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NYC 20APR2010 1 City Branding beyond City Branding Thomas Sevcik, arthesia Zurich / Los Angeles 20APR2010

Thomas Sevcik

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  • 1.NYC 20APR2010 City BrandingbeyondCity Branding Thomas Sevcik, arthesia Zurich / Los Angeles 20APR2010

2. NYC 20APR2010 3. Taylor; Univ of Lboro, UK 4. NYC 20APR2010 5. NYC 20APR2010 6. Very good connectivity Major cultural center Investment in Knowledge City A City B City C City D City E Leader in Sustainability 7. 8. Regional Economic Development Strategies City / Region Branding Urban/Regional Planning Agreeing on a sort of campaign They dont talk toeach other Often thick papers trying to find common ground 9. NYC 20APR2010 10. Implementation Leadership Key Symbols Initiatives Multiplicators Communication 03MAR07 arthesia 11. Banks Boring Bourgeoise 03MAR07 arthesia 12. NYC 20APR2010 13. Machine in the Garden Knowledge Eccentrics Corporate Utopia Cultural Innovation 03MAR07 arthesia 14. NYC 20APR2010 Webclip Big Bang THEMEWORLD-BOARD THEMEWORLD-BOOK (WhiteBook) Growth Strategy Kanton Glarus EURO2006 Message Strategy Magazine Multiplicators-Strategy Kanton Zurich 2004-09 Strategy CreativeIndustry Initiaitve Media Strategy Image Monitoring GZA Enlargement Initiative 15. MACHINE IN THE GARDEN KNOWLEDGE ECCENTRICS CORPORATE UTOPIA CULTURAL INNOVATION Przisionsindustrie Familienwohnen in intakten Drfern Automobilzulieferer Hgellandschaft Internationale Top-Festivals Logistik Intelligentes Kulturzentrum Museumslandschaft High-Tech Industrien Idyllisches Wohnen Hauptquartiere Grossbanken und Grossversicherungen Renommierte HochschulenInnovative Finanzprodukte Think Tanks Holdinggesellschaften Parkside BioTech Kreativittscluster Neue Industrien Statuswohnen Wohnen in intakten Erholungsrumen Top Resorts Wohnen und Arbeiten in den Alpen GREATER ZURICH AREA Nachhaltiger Tourismus 16. Zurich, for all its reputation- regal, moneyed, hyperefficient and safe- has in recent years become a very different city,one of immigration, youthful decadence and a vibrant contemporary art scene. The New York Times, 2006 17. 03JUN08 Metro Phoenix is the Opportunity Oasis. 18. 03JUN08 Urban Pioneering Open Space Thinking Upscale Desert Garden Opportunity Oasis Upscale Desert Garden Open Space Thinking 19. 03JUN08 Rationale for Story Unchartered ground. Accessibility of place and people. Upward Mobility. Constant Renewal. Unfinished City. Meritocracy intact. 20. STRATEGY RATIONAL OPPORTUNITYOASISDESIGN Goal: Enhancing Quality of Life by creating surprising solutions ENTREPRENEURSHIP Goal: Sustaining meritocracy and fostering innovation for future growth Enhancing Oasis Manfesting Opportunity DNA Need Action Areas Rationale Quality of Life is the paradigm to succeed in the 21st century. Individual ideas and dreams are the growth enginge of our future 21. NYC 20APR2010