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This brochure outlines what an endowment it, the two endowment funds Trinity Klein has, and how to give to either.

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    EDUCATION TRUSTAn endowment is a financial instrument

    established to distribute recurring

    income to ministry. Endowments are

    funded by gifts of various forms of assets

    such as real estate, appreciated securities

    or cash. !The Let Love Live On Endowment was

    established to provide a steady flow of

    income from the invested principal of the

    fund to support the needs of the

    congregation, specifically for special

    projects of Christian education, mission

    and ministry. !Trinity Lutheran Education Trust

    supports the capital needs of Trinity

    Lutheran School and Early Childhood.

    In addition it provides tuition assistance

    to members who want to send their

    children to the Trinity Lutheran School

    and Early Childhood.

    T R I N I T Y K L E I N L U T H E R A N C H U R C H 5201 Spring Cypress Rd

    Spring, TX 77379 281-376-5773

    We are on an urgent mission to reach the tens of thousands in our

    community to make disciples !for Jesus.

    W H AT I S A N E N D OW M E N T ?

  • Trinity Lutheran Church has a rich history directly tied to serving the people of the Klein community. The original German settlers were farmers who grew tired of traveling by horse and wagon to the nearest Lutheran Church in Rosehill. The long trip forced them to leave their farms, animals and livelihoods behind. In 1874, Trinity Lutheran Church was chartered. Many of the original family names are still recognizable in the Klein communityKlein, Theiss, Kaiser, Lemm, Benfer, Brill, Wunderlich, Strack, Brautigam, Roth, Hassler, Krahn, Haude, and Kleb. Youll notice these names on schools throughout the Klein Independent School District. !The original Texas land grant of 160 acres had a one-room public school building which served as both a house of worship and school. For many years, Trinity was a rural, agriculturally-based congregation. In the early 1960s, the growth rate increased rapidly with suburban sprawl. The current campus is about 30 acres, with additional facilities built according to a carefully developed long-term plan with intentional debt retirement. From our origin as the social and spiritual center of Klein, Trinity remains dedicated to serving the Klein community.

    L E T L OV E L I V E O N & E D U CAT I O N T R U S T

    The Let Love Live On Endowment Fund and Trinity Lutheran Education Trust were established to provide alternative funding for special projects where funding is otherwise unavailable. They

    help insure the viability of Trinitys ministries for the future children and grandchildren of Trinitys members. They will provide ongoing support for the development and growth of

    Christian education, missions and ministries of Trinity Lutheran.

    LET LOVE LIVE ON The Let Love Live On Endowment Fund was established in 1996 with the purpose of being used for special projects of Christian education, mission and ministry in the congregation or for support of the work of the Church at large, but is not used for normal congregational budgetary expenditures.

    !EDUCATION TRUST The Trinity Lutheran Education Trust was established in 1988 with the purpose of supporting Christian education at Trinity Lutheran School and Early Childhood Center, and to expand the education facilities of the school and enhance the buildings, grounds and equipment. Since this trust was established, it has given over $135,000 to Trinity Lutheran School for capital improvements and to Trinity Lutheran School students for tuition assistance.

    HOW TO GIVE: Write a check payable to LFOT, designate RLC

    or EN122 in the memo line. Mail to LFOT.

    Go to and click Donate on the right side of the home page. LFOT does not

    retain your credit card information. !Gifts of appreciated stock, mutual funds, and

    other securities can be made by transferring the securities to LFOT. Contact LFOT.

    HOW TO GIVE: Write a check payable to Trinity Lutheran

    Education Trust. Mail checks to Trinity or bring to the Church Office.

    Gifts of appreciated stock, mutual funds, and other securities can be made by transferring the

    securities to Trinity Lutheran Church. Contact the business office for details.