Tudor Square and the Crucible: Completing the Cultural Core: Place for people

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Text of Tudor Square and the Crucible: Completing the Cultural Core: Place for people

  • Tudor Square and the Crucible: Completing the Cultural Core: Place for people

  • Architecture and Public RealmGetting the relationships Right

  • Leopold Square

  • Devonshire Green City Centre Park

  • Extending the Gold Route West : Devonshire Green Public Realm / Private Sector Opportunity

  • After improvements

  • Devonshire Green: Horticultural Diversity

  • Devonshire Green: Design Language and Social Context

  • Lessons Learned over the Past 15 yearsAll our city centre streets are public realm

    Street Design is a multidisciplinary function

    Quality materials and correct specification

    Developing a culture of Learning Lessons

    city branding

    The importance a masterplan building the connections

    Public Realm investment as a catalyst for economic regeneration

  • Key Outcomes

  • Some Key findings on Public Realm

  • Benefits- Recovery to Take-off

    210m public investment over 10 yrs 1bn private investment levered

    City Centre turned around

    73,000 new jobs 1995-2005

    Knowledge economy grew 27% in 7 years

    Business & Financial 57% in 10 years

    Creative & Digital grew 32% in 5 years

    City Centre Office rents up 40% in 4 years

    CC population 2 - 15,000 in just over ten years

    Optimism and Civic Pride

  • Sheffields ApproachVision & Leadership

    Public spaces reshape the City

    Roads back to streets

    Complementary partners Council / Creative Sheffield, YF

    Dedicated in-house design teams

    Long-term commitment to management

  • Some key ingredientsGood all round multi-disciplinary teamHolistic approach Embedded into a MasterplanQuality materials and correct specificationculture of Learning LessonsMore than making an area look prettyLooking after the area after work completed

  • All Our Roads in the City Centre are Public Realm - And not just outside the Railway Station

  • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Street Design Highway EngineersLandscape Architects - Public Realm DesignArtistsLighting DesignersPlanners and Urban Designers Architectural relationshipsEconomic Regeneration Professionals

  • City Centre Shopping: Streets for People

  • Ambassadors and the Rest

  • Creating the Steel Route: Pedestrian Shopping SpineThe Moor Peace Garden Victoria Quays

  • Art, Materials and Local Distinctiveness

    Made in Sheffield