The Woodchucking Story

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Every winter since 2006, The Rotary Club of Goochland has spent provided wood for Goochland residents that need it to heat their homes. At his year's Rotary District 7600 Conference, President Joy Langford Kline shared this presntation of the program's history

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  • 1. Rotary Club of Goochland EstablishedNovember 14, 1995

2. President: Joy Kline President-Elect: Jack MartinSecretary: Adeeb Hamzey Treasurer: John Kendig Sergeant-at-Arms: Earl GunnImmediate Past President: Lowe Lunsford 56 Members 3. How much wood wouldawoodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldchuck wood? 4. Woodchucking Goochland StyleCommunity SupportDelivering to those inneedFundraising Project 5. Richard Carchman, Jack Martin and Marc JonesBuzz Away 6. The Beginning 2006-Ennion WilliamsCharter Member & Past President Donating wood to county familiesWho needed the supplies to heat their home Limited incomeElderly Disabled Disadvantaged 7. Knight BowlesCoordinated the effort for several years Lowe LunsfordPast Team Leader Marc JonesCurrent Team Leader 8. Ennion Williams, Lowe LunsfordSam Smith 9. Knight Bowles 10. Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services Identifies the Families(county still has many residentsthat completely or partially heat their home with wood)Provides Addresses 11. Woodchuckers GatherWood donated from resources throughout the county Saturday morningsCut trees Split woodLoad pickups Deliver wood to the homes 12. Typical Saturday Morning Tom WinfreeJohn Wright Kevin KellyBill Quarles Richard Carchman 13. 2010 WinterMore than100 Loadsof Wood Delivered! 14. Excess Wood-2010Became a FundraiserProceeds Support other RotaryPrograms: Holiday Meals Christmas MotherHigh School Scholarships 15. Firewood Sales Winter2010 and 2011Over $4,500 Raised Each Season 16. VA Tech Gets in on the Action 17. Jack Martin and Pat Turner 18. The Mild Winter 2011 95 Truckloads Delivered 19. Wood DonationsAnonymous Donors Phone Calls Emails LettersBad weather is a good thing! 20. Trees from Storms 21. Ennionnot a problem 22. Long Toss Skill 23. Backhand Shot Skill 24. Thats a lot of wood 25. Look at those smiles! 26. Goochland Gazette 27. John Wright President 2010-2011Members marry sweat equitywith charitable giving as much aspossible We feel it does impact thecommunity as much as any gift wecould make 28. Lowe LunsfordPresident 2011-2012 Win-Win Situation 29. Come Visit The Woodchuckers! Richmond Country Club