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    Team Profile, Information and Match reports 12/13

    Under 14s Blacks

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    Managers Profile:

    Name: Adam Gill What is your football background? I have always loved and played football all my life, was entered into trials for Rochdale school of excellence where I was signed up with a contract with Rochdale in the last 30 man squad !!!!!.I played for several years with Rochdale but unfortunately I had a freak accident on holiday and had a severe broken leg as a result, which I never recovered from and I had to "hang up my boots". Couple of years later I began to play again but not semi pro, just Sunday league and 5 a side which isn't the same but still very enjoyable.

    How long have you been involved with Pennine Juniors? I have been involved with Pennine for around 15 months

    How long have you been managing a team? I have only just started to manage the team in the last few weeks, I have been working as a coach before that.

    What do you like most about managing a team? I love managing the team as it keeps me involved with the game and like helping and seeing the lads improve and become better footballers

    What do you find challenging when managing a team? Sometimes it's hard to start players as sub and bringing players off during a game as I don't want them to think its because they are not playing well or that I don't like them, it's just the way we have to work with Pennines policy which is every child gets at least half a game each week, which I think is a really important rule.

    What has been your funniest/best/ most memorable moment? The funniest time in my short time at Pennine is probably when we were losing during a game and at half time I said to our sticker "don't worry you'll score a hat trick in second half", and sure enough he did exactly that and we won the game!!.

    Describe your team: My team is full of great personalities and some comedians, everybody gets along really well and our time together is enjoyable all the time. We have some excellent players and if I can help them in any way by working with them then it would make me very proud. Our lads have become a very close nit bunch and help each other out if needed.

    What are you focusing on in training? We are working on all aspects of the game but at the minute we are using possession drills, as I want the players to play football, hopefully well look and play like Barcelona :)

    Tell us the best game to date and why: Our best game must be the game I mentioned above we're we we're losing at half time and turned it around to win with a master class second half.

    What advice/tips would you give to young, up and coming footballers? Make sure you are enjoying the time you are playing, and always believe you can do better and train to do so. Also, when playing a game make sure you give it 100% and don't think I could have done better after the game.

    Contact details: 07449829001 Training times and details: Mon 7.30-9pm, Cardinal Langley

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    Results at a glance: Pennine Juniors Under 14s Blacks 2012 / 2013 Season


    Fixture Result Scorers M.MOM C.MOM P.MOM

    08/09/12 Pennine v Prestwich Red

    W 4-0 B.Simmonds, P.Gillan, T.Simmonds, B.Smyth

    J.Kershaw P.Gillan T.Simmonds

    15/09/12 Rossendale v Pennine

    W 0-1 P.Gillan J.Kershaw



    22/09/12 Pennine v Pennine Reds

    L 2-4 B.Smyth, E.Smith B.Simmonds C.Panton J.Kershaw

    13/10/12 Pennine v Ramsbottom

    W 6-0 B.Smyth(2), S.Keown(2), B.Simmonds, T.Simmonds

    B.Simmonds S.McCready S.Keown

    20/10/12 Bacup v Pennine

    W 1-5 T.Simmonds, P.Gillan, S.Keown, B.Smyth(2)

