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<ul><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 1 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>TOP 50 HR &amp; RECRUITMENT ARTICLES OF </p><p>2014</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 2 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>1 TECHNOLOGY &amp; FUTURE TRENDS</p><p>2 RECRUITMENT &amp; SOURCING</p><p>3 HR</p><p>4 MANAGEMENT &amp; LEADERSHIP</p><p>5 COMPANY CULTURE</p><p>6 BEST OF SEED</p><p>p.4</p><p>p.7</p><p>p.13</p><p>p.10</p><p>p.16</p><p>ABOUT THE AUTHOR</p><p>Ben Slater is the Head of </p><p>Sales &amp; Marketing at </p><p>, a marketing </p><p>intelligence platform for </p><p>recruitment. He is the </p><p>resident expert on </p><p>recruitment marketing </p><p>and works with companies </p><p>to help them treat candidates </p><p>like customers. If you have </p><p>any questions or would like </p><p>to help in any way, dont </p><p>hesitate to contact him. </p><p>CONTACT INFO </p><p> </p><p>@Ben_Slater12 </p><p>or visit</p><p>p.19</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 3 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>Weve noticed how much youve been enjoying our series breaking down our favourite articles each week. So, to celebrate the end of 2014, weve put together a selection of the 50 HR and recruitment articles that we would hate for you to miss out on. Weve covered a wide range of staffing issues - from inspiring leadership articles, to speculation as to where the future of the human resources industry is headed.</p><p>Weve made sure its easy for you to reach out to all the great authors in our list by including links to both their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. If you enjoy any of the pieces weve select-ed please be sure to get in touch and let them know - Im sure they would love to hear from you.</p><p>It wouldnt be a best of 2014 list without the most popular articles from our very own blog. It was a tricky decision, but weve put together our favourite 10 posts from this year. If you didnt catch them the first time around they are well worth a read. Please let us know if you like them or if theres anything else you would like us to write about.</p><p>We hope you enjoy the list!</p><p>INTRODUCTION</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 4 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>1 The Neglected Child </p><p> of HR Technology Evaluations: The User</p><p>We so often forget how important it is to think about the users of our HR solutions. Robin Schooling reminds us that, to build successful products, we must evaluate our technol-ogy through the eyes of the employees and managers who will be using it on a day-to-day basis - does it make their lives easier?</p><p>2 Pity The Tool: </p><p> The Limitations of HR Technology</p><p>Whats the biggest problem within HR and recruitment today? Its communication. Matt Charney talks us through some really great tactics to improve the way you engage with your candidates and advocates using technology to im-prove the candidate experience.</p><p>1RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY &amp; FUTURE TRENDS ARTICLESWhere is our industry headed? </p><p>What will 2015 bring? </p><p>How are you preparing for the future? The advent of the digital age is transforming the recruitment industry and we all need to be prepared for what the future holds. Weve put together 10 articles that will fill you in on the latest changes in technology and their impact on the recruitment industry - exactly what you need to help you prepare for next year! </p><p>ROBIN </p><p>SCHOOLING</p><p>Managing Director </p><p>at Silver Zebras LLC</p><p>MAT T </p><p>CHARNEY</p><p>Executive Editor at </p><p>Recruiting Daily</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 5 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>3 4 ways technology will reshape organizational </p><p> success in the coming years</p><p>How much will technology transform the recruitment indus-try? A lot according to Jayson Saba, who provides a great overview of some of the changes on the horizon.</p><p>4 The big data conundrum</p><p>How important is big data to HR? The value lies in what you do with the data. Tim Sackett argues that the best vendors dont just collect data, they tell you what it means to your organization. Make sure your solution is giving you these insights.</p><p>5 Top 10 Future Recruitment Trends</p><p>The advent of the digital age is forcing recruitment to change or get left behind. Moving forward, Carl Kutsmode expects an increased focus on the candidate and a greater concentration on marketing tools.</p><p>6 Empower HR: </p><p> Call To Action For HR Technology Providers</p><p>Moving forward we need to stop HR departments from get-ting bogged down in routine administration. Todd Owens argues that, if technology providers can deal with this, they will empower HR to deliver a more productive and engaged workforce.</p><p>1RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY &amp; FUTURE TRENDS ARTICLESJAYSON </p><p>SABA</p><p>Vice President, </p><p>Strategy and Industry </p><p>Relations at Ceridian</p><p>TIM </p><p>SACKET T</p><p>President at </p><p>HRU Technical Resources &amp; </p><p>Fistful of Talent Blogger</p><p>C ARL </p><p>KUTSMODE</p><p>Recruiting &amp; Talent </p><p>Management Consultant</p><p>TODD </p><p>OWENS</p><p>TalentWise CEO</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 6 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>7 5 Trends Uncovered </p><p> at HR Technology Conference</p><p>Metrics, analytics and engagement. Thats where HR is head-ed according to Jessica Miller-Merrells main takeaways from the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The new solu-tions that used machine learning to help companies improve the way they engage talent stole the show!