Understanding the unique mobile based mobile vaani social media platform

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Infographic to compare facebook social platform with Mobile Vaani social platform, with key differences being that facebook is accessed on internet networks, whereas Mobile Vaani users access this platform through mobile networks. Thus Mobile Vaani is a unique, one of a kind, social media platform that addresses the unmet need of remote , rural communities to get connected and create linkages and share content. Mobile Vaani also helps marketers establish strong last mile connections with potential consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid, thereby giving them, competitive as well as comparative strategic advantage.


  • 1. Understanding the unique mobile based MobileVaani social media platform- an Infographic depiction MobileVaani Social Media platform Enter Click= Enter MobileVaani Server Call in MobileVaani Channels PRESS 1= Enter CommentsPRESS 3= Enter PORTAL fb Main page fb Comments page Log in