    C.Leyland E.Smith B.Smyth

    03/11/12 Pennine v Unsworth

    W 2-1 J.Kershaw, S.Keown M.Whitehead C.Leyland D.Joesbury

    10/11/12 Pennine v Radcliffe

    L 3-4 P.Gillan, B.Simmonds, S.Keown C.Panton N.Christian E.Smith

    17/11/12 Prestwich v Pennine

    W 1-4 B.Smyth(2), P.Gillan, C.Leyland T.Simmonds

    J.Chee N.Christian

    12/01/13 Pennine v Westbury H

    L 1-1 Cup

    P.Gillan M.Whitehead

    P.Gillan D.Joesbury

    09/03/13 Pennine Reds v Pennine

    W 0-1 J.Kershaw B.Simmonds

    E.Smith B.Smyth

    11/04/13 Westbury H v Pennine

    W 1-3 B.Smyth, S.Keown, P.Gillan E.Smith

    18/04/13 Ramsbottom v Pennine

    W 0-7 B.Smyth(3), S.Keown, E.Smith, J.Kershaw, T.Simmonds

    S.McCready J.Chee J.Kershaw

    20/04/13 Whitworth v Pennine

    W 0-1 N/A Default 0-1 win as Whitworth unable to fulfil fixture

    25/04/13 Unsworth v Pennine

    W 0-1 B.Smyth T.Simmonds B.Smyth E.Smith

    27/04/13 Pennine v Rossendale

    W 1-0 B.Smyth S.Keown

    M.Whitehead J.Kershaw

    30/04/13 Pennine v Whitworth

    W 7-0 B.Smyth(3),P.Gillan,B.Simmonds, S.McCready,S.Keown


    B.Simmonds B.Smyth

    04/05/13 Pennine v Westbury H

    W 2-1 S.Keown, B.Smyth J.Chee

    S.Keown E.Smith

    06/05/13 Pennine v Bacup

    W 4-2 B.Smyth, S.Keown, B.Simmonds, T.Simmonds

    All Players

    All Players All Players

    09/05/13 Radcliffe v Pennine

    W 0-4 P.Gillan(2), B.Smyth, S.Keown E.Smith

    J.Kershaw N.Christian

    21/05/13 Pennine v Broadway Celtic

    W 2-1 Cup

    B.Smyth, S.Keown B.Smyth

    T.Simmonds J.Chee

    25/03/13 Pennine v Westbury T

    W 4-0 Cup

    B.Smyth(2), E.Smith, S.Keown P.Gillan

    B.Smyth D.Joesbury

    28/05/13 Walshaw v Pennine

    L 4-1 Cup

    P.Gillan C.Leyland


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    Goal scorers M.MOM (Adam Gill) C.MOM (Dave Simmonds) P.MOM (All parents)

    B.Smyth 23 B.Simmonds 3 E.Smith 2 D.Joesbury 4 S.Keown 13 E.Smith 2 C.Leyland 2 B.Smyth 3

    P.Gillan 11 J.Kershaw 2 B.Smyth 2 J.Kershaw 3

    T.Simmonds 5 M.Whitehead 2 J.Chee 2 N.Christian 2

    B.Simmonds 5 T.Simmonds 2 P.Gillan 2 E.Smith 2

    J.Kershaw 3 C.Leyland 1 J.Kershaw 1 T.Simmonds 1

    E.Smith 3 C.Panton 1 D.Joesbury 1 B.Simmonds 1

    C.Leyland 1 S.McCready 1 C.Panton 1 S.Keown 1

    S.McCready 1 S.Keown 1 S.McCready 1 J.Chee 1

    D.Joesbury 1 N.Christian 1 All Players 1

    B.Smyth 1 M.Whitehead 1

    P.Gillan 1 B.Simmonds 1

    All Players 1 T.Simmonds 1

    All Players 1

    Summary (by David Simmonds) This season has been an incredible journey for the lads, setting a new club record by

    winning twelve games on the bounce and being undefeated for fourteen consecutive

    games. In their eighteen league games the team only conceded fifteen goals, keeping ten

    clean sheets in the process. This is testament to the skill of Pennines keeper, the

    organisation and bravery of the Pennine defence and the hard work and battling qualities of

    the teams midfield. In the same eighteen league fixtures, the team scored fifty eight goals,

    with nine different players finding the net. This was a result of some fine midfield play to

    create the chances and excellent skill and accuracy to convert the chances into goals. All of

    this is down to the hard work and dedication that lads have put into each every training

    session. They have bonded well as a team and hopefully will all go on to play adult football

    together, forming the same long term relationships as I have done which can be seen by the

    number of Mini-soccer plus Junior managers and coaches which all came from the original,

    and very successful Pennine adults team from some years ago.

    The Premier League Super Cup presented some new challenges to the team with many

    players missing vital games. However, the team that was practically thrown together for all

    three rounds adapted quickly, found their feet, and gave a very good account of themselves,

    finishing an unfortunate runners up.

    This is a very spirited team with arguably the best collection of players Pennine Juniors

    Football Club has seen. Long may it continue and I look forward to seeing you next season

    albeit as a parent and not a coach.

    Final note, a huge thank you to Adam Gill who is simply a different class in terms of

    coaching. Adam has improved every single player and I am personally looking forward to

    watching the team play (as a parent) next season.

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    Final Premier League Table TEAM P W D L PTS

    Pennine Juniors Black 18 16 0 2 48

    Radcliffe Borough 18 13 2 3 41

    Westbury Sports Hurricanes 18 12 1 5 37

    Pennine Juniors Red 18 11 3 4 36

    Unsworth 18 8 2 8 26

    Bacup JFC 18 7 1 10 22

    Prestwich Town 18 6 2 10 20

    Rossendale Valley 18 4 2 12 14

    Whitworth Valley JFC 18 3 1 14 10

    Ramsbottom United 18 2 2 14 8

    Latest Match report:

    28/05/13 Walshaw v Pennine Black (PREMIER LEAGUE SUPER CUP)

    Final of the Premier League Super Cup. Pre-match news wasnt great, with Matt Whitehead,

    Jack Kershaw and Arron Birtwistle all with long term injuries, Callum Panton and Dan James

    away on holiday, and Euan Smith still suffering after a heavy knock on the knee, the Blacks

    only had 10 fit players. Fortunately for Pennine, Euan declared himself fit so the Blacks were

    just about able to field 11 players. The opposition were able to field their 4 academy players

    who had now been released for the Summer, most notably Aimiable, a large striker with

    lightning pace. The game kicked off with Pennine playing up the hill, against the wind on a

    very small compact pitch at Bridge Colts. Walshaw started brightly, dominating the opening

    twenty minutes and it was no surprise when they took the lead. A corner was flicked on and

    the Walshaws right midfielder ran behind Pat Gillan to smash home a volley, it was no more

    than Walshaw deserved with Pennine really struggling to get out of their own half. More

    chances presented themselves for Walshaw, with Dan Joesbury mopping up most through

    balls and Ben Simmonds making a heroic goal line clearance. If this first quarter of the game

    belonged to Walshaw, the second quarter belonged to Pennine. A high ball into the

