Underthebluewhite-skyofBavaria. a state of Germany Munich the capital of Bavaria Germany Berlin Bavarian coat of arms „Münchner Kindl“

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  • underthebluewhite-skyofBavaria

  • Bavariaa state of GermanyMunichthe capital of BavariaGermanyBerlin Bavarian coat of armsMnchner Kindl

  • Pasing-Obermenzingis a part of the city of Munich, where our school is locatedOur schools coat of armsMittelschule an der PeslmllerstraeMunichand its parts

  • Munichsplaces of interestAllianz ArenaFrauenkircheOlympia ParkMarienplatz with townhallMaximilianeum (Bavarian government)surfing on the river IsarMonopterus in the English GardenBMW headquarters with BMW museum, called soup bowl

  • ZooMore Munich HighlightsGerman MuseumHofbruhausOktoberfestBMW WorldViktualienmarketIsartorChinese Tower (English Garden)Nymphenburg Palace

  • Blutenburg CastlePasingsplaces of interestPasing City ParkPasing MarienplatzBotanic GardenSt. Marys statuePasings coat of arms

  • Mittelschule an der PeslmllerstraeThe schoolyardOur school-dog RoccoThe school entrance 2012 ... and today The headteacher Mr. WeissThe deputy headteacher Mrs. Kolb-RadlThe classes 2013/145a, 5b, 5g 6a, 6b, 6g7a, 7g, M7c 8a, 8g, M8c, M8d 9a, 9b, 9g, M9c, M9dM10a, M10b

  • Pupils selling cake to help flood desaster victims in eastern BavariaNew playground equipment School-Projects in 2012/2013Pupils redesigning the schoolyardYear 8m produced a brochure about: How to handle a mobile phone

  • Year 5g visited the fire brigade to learn how to put out burning oilYear 5a: bodypercussion-project with the performing artist Gilson de Assis

  • Our school: Winner of the award Starke Schule in Bavaria 2nd Oct. 2012: Headteacher Mr. Weiss introduced the Comenius-Project. Years 9a/b: experiencing different kinds of job training1250-Years-Pasing Ceremony : year 6a and the schoolbandgraduation ceremony 2013

  • Our school-partnersMediators conflict management

    Job Mediators

    cooperation partnersProject-Groups = AG AG - Students magazine "That`sP"

    AG - Marching-Band Pasing Blue Stars

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