</p><p>8 The Talent Tipping Point</p><p>Wouldnt it be great if you reached a talent tipping point where you had all the connections you are ever likely to need for future recruiting? Well, according to Bill Boorman, if recruiters make the most of all available data points, its very much within reach. From here its all about maintaining relationships and data cleanliness. Exciting times.</p><p>9 The Abusive Relationship </p><p> between HR Technology and its Users</p><p>Traditional HR systems have a myriad of shortcomings. The complex and clunky systems seriously effect our efficiency and effectiveness. Its okay though, Matt Buckland has found the light at the end of the tunnel. Theres a new wave of suppliers bringing HR technology thats easy to use and great for recruitment.</p><p>10 5 Talent Acquisition Trends to Watch</p><p>Which emerging workplace trends do you need to keep up with? China Gorman argues that the most successful HR solutions of the future will be the ones that prize user ex-perience - we need technology that makes recruiters jobs easier. Tech that helps improve the candidate experience and provides more personalisation will also be central.</p><p>1RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY &amp; FUTURE TRENDS ARTICLESJESSIC A </p><p>MILLER- </p><p>MERRELL</p><p>Blogging4jobs </p><p>Founder and </p><p>Workplace Futurist</p><p>BILL </p><p>BOORMAN</p><p>Founder of </p><p>#Tru. Social recruiting </p><p>product advisor. </p><p> Keynote speaker</p><p>MAT T </p><p>BUCKL AND</p><p>Head of Talent </p><p>and Recruiting for </p><p>Forward Partners</p><p>CHINA </p><p>GORMAN</p><p>CEO, Great Place </p><p>to Work Institute</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 7 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>2RECRUITMENT &amp; SOURCING ARTICLESFilling the top of the recruitment funnel with great </p><p>talent is one of the most important responsibilities of </p><p>your hiring team. Getting the best candidates onboard is difficult in todays competi-tive market - increasingly its the way that recruiters try attract and engage candidates that makes the difference.</p><p>Covering a wide range of topics, from social recruitment or recruit-ment marketing, these are the 10 articles you have to read to learn more about optimising your hiring process.</p><p>1 The No.1 Reason </p><p> that you just cant find talent right now</p><p>Why are companies are struggling to find talented employees? Tim Sackett thinks its a simple issue of supply and demand. Theres a talent shortage and you need to leverage all avenues at your disposal to connect with potential applicants</p><p>2 3 Lessons Corporate In-house Recruiting </p><p> Organizations Can Learn from Staffing Agencies</p><p>How can companies build and nurture talent pools more ef-fectively? Miranda Nash believes that corporate recruiters can learn a lot from the staffing agencies - there are a lot of great tactics that translate well to the in-house environment.</p><p>MIR ANDA </p><p>NASH</p><p>President of </p><p>Jobscience </p><p>TIM </p><p>SACKET T</p><p>President at </p><p>HRU Technical Resources &amp; </p><p>Fistful of Talent Blogger</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 8 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>3 A warning about hiring too narrowly</p><p>It can be dangerous to focus on hiring for specific skills. Steve Boese argues that there are plenty of advantages that can be reaped by expanding the requirements for both tech-nical and non-technical roles. </p><p>4 Recruitment is Marketing: </p><p> 3 Changes You Need to Make</p><p>If we are to create differentiation and improve candidate engagement, recruitment must morph into a marketing pro-cess. Kevin Wheeler believes that the best way for brands to differentiate themselves is by using marketing tactics to pro-mote their employer brand and constantly analyzing which approaches are the most successful to engage candidates.</p><p>5 3 Things To Know About Hiring And Recruiting</p><p>Whats really important in your hiring process? Afifa Siddiqui suggests you concentrate on improving the candidate expe-rience and try to hire people that fit culturally and have the right attitude.</p><p>6 Are You Really Recruiting Socially?</p><p>Great, data driven piece from Mervyn Dinnen. He makes the key, and often overlooked, distinction between establishing a connection and building a relationship through social me-dia, and advertising a job role. Must read.</p><p>2RECRUITMENT &amp; SOURCING ARTICLESSTEVE </p><p>BOESE</p><p> HR Technology </p><p>Conference Co-Chair, </p><p>Host of the HR Happy Hour </p><p>Show and Podcast</p><p>KEVIN </p><p>WHEELER</p><p>Bio - Founder of </p><p>GLR Resources, </p><p>Consultant &amp; Keynote Speaker</p><p>AFIFA </p><p>SIDDIQUI</p><p>Co-founder and </p><p>CEO of Careerleaf</p><p>MERV YN </p><p>DINNEN</p><p>Recruitment </p><p>Content Marketing </p><p>&amp; Social Engagement </p><p>Strategy Advisor, </p><p>Award Winning Blogger </p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 9 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>27 Hire Self-Motivated People the Single</p><p> Smartest Thing a Hiring Manager Can Do</p><p>The importance of hiring self motivated people is often overlooked. Dr John Sullican correctly sees it as mission critical to companies - Its not something you can teach and often it can have a major effect on an organisations success.