    Walshaw penalty area saw the Walshaw keeper drop the ball. Bailey Buzzer Smyth picked

    up the scraps and smashed the ball towards the Walshaw goal. With the goalkeeper and

    defenders beaten, everyone held their breath but the ball took a layer of paint off the

    outside of the post with the ball going narrowly wide. Two minutes later Buzz went

    through again but this time was cynically taken down. Buzz showed the referee the stud

    marks going from his knee to the top of his thigh but the referee decided not to have a word

    with the Walshaw defender. From the resulting free kick, another goal mouth scramble in

    the Walshaw penalty area resulted with the ball going narrowly wide off the boot of Steve

    Keown. Another chance for Pennine and again Buzzer raced through. As he surged into

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    the penalty area he appeared to get a tug on the shirt. The referee, pointed to the spot

    and Pat Ice Man Gillan tucked the ball into the corner to make 1-1. With the game

    petering out to half time, the Pennine management felt extremely pleased with the teams

    first half display, against all of the elements, this had been a tremendous effort by the lads.

    With seconds of the first half to go, Walshaw punted the ball into the Pennine penalty area

    with Aimiable in an obvious offside position. Inexplicably, the referee waved play on and as

    James Chee attempted to close down Aimiable. In doing so, he nudged the Walshaw striker

    in the back and the player fell to the ground. Penalty ! Let there be no mistake, this was a

    huge injustice. The Walshaw player struck the ball into the middle of net, 2-1 to Walshaw

    and within seconds the half time whistle blew.

    The players complained about this injustice at half time, but were told to try and focus on

    playing football, but if the Blacks fast flowing football was their key attribute this season, it

    wasnt going to happen on this tight little pitch, Pennine were simply going to have to fight

    their way out. The second half started in the worst way possible. The ball was played

    between Conor Leyland and Nathan Christian and Aimiable blew the defenders away with

    unbelievable pace, Blackburn Rovers have a great player here! The Walshaw centre forward

    raced into the box, squaring the ball to a midfielder for a tap in. 3-1 to Walshaw. If the first

    half was played in phases of dominance, this game was now end to end. Bailey Smyth was

    played through by Ben Simmonds and the striker found himself one on one with the keeper.

    The shot was smashed straight at the keeper and he just managed to cling onto the ball with

    Steve Keown rushing on. Another chance for Pennine fell to Pat Gillan, with the ball again

    going narrowly wide. Walshaw punted the ball upfront and Aimable collected it on the left

    hand side of midfield, he nudged it past James Chee and left the defender in his wake with

    the Walshaw striker curling his effort just around the post. Conor Leyland then had a

    chance. A free kick was awarded on the left hand side and Conor curled a beautiful effort

    towards the far top corner of the net. The Walshaw keeper completed a fine saving tipping

    the ball over the bar and somewhat puzzlingly, a goal kick was given. Walshaw raced to the

    other end and won themselves a corner. The ball dropped into the penalty area and with

    the Pennine players all looking at each other, a Walshaw midfielder nipped in to toe poke

    the ball home 4-1 to Walshaw. This was definitely the 5 minute phase that changed the

    game with Pennine missing two or three good chances and Walshaw converting theirs.

    Pennine pressed on and the lads simply would not give up. Tom Simmonds competed for

    the ball and took a very bad challenge from Aimable. The referee shrugged his shoulders at

    the trail of stud marks up the back of Toms leg and gave Pennine a free kick. With some

    very wear players, three or four of them walking wounded and no options on the bench, the

    lads battled hard trying to force their way back into the game. A late chance fell to Steve

    Keown in front of goal but the chance went agonisingly wide. The final chance of the night

    fell to Walshaw. As their player raced through, Nathan Christian appeared to play the ball

    off his foot and out for a goal kick. The whistle blew and the referee pointed to the penalty

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    spot. From the resulting penalty kick Dan Joesbury, who was definitely Pennines hero of

    the night, threw himself to his left, pulling off a fabulous save. The referee blew the final

    whistle and the chance to win the league and cup double was gone. The Pennine lads

    battled like Trojans in this game. If there is one lesson to be learned for next season, we

    need to be brave, have strong minds and try and push out further up the field. Playing

    against such raw pace can be very difficult and psychologically forces defenders to drop

    deeper and deeper. This means that the midfield are unable to put pressure on the ball as

    there is too much ground to police and the opposition then have more time on the ball to

    pick out long passes over and through our defence, just a final little tip from the coach Dave

    Simmonds !!

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    some of our previous games, this wasnt one of them. The Blacks were on...


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