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Under-sampled Regions. Total distribution data holding in OBIS: 5,253,721 records, 50,932 scientific names, 38,012 species. Under-Sampled Deep Realms. Ocean Realm Field Projects. BOUNDARIES Nearshore - Natural Geography In Shore Areas (NaGISA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Under-sampled Regions

  • Total distribution data holding in OBIS: 5,253,721 records, 50,932 scientific names, 38,012 speciesUnder-sampled Regions

  • Under-Sampled Deep Realms

  • Ocean Realm Field ProjectsBOUNDARIESNearshore - Natural Geography In Shore Areas (NaGISA) - Coral Reef Ecosystems (GCCRE)Coastal - Gulf of Maine Area Census (GOMA) - Gulf of Mexico: Past, Present, Future (GOMx) - Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (POST)Continental Margins Continental Margins Ecosystems (CoMargE)Abyssal Plain Census of Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life (CeDAMar)Ice Oceans - Arctic Ocean Diversity (ArcOD) - Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML)Active Geology - Chemosynthetic Ecosystems (ChEss) - Census of Seamounts (CenSeam)CENTRALDrifters Census of Marine Zooplankton (CMarZ)Swimmers - Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP)Deep Oceanic - Mid-Atlantic Ridge Ecosystems (MAR-ECO)Microbes International Census of Marine Microbes (ICOMM)

  • Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML)

  • Global Census of SeamountsCenSeam

  • Taxonomically Diversified Global Census of Coral Reef Ecosystems

  • Continental Margin Ecosystems CoMargE

  • FY2005 NOPP-funded ProjectsContinuous shelf-scale fish populations from ocean-waveguide acoustics: Makris (MIT)Novel acoustic techniques measure schooling in pelagic fish: Benoit-Bird (Oregon State University)Mid-frequency sonar for fisheries applications: Horne (University of Washington)LIDAR habitat mapping and epipelagic fish detection: Churnside (NOAA)

  • Continuous shelf-scale fish populations from ocean-waveguide acousticsMakris et al.



  • MAR-ECO pictures of new Enteropneust familyGage

    Holland et al.

    Nature, March 2005

  • ChEss Pacific Alvin goes to Easter Island


  • Endangered Green SturgeonDistribution

  • Adding biology to GOOSfishing boatauv

  • POSTscale-up

    Ocean Migration and Physics Array(OMAPA)

  • Data from TOPP/SMRUElephant Seal Tracks 2004

  • Data from TOPP/SMRUElephant Seal Tracks 2004

  • Thermal & Chlorophyll Profiles from a California Current TunaDepthoCChlorophyll

  • Southern OceanElephant SealsTOPP+CAML

  • Leatherback Tracking TOPPBathymetry vs. SST80903020100

  • Data from TOPP/SMRULeatherback Sea Turtle Tracks

  • High-use habitat and threats to leatherback sea turtles in northern watersJames, Ottensmeyer & Myers Ecology Letters, 2005Spatial use 38 turtles

  • All species > 18 kg decline by a factor of 10Ward and Myers Ecology in pressFMAP

  • HMAP finds 19th century WMD!

  • Salem Beverly Fishing Journals150 Year Old Cod Fishery Rosenberg et al.Frontiers in Ecology 2005Cod BiomassScotian ShelfChapman-DeLury Catch Per Unit Effort HMAP


  • Yarincik, K. and O'Dor, R.K. (2005 in press) The Census of Marine Life: goals, scope and strategy.

    O'Dor, R.K. and Gallardo, V.A. (2005 in press) How to census marine life: ocean realm field projects. Scientia Marina - 50th Anniversary VolumeCOML Research Plan

  • COML Funding & Projections

    Actual FundingProjected Funding

    Current Project Totals

    The information collected below is for internal use only and will not be disseminated to the public.

    Individual Awards

    Please list all funding you consider to be support for this project. For each award:

    ProjectSponsorPrivate or Government FundsPI(s)Award title or objectiveAmount (USD)Year of AwardTerm of Award (Years)Currency AMT

    ArcCoMLNOAA CIFARgovernmentIken, Bluhm, DuntonRUSALCA: Chukchi Sea epibenthos$61,00020041.5

    ArcCoMLNOAA CIFARHopcroft, KosobokovaRUSALCA: Zooplankton$75,00020041.5

    ArcCoMLNOAA CIFARNorcross et al.RUSALCA: larval & juvenile fish$74,00020041.5

    ArcCoMLNSFgovernmentGradinger/EickenPhysical-biological control of primary production in Beaufort and Chukchi Sea ice: Its contribution to shelf-basin interactions in the western Arctic$30,0005

    ArcCoMLNOAA CIFARgovernmentGradingerActivity and diversity of sea ice biota in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas$36,00020041

    ArcCoMLCoastal Marine InstituteGradinger/BluhmSusceptibility of sea ice biota to disturbances in the shallow Beaufort Sea: Phase 1: Biological coupling of sea ice with the pelagic and benthic realms$97,0002

    ArcCoMLNOAA CIFARStein et al.RUSALCA: adult fish$75,00020041.5

    ArcCoMLNOAAall the aboveShip cost (estimated)$300,00020042 months

    ArcCoMLSloanprivateHopcroft, Gradinger, BluhmArcCoML$597,59520042

    ArcCoMLSloanprivateIkenWorkshop to advance CoML project in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea$40,00020031

    ArcCoMLSloanprivateGebruk (Russian Acad. Of Sciences)Arctic marine fauna: data accumulated in Russia (Russian contribution to ArcCoML)$49,000200415 months

