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<ul><li><p>7/25/2019 UC Trailers | Concession Truck and Trailers for Sale Winnipeg</p><p> 1/1</p><p>PROUD PARTNERS</p><p>IF YOUVE EVER WANDERED DOWN</p><p>BROADWAY AVENUE ON A WARM SUMMER</p><p>DAY, ITS A COMMON SIGHT.</p><p>THAT SIGHT? ELABORATELY-DECORATED</p><p>FOOD TRUCKS LINING THE STREET, SERVING</p><p>ALL TYPES OF DIFFERENT CUISINE TO HUNGRY</p><p>PEDESTRIANS. WHILE WE TAKE THEIR PRESENCE</p><p>FOR GRANTED, A QUESTION AFTER A BIT</p><p>OF THOUGHT COMES TO MIND: WHERE</p><p>EXACTLY DO ALL THESE COLOURFUL, SLICK-</p><p>LOOKING FOOD TRUCKS COME FROM?</p><p>The answer to that question might surprise you:</p><p>East Selkirk, Manitoba. Or, more specifically,an outfit called UC Trailers on 59.</p><p>My father-in-law actually started the business</p><p>seven years ago, said Shannon Barbour, who</p><p>mans the sales desk and runs the company with her</p><p>husband Jeremie. He started out by selling regular</p><p>trailers, but one day a customer came to him and</p><p>said, can you build this? Thats how we got our</p><p>start in customizing trailers.</p><p> That foray into trailer customization then</p><p>snowballed. Today, UC Trailers is where most if not</p><p>all food trucks that patrol the city originate from.</p><p>Most of the food trucks in the city come from</p><p>us, she said. These days, were super busy. Earlier</p><p>this year, we put out 11 units in time for the May long</p><p>weekend, and right now, weve got lots more on the</p><p>go. There are a lot of people who arent happy with</p><p>their job or who want to be their own boss. They</p><p>love to cook, so a food truck is an affordable way</p><p>to get into the business. It costs about $50,000 to$60,000 for one (with full kitchen). By comparison,</p><p>it costs $250,000 or more to start up a restaurant.</p><p> Just as people dont know where they come</p><p>from, they often dont realize just how much work</p><p>goes into fabricating a fully-operational food truck</p><p>or trailer. Barbour said its a painstaking, highly-</p><p>detailed process.</p><p> For a typical unit, Ill order the frame from</p><p>Indiana. It takes about six weeks for it to be built,</p><p>and shipped to us. Then, it takes us about another</p><p>four weeks to put the food truck together, including</p><p>two weeks to put in the kitchen.</p><p>The production process is a collaborative effort</p><p>between UC Trailers and several other companies.</p><p> Fostey Stainless designs custom stainless</p><p>countertops and grease hoods for kitchens, Accutech</p><p>Engineering the only engineering firm in Winnipeg</p><p>who entertained the idea of engineering gas schematics</p><p>for food trucks and trailers ensures gas hook-ups</p><p>are properly designed, and the professionals at ABC</p><p>Fire Safety do all the commercial fire supression</p><p>installations on these units.</p><p> Last but not least, Wraptors Decals bringscustomers artistic visions to life with customized</p><p>wraps that can transform a trucks look from drab to</p><p>dynamite in mere days.</p><p>Basically, customers need to be prepared to wait</p><p>12 weeks for their food truck or trailer. The final</p><p>part of the wait is the inspection of the unit (gas,</p><p>electrical), which could take two weeks or more.</p><p>Once the customers food truck or trailer has the</p><p>inspectors stamp of approval, its time to do business.</p><p>Each unit has a personality of its own, said Barbour.</p><p>Every unit is custom. Floor plans are different</p><p>and exterior looks are different because all kinds of</p><p>different foods are produced in those units.</p><p>She added that if youre thinking of getting into</p><p>the food truck business, come see the experts at UC</p><p>Trailers first.</p><p>Paying us a visit can save you time, money and</p><p>heartache she said. Manitoba has the strictest food</p><p>truck laws in Canada, so if the unit you buy from outof province doesnt meet code (usually wiring, gas</p><p>delivery systems or flooring) it will cost thousands</p><p>to bring it up to speed. We can save people thousands</p><p>of dollars because we do it right the first time.</p><p>Thats exactly what Mike and Maria Enns proud</p><p>proprietors of Makaluku Shave Ice did when they</p><p>purchased a used food truck that they wanted to use</p><p>to bring a taste of Hawaii to Winnipeg.</p><p> Wed holidayed in Maui, Hawaii, and came</p><p>across a dessert called shave ice, recalled Mike.</p><p>Wed never tried it. When we did, we found it</p><p>so different from snow cones with its flavour and</p><p>texture. We decided that we wanted to bring a taste</p><p>of Hawaii to Winnipeg.</p><p>Eventually, the Enns bought a food truck, and</p><p>with the assistance of UC Trailers, turned an old</p><p>pizza truck into a true vision of Hawaii.</p><p>Our goal was to have people feel like they were</p><p>standing on a Hawaiian beach at sunset when they</p><p>were next to the truck. It took a lot of work, but it nowgives you that feel with its silhouette and colours the</p><p>outside of the truck (a wrap done by Wraptors) turned</p><p>out better than anticipated, he said. Weve been out</p><p>testing the truck, and feedback has been strong. There</p><p>are a lot of smiles when people see it.</p><p>Enns said UC Trailers help (putting in a new</p><p>kitchen), suggestions and connections were</p><p>invaluable, saving them time and money.</p><p>They were a lot of help and great to work with,</p><p>he said. Theyre very passionate about what they</p><p>do. Id highly recommend them to anyone looking</p><p>to get into the food truck business.</p><p> Although its a lot of work, its worth it, said</p><p>Barbour, adding that business is so brisk theyve</p><p>just started building a new shop to help keep up</p><p>with demand.</p><p>Everything is working out well for us, she said.</p><p>Its great to see people out their living their dream.</p><p>We help make their dream a reality; thats a very</p><p>satisfying feeling.</p><p>FOR MORE INFORMATION ON UC</p><p>TRAILERS ON 59, VISIT UCTRAILERS.CA</p><p>OR CALL (204) 785-9400.</p><p>UC TRAILERS HELPS TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY</p><p>B Y T o d d L e w y s</p><p>S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T</p><p>The Makaluku truck after its transformation, is now ready to hit the streets of Winnipeg.</p><p>To see our full line of custom food trucks</p><p>and trailers go to www.uctrailers.ca</p><p>800 Marion St. | 204-233-6083 | 1-800-655-1250</p><p>abcfireandsafety.com</p><p>EQUIPMENT LIMITED</p><p>CUSTOM STAINLESS STEEL MANUFACTURING</p><p>CANOPIES SINKS TABLES CARTS</p><p>989 MISSION STREET | PHONE (204) 237-9434 | FOSTEYSTAINLES@SHAW.CAO PLE ETE</p><p>CHNIC LSOLUTION</p><p>from concept to constructionaccutecheng.ca</p><p>(204) 944-1555</p><p>OUR GOAL WAS TO HAVE PEOPLE</p><p>FEEL LIKE THEY WERE STANDING ON A</p><p>HAWAIIAN BEACH AT SUNSET WHEN</p><p>THEY WERE NEXT TO THE TRUCK.</p><p>Before and after picture of the interior of the Makaluku truck.</p><p>The beginning stages of the Makaluku food truck.</p><p>3662640UCTRAILERS_JU25_15C-R.pdf;Customer is responsible for accuracy</p></li></ul>