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Kindergarten Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:K unit 1 Who's Baby Am I? John Butler K unit 1 Picnic at Apple Park Alma Flor AdaK unit 1 Peter's Chair Jack Ezra KeatsK unit 2 What do You Like Michael GrejniecK unit 2 Friends All Around Miela FordK unit 2 Simon and Molly plus Hester Lisa JahnCloughK unit 3 Bus for Us Suzanne BloomK unit 3 One the Go Ann MorrisK unit 3 Duck on a Bike David ShannonK unit 4 Apple Farmer Annie Monica WellingtonK unit 4 Our Special Sweet Potato Pie Andrea Davis PinkneyK unit 4 Yoko Rosemary WellsK unit 5 Mama Cat has Three Kittens Denise FlemingK unit 5 Animal Babies A B C Barbara KnoxK unit 5 Mole and the Baby Bird Marjorie NewmanK unit 6 Russ and the Firehouse Janet E. RichertK unit 6 Bus Stops Taro GomiK unit 6 Alicia's Happy Day Meg StarrK unit 7 A Rainy Day Robin NelsonK unit 7 In the Yard Dana M. RauK unit 7 Bear Snores On Karma WilsonK unit 8 Oak Trees Melanie MitchellK unit 8 Seed Secrets Tom LeonardK unit 8 Sunflower House Eve BuntingK unit 9 Beetles Edana EckartK unit 9 Fish Faces Norbert WuK unit 9 If the Dinosaurs Came Back Bernard MostK unit 10 What do You Know Lorinda CauleyK unit 10 Warthogs Paint Pamela EdwardsK unit 10 Turtle Splash Cathryn FalwellFirst Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:1st unit 1 Pam and Sam Nancy Tafuri1st unit 1 I can! Can You? Cathy Roper1st unit 1 Pet Tricks Ed Reyes1st unit 1 Soccer Patrick Lee1st unit 2 Animal Moms and Dads Jose Ramos1st unit 2 Little Red Hen Cynthia Rothman1st unit 2 Fun Kids' Band Anne Miranda1st unit 2 On My Way to School Wong Herbert Lee1st unit 3 Kate's Game Janie Bynum1st unit 3 Kids Can Help Minda Novek1st unit 3 Smile, Mike! Aida Marcuse1st unit 3 Gram and Me Miriam Cohen1st unit 4 Pelican was Hungry Jim Arnosky1st unit 4 June Robot Cleans Up Mary Anderson1st unit 4 Meet Ben Franklin Philip Dray1st unit 4 Little Rabbit Gerald McDermott1st unit 5 Olivia Ian Falconer1st unit 5 the Kite Arnold Lobel1st unit 5 Whistle for Willie Ezra Jack Keats1st unit 5 Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds Jean Richards1st unit 6 Dot Jabber & the Big Bug Mystery Ellen Walsh1st unit 6 Little Bear Goes to the Moon Else Minarik1st unit 6 A Tiger Cub Grows Up Joan Hewett1st unit 6 Sand Castle Brenda S. YeeSecond Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:2nd unit 1 David's New Friends Pat Mora2nd unit 1 Mr. Putter & Tabby Pour the Tea Cynthia Rylant2nd unit 1 Meet Rosina George Ancona2nd unit 1 My Name is Yoon Helen Recorvits2nd unit 2 Tiny Seed Eric Carle2nd unit 2 A Harbor Seal Pup Grows Up Joan Hewett2nd unit 2 Farfallina and Marcel Holly Keller2nd unit 2 There's Nothing Like Baseball Angela Johnson2nd unit 3 Head, Body, Legs: A Story from Liberia WonLdy Paye2nd unit 3 Officer Buckle and Gloria Peggy Rathman2nd unit 3 Alvin Ailey Kids: Dancing as a Team Sharon Wyeth2nd unit 3 Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type Doreen Cronin2nd unit 4 Splish! Splash! Animal Baths April Sayre2nd unit 4 Goose's Story Cari Best2nd unit 4 Super Storms Seymour Simon2nd unit 4 Nutik, the Wolf Pup Jean C. George2nd unit 5 Dig Wait Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale April Sayre2nd unit 5 Pushing up the Sky Joseph Bruchac2nd unit 5 Ugly Vegetables Grace Lin2nd unit 5 the Moon Seymour Simon2nd unit 6 Mice and Beans Pam Munoz Ryan2nd unit 6 Stirring Up Memories Pam Munoz Ryan2nd unit 6 AfricanAmerican Inventors Jim Haskins2nd unit 6 Babu's Song Stephanie StuveBodeenThird Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:3rd unit 1 First Day Jitters Julie Danneberg3rd unit 1 Dear Juno Soyung Pak3rd unit 1 Penguin Chick Betty Tatham3rd unit 1 Perfect Pet Margie Palatini3rd unit 2 Strongest One Joseph Bruchac3rd unit 2 Wolf! Becky Bloom3rd unit 2 Planets in Our Solar System Franklyn M. Branley3rd unit 2 Author: A True Story Helen Lester3rd unit 3 Stone Soup Jon Muth3rd unit 3 One Riddle, One Answer Lauren Thompson3rd unit 3 Jones Family Express Javaka Steptoe3rd unit 3 What Do Illustrators Do? Eileen Christelow3rd unit 4 CookADoodleDoo! Janet Stevens3rd unit 4 Seven Spools of Thread Angela Medearis3rd unit 4 Here's My Dollar