The Sri lanka Map Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka.

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<ul><li><p>The Sri lanka MapColombo is the capital of Sri Lanka</p></li><li><p>Sri Lanka factsThe area of Sri Lanka is 65,610 sq.kms. (25,332 sq.miles)There is 49.6% Male and 50.4 % Female in Sri Lanka.The life expectancy in Sri Lanka for Males is 70.7 years, for females the life expectancy is 75.4 years and the average life expectancy in Sri Lanka is 73 years</p></li><li><p>Sri Lanka SportsSports are a very important part of Sri Lanka.The most important sport is cricket they also play volleyball.In Sri Lanka every person knows how to play cricket.They also play hockey with a ball made out of string and sticks.</p></li><li><p>Sri Lankan foodThey have lots of rice because they have lots of farmers.Curries come in many different varieties.They make sweets from coconuts.Sri Lanka people also like fish.Rice and curry are the main foods eaten in Sri Lanka.</p></li><li><p>Sri Lanka ReligionSri Lanka is 70% Buddhism, 15% Hinduism, 7.5% Christian and 7.5 % Islam.Buddhism is the main religion in Sri Lanka.Sri Lankas most important thing is religion.</p></li><li><p>Sri Lanka DancingSri Lankan people do lots of dancing.They wear different coloured skirts.They sometimes play instruments while they dance.</p></li></ul>