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Total English - Intermediate - WorkBook

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Antonia Clare

JJ Wilson

z+.t r:ILESSONprepogilioqs Vocabulary:, adjectives, G r a m m a ra u x i l i a r v e r b s : y Pronunciation: mbers u R e a d i n gS h e n z e n , h i n a : C V o c a b u l a r y i m ea r c r , : - : . : : tr verbs G r a m m a rq u e s t i o na g s : t fi Listening: nancial crime

Writing:an email L i s t e n i n ge m a i Ir e l a t i o n s h i p s :

:rVocabu-[ary: personal qualities :r G_rammaf: modalverbs Writing:an invitation and response Pronunciation: syllabies stressed R e a d i n gH o wn o t t o g e t r i c hq u i c k :

Grammar: Present Perfect Past:Sim,pl6 vs Vocabulary:for andsince Pronunciation: or lal? lal Reading: Brotherly [ove? Review and consolidation unit r

Vocabulary: opposites Pronunciation: stress word Grammar: iflwhen unless soonaswith I f asf i r s tc o n d i t i o n a l R e a d i n gR F I D : Review and consolidation unit 4



passive Grammar:H o wt o : g i v eo p i n i o n sa g r e e n d d i s a g r e e . , a R e a d i n gT h e L a t e s N e w s : t Vocabulary: freetime activities Grammar: Present Perfect Simplevs Continuous P r o n u n c i a t i o no n t r a c t i o n s c: Howto: correct response Reading The genius and [istening:

Vocabulary: programmes TV H o wt o : d e a lw i t h p r o b l e m s Grammar:who, whose,which,where R e a d i n gW h e nn o n e w si s r e a ln e w s :

Vocabutary: regular verbs and irregular Pronunciation: verb endings G r a m m a rP a s tS i m o l e n d P a s tC o n t i n u o u s : a Listening: newsheadlines Review and consolidation unit z (pr8-rg)

Vocabulary: booksand films Pronunciationt lel /qr/ sounds lal gerunds infinitives Grammar: vs H o wt o : d e s c r i b e f i t mo r b o o k a Listening: four conversations LESSON .3 5 Vocabulary: food and eatingout Writing:a,summary vs Gramniar: couhtable u ncountable llow to: rrecommend restaurant a Reading: restaurant review a unit 5 Review and consolidation


Vocabulary:travel Reading: PastPerfect Grammar: PastPerfect PastSimole vs Howto: describe ohoto a L i s t e n i n gc o l l o c a t i o n s :

Vocabulary: work Grammar: make, allow let, Listening: casuaI Fridays.t-:f.,'::.:::::,r',,-.i.1

-ing , V-ocabularyz l-ed adjectives Vocabulary: places visit in a city to Pronunciation: how to soundpolite H o wt o : g e t a r o u n d n e w p l a c e a Grammar: usesof like g W r i t i n g :a q u i c l < u i d e R e a d i n gO u t a n d a b o u to n P l a n e E a r t h : t

i Grammar: reported speech Reading: boss The fromhell?


liie$se$t sts:i,,:,ti,Xl,,,:r::r.rrxri{p$r Vdcabulary-: radjectives placesto describe naturaI Grammar: articles Pronunciation: surprise Interest'and Howto: :showrinterest su,rprise apd Reading: TravilI agents' true stories Review and consolidation unit 6

', Giammar: obtigation/per:mission past adve ,,Micabulary: rtiserh,e.nis',: 1,l ,'.. your Realise dre4m,,.,,, t..Rlad'ing: , :rr:rl.,.ri;i':tl,l Review consolidation 9 and unit Gt+-ts)


;r,Vocabulary: connected memo'r verbs with Grarnmar: wishlifonly Vocabulary: recollocations natu pill' a ibrain "Reading:

red Vocabulary: ucation Grammar: qLrestions subject object and Reading: Learn,ing mistakes from

G r a m m a rp a s tt e n s e s e v i e w : r H o wt o : s a yn u m b e r s

Grammar: tolwould used Listening: chitdhood Pronunciation: letters silent

phrasal verbs .lclammal: ,rW,6if,l6g3 vs informal , formaI Listenins: to remember how Review consolidation ro and unit Answer key

(p8z-83) (p8+-g+)

Grammar: could to lwasabletolmanaged forpastability l R e a d i n gr:e t i r e m e n t

Review and consolidation unit 7


Vocabulary:phraseswith change Reading and vocabulary: law the G r a m m a rs e c o n d o n d i t i o n a l : c

g V o c a b u l a r y : l o b a li s s u e s H o wt o : t a l l < b o u tc h a n s e a Grammar: adverbs Listening: votuntary a worl