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  • 1. Top facts about Poland

2. The longest river in Poland is the Vistula River. 1047 km 3. The biggest lake in Poland is niardwy. It is the largest lake in Poland with an area of 113.8 square km. It is 22.1 km long and 13.4 km wide. The maximum depth is 23 metres. There are eight islands in the lake. 4. The highest point of Poland is the peak of Rysy - 2499 m. 5. The first capital of Poland was Gniezno 6. The biggest miniature park is in Inwad 7. We have the longest border in the south with the Czech Republic - 790 km 8. Marine eye is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, situated in a valley at the base of Miguszowieckie Summits at 1,395 m above sea level Marine Eye 9. The longest pier in Poland & Europe is the Sopot pier. It is 511,5 m long. 10. The tallest building in Poland is The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. From 1955 to 1957 it was the tallest building in Europe. It is now the 187th tallest building in the world. It is now 231 m. 11. The oldest tree in Poland is Bartek, the oak tree. Its age, long estimated at up to 1200 years, has recently been established at 625 years. 12. The oldest national park in Poland is Biaowieski National Park. It is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest which once spread across the European Plain. 13. The Jagiellonian University was established in 1364 in Krakw. It is the oldest institution of higher education in Poland, the second oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in Europe. 14. The longest street in Poland is Wa Miedzeszyski in Warsaw. It is 14,5 km. 15. The shortest street in Poland is Samborska Street in Warsaw. It is 22 meters. 16. The lowest point is the Raczki Elblskie depression. It is 1,8 m below sea level.