Gary Soto3rd unit 4 My Very Own Room Amanda Perez3rd unit 5 Boom Town Sonia Levitin3rd unit 5 Beatrice's Goat Page McBrier3rd unit 5 the Printer Myron Uhlberg3rd unit 5 Animal Homes Ann O. Squire3rd unit 6 A Castle on Viola Street DyAnne DiSalvo3rd unit 6 Wilbur's Boast E.B. White3rd unit 6 Mother to Tigers George Ella Lyon3rd unit 6 Home Grown Butterflies Deborah ChurchmanFourth Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:4th unit 1 Mystery of the Missing Lunch Johanna Hurwitz4th unit 1 A Walk in the Desert Rebecca Johnson4th unit 1 Astronaut and the Onion Ann Cameron4th unit 1 the Raft Jim LaMarche4th unit 2 Mighty Jackie Marissa Moss4th unit 2 My Diary From Here to There Amada Perez4th unit 2 How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightening Rosalyn Schanzer4th unit 2 Dear Mr. Winston Ken Roberts4th unit 3 Roadrunner's Dance Rudolfo Anaya4th unit 3 My Brother Martin Christine King Farris4th unit 3 Mystic Horse Paul Goble4th unit 3 Snowflake Bentley Jacqueline Martin4th unit 4 Dear Mrs. LaRue Mark Teague4th unit 4 Blind Hunter Kristina Rodanas4th unit 4 Adelina's Whales Richard Sobol4th unit 4 At Home in the Coral Reef Katy Muzik4th unit 5 Because of WinnDixie Kate DiCamillo4th unit 5 Ranita, the Frog Princess Carmen Deedy4th unit 5 Me and Uncle Romie Claire Hartfield4th unit 5 Wild Horses Cris Peterson4th unit 6 Gold Rush Game William Wu4th unit 6 Cricket in Times Square George Selden4th unit 6 My Brothers' Flying Machine Jane Yolen4th unit 6 Life and Times of the Ant Charles MicucciFifth Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:5th unit 1 Miss Alaineus Debra Grasier5th unit 1 Davy Crockett Saves the World Rosalyn Schanzer5th unit 1 Ultimate Field Trip Susan Goodman5th unit 1 Pipilo and the Roof Dogs Brian Meunier5th unit 2 Shiloh Phyllis Naylor5th unit 2 Rattlers! Ellen Lambeth5th unit 2 Night of San Juan Lulu Delacre5th unit 2 Black Cowboy, Wild Horses Julius Lester5th unit 3 Sleds on Boston Common Louise Borden5th unit 3 When Esther Morris Headed West Connie Wooldridge5th unit 3 GreatGrandmother's Gourd Cristina Kessler5th unit 3 Zathura Chris Van Allsburg5th unit 4 Goin' Someplace Special Patricia McKissack5th unit 4 Carlos and the Skunk Jan Stevens5th unit 4 Hurricanes Seymour Simon5th unit 4 Catch of the Day, a Trickster Play Angela Medearis5th unit 5 Spirit of Endurance Jennifer Armstrong5th unit 5 Weslandia Paul Fleischman5th unit 5 Unbreakable Code Sara Hunter5th unit 5 Gri Gri Tree Lynn Joseph5th unit 6 Gold Mare, the Firebird and the Magic Rind Ruth Sanderson5th unit 6 Skunk Scout Laurance Yep5th unit 6 Up in the Air Patricia Lauber5th unit 6 Hidden Worlds Stephen KramerSixth Grade Reading List for TreasuresAdopted 2012Title: Author:6th unit 1 Summer of the Swans Betsy Byars6th unit 1 Lost City Ted Lewin6th unit 1 Magic Gourd Baba Diakite6th unit 1 Interrupted Journey Kathryn Lasky6th unit 2 How Tia Lola Came to Stay Julia Alvarez6th unit 2 Night of the Pomegranate Tim WynneJones6th unit 2 Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter Diane Stanley6th unit 2 Great Serum Race Debbie Miller6th unit 3 Juan Verdades Joe Hayes6th unit 3 Nother Ever Happen on 90th Street Roni Schotter6th unit 3 Emperor's Silent Army Jane O'Connor6th unit 3 Case of the Phantom Poet Karen English6th unit 4 Seeing Things His Own Way Marty Kaminsky6th unit 4 Exploring the Titanic Robert Ballard6th unit 4 Major Taylor Lesa ClineRansome6th unit 4 A Single Shard Linda Sue Park6th unit 5 Breaking Through Francisco Jimenez6th unit 5 TaNaEKa Mary Whitebird6th unit 5 Honus and Me Dan Gutman6th unit 5 Let it Shine: Rosa Parks Andrea Pinkney6th unit 6 Leonardo's Horse Jean Fritz6th unit 6 LAFFF Lensey Namioka6th unit 6 Breaking into Print Stephen Krensky6th unit 6 Dog of Pompeii Louis UntermeyerTreasures reading lists for web K.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 1st.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 2nd.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 3rd.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 4th.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 5th.pdfTreasures reading lists for web 6th.pdf


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