</p><p>8 Smart Recruiting Strategy </p><p> Drives Relationships And Conversation</p><p>We all know the benefits of passive recruiting but Meghan Biro provides actionable advice on how to make it work for your company. Focus on building relationships to attract top candidates that arent looking for new work.</p><p>9 Why is content marketing great for recruiters?</p><p>Ever wondered why people dont respond to your advanc-es? Whats your in-mail response rate like? Andy Headworth advocates learning from successful content marketing tech-niques to improve engagement.</p><p>10 The Talent Hackers Manifesto</p><p>Talent hacking isnt just another buzzword. Matt Buckland sees it as an agile, responsive recruitment mindset that ena-bles you to use data to see which approaches work best and ensure that youre always creating a great candidate experi-ence. Great piece.</p><p>RECRUITMENT &amp; SOURCING ARTICLES</p><p>DR JOHN </p><p>SULLIVAN</p><p>Professor, </p><p>Corporate Speaker </p><p>and Advisor</p><p>MEGHAN </p><p>BIRO</p><p>CEO at </p><p>TalentCulture, </p><p>Forbes contributor</p><p>ANDY </p><p>HEADWORTH</p><p>Founder </p><p>Sirona Consulting</p><p>MAT T </p><p>BUCKL AND</p><p>Head of Talent </p><p>and Recruiting for </p><p>Forward Partners</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 10 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>How smoothly does your organisation run? </p><p>Are there pain points that you need to work on? </p><p>Well, if so, youre in luck. Weve put together some fantastic writing on how to build a top HR department.</p><p>Whether youre thinking about how you can use metrics to be-come more effective, you want to see some examples of how innovative companies are approaching human resources or you just want to learn a little more, these 10 articles will provide ac-tionable advice that you can take back to your department.</p><p>1 Internet killed the HR star</p><p>In the wake of many traditional HR systems like job boards slowly dying, HR must re-examine its priorities. Jason Aver-book argues that we should focus heavily on promoting technology that increases candidate engagement.</p><p>2 Five Critical Priorities </p><p> HR Cant Afford to Ignore in 2015</p><p>The role and responsibilities of HR are in a state of flux. Jean Martin looks at just how critical it will be in 2015 to retain key enterprise contributors and make sure that your com-pany is branding for influence to attract the top talent.</p><p>3HR ARTICLESJASON </p><p>AVERBOOK</p><p>Chief Business </p><p>Innovation Officer </p><p>at Appirio</p><p>JEAN </p><p>MARTIN</p><p>Executive Director </p><p>of HR at CEB</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 11 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>3 7 Rules to Remember with HR Metrics, </p><p> Analytics and Data</p><p>Do you know which numbers are essential to understand the performance of your HR department? Sharlyn Lauby tells you exactly which metrics you should be tracking and how to capture actionable data. Essential reading.</p><p>4 Six Things You Need to Know </p><p> to Be Really Great at HR</p><p>Great HR has little to do with size or resources. Tim Sackett argues that its more about working hard, selling your HR vision to executives and understanding the problems that face employees and hiring managers. Simple right?</p><p>5 HR Ranks at the Bottom Reasons to </p><p> Adopt Metrics and Predictive Analytics</p><p>Do you make data driven decisions? HR is typically the least frequent user of analytics in the corporate world, but Dr John Sullivan wants that to change. An article stuffed full of reasons why analytics are so important - a great resource to take to any executive wavering over switching to a more data driven model.</p><p>6 Fixing Our Reputation: </p><p> How HR Can Be a Help and NOT a Hindrance</p><p>What are the main areas where HR can enhance its pres-ence? Carol Anderson argues that HR departments can fix their reputation by tackling customer service and technolo-gy strategically.</p><p>3HR ARTICLESSHARLYN </p><p>L AUBY</p><p>Author </p><p>HR Bartender blog, </p><p>President of ITM Group</p><p>C AROL </p><p>ANDERSON</p><p>Principal with </p><p>Anderson Performance </p><p>Partners</p><p>TIM </p><p>SACKET T</p><p>President at </p><p>HRU Technical Resources &amp; </p><p>Fistful of Talent Blogger</p><p>DR JOHN </p><p>SULLIVAN</p><p>Professor, </p><p>Corporate Speaker </p><p>and Advisor</p></li><li><p>Top 50 HR &amp; Recruitment articles of the year page 12 2014 Seed Jobs Ltd</p><p>7 The great HR mistake</p><p>The greatest mistake HR departments make is shortcutting the hiring process. Randy Stepp believes that were almost guaranteed to miss out on top talent If we dont take the time and invest sufficiently in recruitment.</p><p>8 Companies Say No to Having </p><p> an HR Department</p><p>Some companies seeking flat management structures and more accountability are targeting HR departments. Lauren Weber looks at the repercussions of getting rid of HR . With-out the deperatment it can be tricky to mediate conflicts and handle employee development. Its definitely a work in progress.</p><p>9 How Netflix Reinvented HR</p><p>Not only is Netflix trying to change the way we watch televi-sion, but it is also trying to transform HR policy and practice. Patty McCord talks us through the companys approach to hiring, firing and performance review. Its more about logic, less based on formal procedure. Great case...</p></li></ul>