Top 10 Kid friendly Beach Activities

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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Beach Activities

Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach sells amazing kites. You can also join them at Fort Macon every Sunday (weather permitting) at 10:00 am to fly your kite! This is a great activity for the little ones because its hard to lose sight of your kids when they have a brightly colored kite clutched tightly in their hands. However, this is a great activity for any age, so grab yourself a kite too and have fun!

Wading is a lot of fun for the little ones especially if theyre not quite sure what to make of the crashing waves which can seem a little intimidating at first. Wading in the shallows where the water is just lapping up along the shore is a fun way for them to enjoy the water, and for you to keep an eye on them too. Low tide is a great time to wade because the water is moving out and is the most shallow.

Grab a picnic basket or a cooler and head over to the beach for a picnic! The beach is the best place for a picnic in the warm sun and there is no shortage of places to sit! You can utilize the kitchen in your rental to make some yummy PB&Js, or you can head over to one of our local cafs such as 4Js Caf and Bakery to pick up some delicious homemade bagels or pastries to take along! Yum!

Shelling is a super fun activity especially for your kids. There is never a shortage of neat shells along our beaches which can provide hours of fun hunting for the best one. You can even make a challenge out of the search by printing out our Shelling Scavenger Hunt so that they can know what shells to look for. You can even make up games along the way: see who can find the biggest, most colorful, etc!

Boogie boarding is a super fun activity for the kids that are more adventurous! Boogie boards are small boards that let you ride the waves to the shore, then run back into the water for more! Boogie boarding was always one of my favorite parts of the beach. Such a fun, exhilarating activity for grown-ups too! If you dont already own a boogie board, you can check out our local surf shops to find deals on your very own!

Beach volleyball is a fun game for any age group! You can play a traditional game with the whole family, or teach the little ones how to smack the ball over the top of the net. This is another activity with equipment that you can find in our local shops here in Emerald Isle, or you can look along the beach and see if you can join someone elses game. Volleyball is great for keeping active and having fun!

Building a sandcastle was a must when we went to the beach when I was little, and the tradition never stopped. I still have to build one whenever I have a day on the beach. Its a super fun way for your kids to learn to be creative and to have lots of fun. Just make sure that you build it far enough away from shore so that your masterpiece doesnt get ruined with the first big wave!

Playing Frisbee is a an awesome beach activity for all ages. For the older ones in the group, you can make it a competition by playing a round of Ultimate Frisbee. If you have your little ones with you, take it easy and just throw it back and forth. Beach Frisbee is a fun, easy activity, and the best part? Lots of open space, and no fences for the Frisbee to accidently fly over!

For the kids that want to be out in the water, but havent quite perfected their swimming techniques, this is a great solution. Grabbing some floaties from a local beach shop, or bringing some of your own is a fun way to get out on the water, without the hassle of trying to stay afloat by doggie paddling. This is so much fun and so relaxing too. There really is no wrong way to bob along!

Simply taking a walk along the beach with the kids is a fun, relaxing way to spend the day or end the afternoon. You can play I-Spy as you walk along, search for shells, or just tell stories. Heres a tip: walking along closer to the water line is an easier walk because the sand is packed down by the water. Plus, walking towards the lapping waves means you can get your toes a little wet!

There are so many fun beach activities to enjoy with your kids and the whole family. The only limit is your imagination! Check out our blog (updated weekly!) for more ideas on how to spend time with your family during your Emerald Isle vacation!