Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education.

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Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education. Topic No. 3. Author: Dr. Alice N. Ndu (Professor) Bagwell College of Education Kennesaw State University Georgia, 30144 alice_ndu@yahoo.com. Introduction-. Human diversity in the global village Ethnicity Ancestry Customs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Title: Equity in diversity through multicultural Education.Topic No. 3.Author: Dr. Alice N. Ndu (Professor)Bagwell College of EducationKennesaw State UniversityGeorgia, 30144alice_ndu@yahoo.comIntroduction-Human diversity in the global villageEthnicityAncestryCustomsLanguageReligion etc.Need for integrationGlobalizationFearsThe linksBenefitsEducational interventionsGlobal EducationWhat it is notWhat it isBenefitsIts beliefsNigerias experiences with multicultural educationAntecedentsDiversities Geography rainfall, vegetationLanguageAgricultureLife styleReligionBiases and prejudicesThe warEducation to the rescueThe education policyUnity schoolsThe handicappedAdmission policiesNYSCWomen empowermentNomadic educationMass literacyThe UBECurriculum changesTeachers roles in equity thrustAdvocacy/sensitizationPublic relationsNomadic educationMass literacyTeacher training/workshopscollaborationsGains & ConclusionIncreased enrollmentLiteracy gainsThe two-way approach to literacyThe gains among women, and the disadvantagedPublic enlightenment


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