Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education

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Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education. Topic No. 3. Author: Dr. Alice N. Ndu (Professor) Bagwell College of Education Kennesaw State University Georgia, 30144 alice_ndu@yahoo.com. Introduction-. Human diversity in the global village Ethnicity Ancestry Customs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education.Topic No. 3.Author: Dr. Alice N. Ndu (Professor)Bagwell College of EducationKennesaw State UniversityGeorgia, 30144alice_ndu@yahoo.com

  • Introduction-Human diversity in the global villageEthnicityAncestryCustomsLanguageReligion etc.Need for integration

  • GlobalizationFearsThe linksBenefitsEducational interventions

  • Global EducationWhat it is notWhat it isBenefitsIts beliefs

  • Nigerias experiences with multicultural educationAntecedentsDiversities Geography rainfall, vegetationLanguageAgricultureLife styleReligionBiases and prejudicesThe war

  • Education to the rescueThe education policyUnity schoolsThe handicappedAdmission policiesNYSCWomen empowermentNomadic educationMass literacyThe UBECurriculum changes

  • Teachers roles in equity thrustAdvocacy/sensitizationPublic relationsNomadic educationMass literacyTeacher training/workshopscollaborations

  • Gains & ConclusionIncreased enrollmentLiteracy gainsThe two-way approach to literacyThe gains among women, and the disadvantagedPublic enlightenment