshop came into being at just the right moment in my life! Since joining the

    program, I have gained so much confidence in my writing and in myself. This program has offered me incredible

    support, wonderful mentors, and a real chance to grow into the writer I want to be, the writer

    that Im meant to be.

    lynne landis cURReNT cReATIve WRITINg (MfA) STUDeNT

  • MASTeR of MUSIc (MM)

    31-34 credit Hours

    Graduate work in music is designed to provide advanced professional training. The Music Education program provides advanced study of music teaching in elementary and secondary schools and professional preparation for those who already possess initial certification. Master of Music concentrations provide specialized study in performance, conducting, and music theory. Areas of concentration:. Performance . Theory . Conducting . Education


  • Visit uca.edu/graduate for requirements for admission to the University of Central Arkansas Graduate School.

    Each program has individual admission requirements, please check each department website for specificationsregarding minimum test scores, interviews, and admissiondeadlines.


    The UCA Office of Financial Aid provides financial counselors to support and guide students through the financial process. Almost 90% of UCA students receive some financial aid. If you want to see how much financial aid youll need and how much you can receive, check out our free financial aid net price calculator at uca.edu/financialaid.

    You should apply as early as possible for both admissions and financial aid. For additional information, call UCAs Office of Financial Aid at (501) 450-3140 or email finaid@uca.edu.


    ScHolARSHIpS AND gRADUATe ASSISTANTSHIpSPlease check within each degree program for scholarships or other opportunities for special funding.

    To apply for assistantships or fellowships, please contact the Graduate School by email at ucagradschool@uca.edu or visit uca.edu/graduate.




    gRADUATe oNlINe pRogRAMS

    MASTeR of MUSIc (MM)

  • foR MoRe INfoRMATIoN oNoUR gRADUATe DegRee

    pRogRAMS, pleASe coNTAcT US:

    University of central Arkansascollege of fine Arts and communication

    201 Donaghey Avenueconway, Arkansas 72035

    phone: 501.450.3293ucagradschool@uca.edu