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UC San Diego Housestaff Orientation

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UC San Diego Housestaff Orientation. Stephen R. Hayden, MD, FAAEM, FACEP Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and DIO UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA. Objectives of Orientation. Introduction to UCSD Medical Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of UC San Diego Housestaff Orientation

Critically reading the literature

Stephen R. Hayden, MD, FAAEM, FACEP Professor of Clinical Emergency MedicineAssociate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and DIOUCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA

UC San Diego Housestaff OrientationObjectives of OrientationIntroduction to UCSD Medical CenterLearn about training/licensing requirements, UCSD policies and procedures, special servicesCompletion of required paperworkProvision of ID numbers, insurance, accountsso you will be ready to start2Office of Graduate Medical EducationResponsible for oversight of all aspects of trainingSpecific tasksOrientation of interns and residentsAdminister Benefits for traineesAssist program directors with accreditation issues, monitoringCoordinate educational modules (AMA/IPM Core training series)Create/monitor institutional training policiesMaintain informational websitePrepare for institutional accreditation (CLER) visits3OGME TeamCindy Slaughter; Director of GMEHelen Lewis; New InnovationsTom Arneson; Accreditation Specialist, non-accredited programsDion Brown & Robyn Meehan; Housestaff Administrative Program Managers New and continuing appointments, rotators, liability certificationElaine Garrido; Health Insurance, Licensure and RegistrationRachel Hobbs; Administrative AssistantOGME Website

Orientation Handouts/Materials

Housestaff are Encouraged to Participate!GME Committee Resident Physician CouncilMedical Staff Committees

Housestaff Participation Required:Core Training ModulesCompletion of evaluations of peers, students, supervisors, program and training experienceRecording duty hours in New InnovationsReporting of moonlighting activities to program directorAdhering to UCSD standards of professional behavior including patient confidentiality, respect, and appropriate treatment of students and staffStandardized Central Venous Access trainingFor residents who are required to place central lines

Standardized Central Line TrainingOnline ModulesUCSD Learning Center: http://mycourses.ucsd.eduType central line into search box and click searchOnce complete you can print completion certificateSimulation PhaseSign up at Eventbrite: and testing in same sessionExperiential phase5 proctored lines each approach (Subclavian, IJ, Femoral)Program Director must confirm competence in New Innovations

ACGME Resident SurveyMust complete and participate inFormal citations issued if programs < 70%Somewhat or sometimesDo you have the opportunityEvaluate your Faculty/Program/Access your EvaluationsService vs. Education questionsACGME defines service as: duties typically performed by non MDsAnswer honestly but understand the way the ACGME uses resultsRequired On-Line Learning ModulesSeries of 21 modules you MUST complete by August 1, 2011http://mycourses.ucsd.eduConflict of interest, HIPAA, Risk Management, Ethics, etc.All instructions are on gold sheet in packet

UCSD Official Email AddressAll house officers will receive an official UCSD Email Address ([email protected])All official communication will be sent to your UCSD emailYou must check this email frequently!You are responsible for information sent to your UCSD emailRequired to follow us on Twitter; @UCSDGME

Support StructureThese are the people here to support you throughout training

Follow the chain of command

Anonymous Feedback Website

Policy GME 026: Standards of Professional BehaviorUCSD is dedicated to creating a safe learning environment for both residents and studentsAs a resident you will teach many peers and studentsPolicy provides many examples of inappropriate behaviorDescribes routes for informal and formal resolutionBecome familiar with it (on orientation link GME website)Coming soon; Resident Wellness Advisory Panel

GME Committee (GMEC)Works in parallel with OGME and Associate Dean for GMEDevelop institutional policies regardingSupervision at all training sitesCoordinate internal reviews of programsApproval of programs, new directors, etc.Prevention of harassmentNon-restriction of practice location upon completion of trainingProvisions for occurrence of training program closure or reduction

Supervision PolicyYou need to know that we have a supervision policyEssentials:You should be able to identify who the supervising faculty isThey need to be appropriately involved in clinical decisions while allowing you progressive responsibilityMost important; they need to be available to you and you should ALWAYS feel you can contact themACGME Levels of SupervisionLevel I: Direct; supervising MD is in clinical unit with youLevel II: IndirectII a: Indirect with direct supervision immediately available; in the buildingII b: Indirect with direct supervision available; from home by phone/textLevel III: Oversight; supervising MD reviews care next dayACGME Next Accreditation System (NAS)You are at a frontierOver next 2 years implementation phaseShift from structural processes to educational outcomesIncreased monitoring at institutional levelClinical Competence Committees and MilestonesWe will need your help in sorting it all out


Get Out To Vote!General Election Nov. 6, 2012President, House, Senate, Many State offices and propostionsYou must register if you are new to San Diego or have moved since the last electionOnline registration (, print, sign and mail**Initial line 15 for permanent vote-by-mail status**Deadline to register is 10/22/12

Who am I? How Can I Help You?Professor of Clinical Emergency MedicineProgram Director, Emergency MedicineHyperbaric Medicine CenterEditor-in-Chief, Journal of Emergency MedicineEditor, 5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult

Former US Navy Flight SurgeonSecond degree black belt Tae Kwon DoLove sailing, riding motorcycles, wine tastingMarried, father of 3My door is always open, happy to talk any time!OGME WebsiteIf you have any questions at any time, please visit our website:

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