    ArcCoMLNOAA OEGradinger, BluhmSea ice biota Alaskan coast$30,00020041


    NaGISAJSPSYoshihisa ShirayamaJSPS workshop support$39,85820011 year131.145,227,000

    NaGISAShin ProYoshihisa ShirayamaSupport for new programs$31,13020011 year131.144,082,374

    NaGISAGTIYoshihisa ShirayamaTaxonomic database$10,73920011 year131.141,408,331

    NaGISASloan FoundationBrenda KonarNatural Geography in Shore Areas: Organize Alaska NaGISA (travel, UAF administration)$43,00020021 year

    NaGISASloan FoundationYoshihisa ShirayamaNaGISA$256,53520023 years118.5430,409,645

    NaGISAJSPSYoshihisa ShirayamaJSPS workshop support$51,82520021 year118.546,143,334

    NaGISAShin ProYoshihisa ShirayamaSupport for new programs$21,67020021 year118.542,568,766

    NaGISAGTIYoshihisa ShirayamaTaxonomic database$41,36120021 year118.544,902,954

    NaGISAGulf Ecosystem Monitoring ProgramBrenda Konar, Katrin IkenAlaska Natural Geography in Shore Areas: Full NaGISA sampling in 3 core areas in Alaska$243,00020031 year

    NaGISASloanprivateShirayama, Konar et alProposal for the continuation of Natural Geography In Shore Areas (NaGISA)$577,0002005 (Jan)2

    NaGISASloan FoundationKatrin Iken and Brenda KonarTo Plan and Advance the Census of Marine Life in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Seas$40,00020031 year

    NaGISAJSPSYoshihisa ShirayamaJSPS workshop support$61,12420031 year107.16,546,334

    NaGISAShin ProYoshihisa ShirayamaSupport for new programs$30,81020031 year107.13,299,724

    NaGISAGTIYoshihisa ShirayamaTaxonomic database$36,41320031 year107.13,899,869

    NaGISAGulf Ecosystem Monitoring ProgramBrenda Konar, Katrin Iken$228,00020041 year

    NaGISACalifornia Sea GrantMatt EdwardsNorth American NaGISA workshop$10,00020041 year

    NaGISAAlaska Sea Grant (with logistic support from US Fish and Wildlife)Brenda Konar and Katrin IkenEssential habitats in our Arctic front yard: Nearshore benthic community structure and links to pelagic productivity$10,00020041 year

    NaGISAMinerals Management ServiceKatrin IkenContamination of Arctic Nearshore Impact Monitoring in development Area cANIMIDA: Task Order 006: Monitoring the Boulder Patch$38,00020053 years


    POSTSloanPrivateWelchFund POST Secretariat$1,023,00020042


    POSTMoorePrivateWelchFund 2004-05 POST Demonstration phase$2,400,00020042

    POSTBonneville Power AdministrationGovernmentWelchFund 2004 POST Demonstration phase$200,00020041 (Increased funding under discussion for 2005)

    POSTUS Army Corps of EngineersGovernmentSchreck-OSU, Portland$390,00020041 (Increased funding under discussion for 2005)

    POSTProvince of British ColumbiaGovernmentWard & WelchFund 2004-05 POST Demonstration phase$69,00020041 (Increased funding under discussion for 2005)

    POSTCanadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansGovernmentWood, DFO NanaimoAcoustic Tracking of Endangered Sakinaw Lake Sockeye$30,00020041

    POSTNSERC Migration ProgramGovernmentHinch, UBCAbnormal migration and premature mortality in Pacific salmon$92,00020043

    POSTPacific Salmon FoundationPrivateWelchIn-Kind support for Smolt capture$422,25020042

    POSTVENUSGovernmentTunnicliffe and Dewey, Univ. VctoriaVENUS DMAS hosting$119,00020042

    POSTNW Indian Fisheries CommissionGovernmentSteltznerSouth Puget Sound Tracking Array$199,00020041 (Increased funding under discussion for 2005)

    POSTNSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant (*)GovernmentMcKinleyDetermining early ocean survival and migration patterns of Pacific salmonids using a large-scale tracking array$363,75020043

    POSTFish America FoundationPrivateWaltersMarine Survival Assessment of Juvenile Coho Salmon in Howe Sound, British Columbia$20,00020041

    POSTFish America FoundationPrivateWaltersMarine Survival Assessment of Juvenile Coho Salmon and steelhead in Howe Sound, British Columbia$13,0002005Submitted- 1 yr

    POSTPacific Salmon FoundationPrivateWaltersSmall-scale marine survival assessment of juvenile cohosalmon and steelhead from the Squamish River watershed$17,0002005Submitted- 1 yr


    ChEssA.P. Sloan Foundation (USA)PrivateP.A. Tyler & C.R. GermanChEss (planning phase)$375,00020023

    ChEssRidge 2000 (USA)GovernmentC. Fisher$15,0002003June 2004

    ChEssNOAA-Ocean Exploration (USA)GovernmentS. HammondsWorkshop "Biogeography of chemosynthetic ecosystems: planning for the future" (SOC, UK)$5,0002003June 2004

    ChEssSouthampton Oceanogrpahy Centre (UK)GovernmentP.A. TylerWorkshop "Biogeography of chemosynthetic ecosystems: planning for the future" (SOC, UK)$1,0002003June 2004

    ChEssWorldwide Universities Network (UK)GovernmentC.R. German & D. PilsburyINSPIRE (SE Pacific