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<p>For: havelockislandbeachresort.comTour packages to AndamanAndaman is a very beautiful island that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a heavenly and pleasant place for visiting at any time of the year. There are many Andaman Island tour packages that attract tourists from across India. Other tourists travel from around the world to visit this island.An Andaman island tour package consists of hotel or resort stay as well as trips around the place. Since it is a very small island just like other islands, the stay and also cost of travelling is very minimal. The tour packages mostly consist of visit to Port Blair and Havelock. Many leading travellers offer such trips. Some examples of such travellers are Make my trip and other websites. The cost is also minimal. Since Port Blair has an airport it is very easy to reach the island.The tour packages mostly include the cove beach. This cove beach has an extraordinary beauty which is helpful as it gives a lot of peace of mind to the tourists. Another important constituent of an Andaman tour is the visit to the Anthropological and aquarium museum. This is a very old museum and it has many antique items exhibited in it.The nest thing you can visit is the Ross Island. It is the most visited island in the Andaman. In case you are not able to make it to the Ross Island, you can visit the Cellular jail. Cellular jail is also one place because of which these islands are very famous and popular. After the visit to cellular jail you can hire a ferry for your sail to the Havelock Island. In Havelock you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia which is the Radhanagar Beach.It is recommended to have a good lunch or dinner wherever you go. This can give you a very stupendous and great feeling. Andaman Island tour package is nothing without a proper lunch and a great stay in a fantastic resort. Thus, you have to book a great hotel or resort before your visit. There are many agencies which offer Andaman Island Hotels and tour packages. It is advised that you make good use of these packages in order to enjoy a comfortable trip. Andaman Island Hotels and tour packages will never fail to mesmerize you.</p>