Theme Day: Every Man is a Superman - Rachel Crawford .We chose the theme “Every man is a Superman”

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Text of Theme Day: Every Man is a Superman - Rachel Crawford .We chose the theme “Every man is a...

  • Theme Day: Every Man is a Superman

    Asia Camara

    Rachel Crawford

    Kayli Cummings

    Lauren Collier

    Kimberly Jenkins

  • We chose the theme Every man is a Superman to occur on June 1 in our hospital to

    commemorate the appearance of Superman in D.C. Comics on June 1, 1938. The Every Man is

    a Superman theme focuses not only on Superman but also on the fact that every man and

    woman has powers that make him or her a Superman to someone. In a hospital, there are many

    people who should be celebrated, from the janitorial staff who create a sanitary environment to

    protect patients, to the nursing assistants, nurses, and doctors who provide care to patients every

    day. As these efforts are often overlooked, this theme will serve as a fun staff morale day. We

    feel that this theme will also strike a chord with our diverse patient and visitor population

    because all age groups are familiar with Superman. We also believe the recent trend towards

    superheroes in movies and media will add to excitement surrounding this theme day and

    contribute to its success.

    We will incorporate traditional Superman themes such as Kryptonite, Lex Luther, Lois

    Lane, and Supermans powers as well as highlighting modern-day Supermen in the hospital.

    These modern-day Supermen will be chosen by the patients and incorporated into the

    decorations in the form of handouts filled out by the patients. We think that this will be

    particularly popular with the pediatric unit because the handouts include a coloring section where

    the patients can color in their hero.

    To promote our theme day, each patient will receive an invitation to our theme day with

    their lunch a week before the event. Coloring pictures titled, My Hero Is_____ with a color-in

    figure will be handed out to the pediatric patients the day before the event and collected by the

    nursing staff. We will hang these pictures around the cafeteria so each kid can see their own. We

    will also distribute a voting sheet to all hospital staff with nominations for the Superman of each

    job type in our hospital a week before the event. The winners for each job type will be hung up

    on the wall in a Superman Spotlight area. Tissue paper balls in Superman colors (red, blue,

    yellow) will be hung from the ceiling and cardboard cutouts will be placed of superman doing

    various powers around the cafeteria. We will place dry ice around the menu item freeze breath

    frosty and each table will have trifolds announcing the event and listing some fun facts about


    Every man is a

  • Laser-Vision Lasagna Freshly roasted vegetables layered with laser lasagna sheets and ricotta cheese in a hearty basil meat sauce topped with mozzarella cheese. If this wont

    give you laser vision, nothing will. Served with Heat Emitting Garlic Bread.

    Super Strength Salad Fresh romaine lettuce with a super combination of blueberries,

    strawberries, and raspberries and topped with super candied almonds and grilled

    chicken. Served with a lemon poppy seed dressing.

    Flying Fruit Bowl Fly home with a delectable array of pineapples, strawberries, blueberries,

    and apples covered in a citrus glaze.

    Freeze Breath Frosty Save the world with this frozen vanilla dessert.

    Kent Farm Mud Pies Get in touch with Supermans roots with this moist chocolate cookie.

    Lex Luthors Choice: Kryptonie Kandy Try this irresistible rock candy. We hear Superman can never resist this one.

  • Recipes

  • Theme Day Production Schedule



    Time Time


    Product Instructions

    Begin End

    Lauren 9:00




    2 hour 50


    Lasagna Batch cook every

    30 min.

    Lauren 11:00




    50 min. Breadsticks Batch cook every

    30 min.

    Asia 9:00




    2 hour 50


    Salad Keep refrigerated

    Kayli 10:30




    1 hour 20


    Fruit Bowl Keep refrigerated

    Kim 11:30




    20 min. Rock Candy Pre-prep done

    night before

    Kim 10:30




    1 hour Frosty Blend and keep in


    Rachel 9:30




    1 hour 30




    Batch cook every


    *all information regarding cook times and serving sizes are found on the recipe sheets

  • Procurement List

    Laser-Vision Lasagna

    Lasagna Noodles

    Spaghetti Sauce, herb and basil

    Mozzarella Cheese, low-fat

    Cottage Cheese, large curd, low-fat

    Garlic Bread, frozen

    Super Strength Salad

    Candied Almonds, sliced

    Blueberries, fresh

    Raspberries, fresh

    Chicken, pre-grilled and frozen

    Shredded Romaine Lettuce

    Flying Fruit Bowl

    Pineapple, fresh

    Strawberries, fresh

    Blueberries, fresh

    Apples, Golden Delicious

    Orange Juice, 100%

    Lemon Juice

    Kryptonite Kandy

    Light Corn Syrup

    Liquid Food Coloring Dye, Green

    1 ounce clear plastic bags with twist ties

    Freeze Breath Frostie

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    Kent Farm Mud Pie Chocolate Cookies

    Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

    *all other ingredients are normally in stock

  • Decorations

    This is the trifold that

    will be placed on each

    table. The arms open

    the flaps, revealing

    the superman symbol

    in the middle

  • This invitation will

    be distributed to the

    patients on their trays

    at lunch a week

    before the event

  • My Hero Is _________

    This coloring page

    will be distributed to

    the patients in the

    pediatric unit. The

    finished drawings

    will be taped up

    around the cafeteria