Udemy takes learning to a higher level with Selenium ... Selenium technologies including Selenium IDE,

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  • Udemy takes learning to a higher level with Selenium WebDriver –

    Java and SauceLabs integrated online course Launch of new course at Udemy for complete beginners gets overwhelming response from learners

    UK, May XX 2014

    Udemy, an online learning academy is well-known for its easily comprehensible online courses on various

    topics for millions of online learners all over the world. The launch of a new course at Udemy “Selenium

    WebDriver – Java and SauceLabs for Complete Beginners” is receiving an over-whelming response within the

    first week of its launch. Started a week before that, this free public course has got over 470 students enrolled

    as on May 29 2014 as reported by the Course Admin. Just to add here, this course is still under the review of

    Udemy but stands successful as the number of people interested in this course is growing.

    The reason why this course has caught the fancy of so many IT aspirants and higher level testers is because of

    the changes occurring in the testing industry in the recent years. With testing methodologies moving out of

    the box and entering into the world of automation, Selenium, an open source tool, has played its part in

    changing the perception of the Testing Industry.

    Moreover, this course is all about implementation of cross-browser test automation using Selenium

    WebDriver-Java and SauceLabs a third-party Remote Browser/Platform provider by utilising a combination of

    Selenium technologies including Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. The course, starting

    from the basic scenarios, goes up to a higher level of understanding of automation testing. Hence this course is

    meant for everyone – an ‘Amateur Student’ to an ‘Expert Tester’, anybody can access this course on Udemy

    absolutely free of charge like all other courses on Udemy community. If you are a manual tester looking to

    work on cross-browser automation or an automation tester trying to learn new technologies in the market, a

    project manager trying to upgrade to new versions of software knowledge, a Business Analyst trying to

    communicate with the client who wants to implement Selenium in the project – this course is for all of you.

    With plenty of Selenium courses, training materials and books available online, this course differs from the rest

    by providing explanatory examples and plenty of sample scripts for practice. The methodology used is simple –

    the teaching should reach the levels of students, QA professionals and business analysts in the same manner.

    The Course Admin claims that by investing less than 2 hours, students will be able to learn automation testing

    by using Selenium WebDriver integrated with SauceLabs. Relevant examples on Java script is an additional

    factor that greatly helps in understanding Selenium scripting.

    With 14 lectures and 1.5 hours of content – videos and presentations, this course is fully loaded with all that

    you need to learn about Test Automation using Selenium toolsets. Learning Selenium using SauceLabs which is

    a third-party browser provider to implement cross browser testing is undoubtedly an additional feature of this

    course. With loads to examples of script-writing using a real time e-commerce website, this course takes

    learning to a higher level for both IT and Non-IT professionals.

    With a vast community of around 500 students learning together, this lifetime free course is certainly a must

    especially for all the IT aspirants to understand the significance of Automation Industry and the role it plays to

    push Testing technologies ahead.

  • SoftTEST 247 and Experitest are now partners Two of the leading companies in Testing have now joined hands to bring the best out of SeeTest tool

    London, XX May 2014

    SoftTEST 247 Limited, specialized in Test Management, is now partners with Experitest, the provider of high-end toolsets for Test Automation. This union can be seen as a great benefit to both the organizations while for SoftTEST 247 Limited, it is a privilege to work with SeeTest, one of the most promising tools for Mobile Application Test Automation. Dr. Richard Y Kim, the Director at SoftTEST 247 Limited, London, UK explained on how this partnership thought has evolved saying that, “Our three missions are to reduce QA cost without compromising on quality, providing high quality test deliverables and on-time delivery; On scouting out new tools we came across Experitest's SeeTest line and we understood very quickly that they would fit in perfectly with our standards- a tool that is used in seven of ten largest worldwide banks and thus proves itself as a scalable, maintainable and portable tool is the kind of tool we want to be offering to our customers." On the other hand, CEO of Experitest Tal Barmeir opines that SoftTEST247's commitment to maximum efficiency, professionalism and value make them a perfect partner for Experitest and in his own words, "The SeeTest line will leverage their existing tools and processes, extending them to mobile, offer cost-effective extension of ALM environments, reliable support for all mobile devices and ensure best return on investment." SoftTEST 247 Limited, over the years, has specialized in Test Management for both Manual and Automation Testing, aiming at QA cost reduction yet maintaining high quality of Test deliverables, dealing with all phases of Test design and Implementation. Striving to achieve this task, SoftTEST has decided that a coalition with Experitest will give them the opportunity to work on SeeTest, a high end commercial mobile application test automation toolset, where most of the work at SoftTEST depends on reducing QA cost at each level of Testing they perform. SeeTest developer company Experitest is a leading provider of tools for mobile test automation, manual testing and monitoring, supporting all mobile OS: iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8 and Blackberry. With a customer base including many of the Fortune 500 companies like Barclays, Verizon, BSkyB, Orange, China Mobile, DoCoMo, McAfee, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Cisco, Intel, Marvell, Motorola to name a few; Experitest tools are both HP and Microsoft Certified. More information on Experitest is available at http://experitest.com/ With three promising mission statements, SoftTEST 247 Limited is engaging in short-term tasks to long-term partnerships, SoftTEST undertakes QA projects and delivers with high quality irrespective of the size and complexity of the requirements. With teams working at Offshore, Onsite and On Demand locations, this company works with a small group of software testing professionals contracting for a number of large scale projects with over 15 years of experience. More information on this company is available at http://softtest247.com/ To put it briefly, since both the companies are determined to deliver quality tools and services to their customers and this alliance seems to be quite a good start.

    http://experitest.com/ http://softtest247.com/

  • Dallas-based Cignitech announces limited-period offers on Website Design and Maintenance, SEO

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