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The first thing you need to do when getting the new iPad is to get some usful applications. This page will introduce you several top apps for the new iPad which may helps you a lot.


<p></p> <p>Equiped with the 2048x1536 resolution Retina screen, the new iPad brings unprecedented experience for people. When we get this elegant device, the first thing we need to do is to search the top apps for the new iPad to make the best use of it. Here we will intorduce you several must-have apps for the new iPad which may help save not just time and effort to search them one by one. Just take a few minutes to read them. </p> <p>5 Needed Apps for The new iPad Reinal Screen </p> <p>1. Evernote</p> <p>Being a well-knwon notebook program, Evernot is distinguished as its function of capture photos. And now, it is compatible with PC, iOS, Android system perfectly. As long as you register an Evernot account, you can get all your notes among defferent platform devices. You can record all your word notes, photo notes and video &amp; audio notes. </p> <p>2. The Early Edition 2</p> <p>If you want to read newspapers on mobile device, the Early Eidition 2 is the top choice. It takes the initiative in realsing latest version which is fully optimized with new iPad's Retina graphics. The user interface is similar with the newspaper of printed edition which is devided into several sections according to the contents. Readers can subcribe any source of reading. </p> <p>3. DVD to The new iPad Converter </p> <p>For iPad user of movie lover, this software is a needed software. It can convert different videos as well as DVD discs to the compatible format for the new iPad. All converted video are created in HD movies files but be damaged the sound or images. fAllMore importantly, it allows users to free download to make a free trial. </p> <p>4. QuickofficeQuickoffice makes it possible to work on the new iPad. It contains an intuitive and practical easy-to-use program which allows you to deal Word, Excel and PowerPint files on iPad simply. You can create, edit access and share these Microsoft Office files for office work. </p> <p>SketchBook Pro HYPERLINK "" </p> <p>5. What follow is a drop-dead gorgeous professional-grade paint and drawing application - SketchBook Pro. There are different built-in drawing tools in SketchBook Pro including pencil, ink jet, oil paints, pens and fill tool, etc. It works well on Retina display which allows novices and experts to paint happily. </p>