Thursday, March 27, 2014 The Lady Porcupines split softball games Page 6A WWW.SPRINGTOWN-EPIGRAPH.NET Volume 50 Number 49 $1 Springtown, Texas 76082 Follow us on Twitter @SpringtownEpi Like The Springtown Epigraph on Facebook Spring approaches Page 1B BY NATALIE GENTRY Eyesore or improvement? The new fence being built near the Springtown Post Offi ce has gotten some members of the community asking questions and more than a few people upset. However, the fear that any of the businesses in the shopping center will be- come inaccessible can be put to rest. According to City Administrator Mark Krey, the plans submitted to the city BY NATALIE GENTRY The Sound of Springtown is already one of the top bands in the state. Now, the Springtown ISD board has voted to outfi t the district’s band pro- gram with new instruments to replace old and irreparable ones and to add in- struments as well. The board voted to allow no more than $105,000 for the pur- chase of instruments. Instruments on the proposed purchase or- der ranged in price from $1,343 for a baritone horn to $8,343 for a sousaphone with a hard case. Many of the instru- ments will be used during marching band so they are needed by Aug. 1. The rest are necessary by the beginning of the 2014-15 school year. SISD Director of Fine Arts, JB Perry said that because of the age of many of the instruments and the growth in differ- ent areas of the district’s band program, new in- struments are needed. Many of the instruments that are currently in the department are brands that are no longer being manufactured and have parts that are not available. In addition, Perry said that the growth in the percussion program over the past few years and the need for more students on bass instruments necessitated the purchase. “It’s at the point that students play- ing bass instruments are having to share,” Scot McPhetrige assistant band director said. This fact is not only a health con- cern, but also doesn’t provide students with the opportunity to practice at home, he noted. “Low brass is crucial to our suc- cess as a band program because it is the foundational sound that the band is built on.” Perry said. For the past six years, the district has relied on the band boosters to help purchase large equipment, but the scope of this request required an ap- peal to the board. “Many of the instruments that the stu- dents are using were here before I became director 25 years ago,” Perry said. “This isn’t a one- to fi ve-year budget we are ask- ing for; it is a 10- to 20-year investment.” BY NATALIE GENTRY The Springtown Middle School and Intermediate School Math and Science Teams fi nished the regular season very strong at the Azle Regional Qualifi er on March 8. This year, 15 students will advance to the Texas Math and Science Coach- es Association (TMSCA) state meet to be held in San Antonio on April 5. In the 3A division, Springtown won the Sweepstakes award. The team also placed fi rst in calcu- lator and second in number sense. “This program has been very strong for many years, but this is the best we’ve done,” SISD Superintendent Mike Kelley said. “The kids and coaches deserve all the recognition and appreciation we can give.” Individual awards include: Fifth grade Jabin Burns – fi rst place in math- ematics Brock Haugen – fi rst in number sense, second in science, and third in calculator Marissa Kelley – fi rst in science, second in calculator, and third in mathematics Shanna Teague – fi rst in calculator, and second in mathematics Sixth grade Preston Grippin – fi rst place in num- ber sense, fi rst in science, and third in mathematics Carli Haugen – second in calculator and fourth in mathematics Zachary Hantschel – ninth in math- ematics and tenth in science Rebecca Johnson – fourth in calcu- lator and fifth in science Don’t fence me in New construction has some perplexed Please don’t stop the music SISD Fine Arts director JB Perry and Assis- tant Band Director Scot McPhetrige request- ed funds to replenish and replace aging instruments in the district’s music depart- ment, some of which are over 25-year-old. Photo by Natalie Gentry A homeowner arrived back at the 200 block of Pine Bluff Ridge Tuesday evening, March 25, to fi nd heavy smoke pouring out of her mobile home. La Junta, Springtown, and Reno VFD fi re- fi ghters arrived in time to save the home, although it did suffer heavy smoke, heat, and water damage. Investigator Lanny Padgett with the Parker County Fire Marshal’s Offi ce said the ex- act cause of the fi re cannot be determined. Photo by Carla Noah Stutsman Great Save The construction of a chain link fence in the 400 block of East High- way 199 has left some business owners and community members concerned about its effect on business in the area. Photo by Natalie Gentry School board approves funds to update band program 15 students advancing to state SISD math and science teams No. 1 at regionals The Reno City Council voted unanimously March 24 to pass the ordinance that increases the homestead exemptions for the dis- abled and those over 65. The council raised the exemption an additional $15,000; this increase makes the exemption for Reno residents equitable to those of Azle and Springtown. The council also passed the ordinance to freeze property tax values for the disabled and those over 65. Photo by Natalie Gentry Unanimous Decision Gage Trichel won the Top Gun award at the math and science regional competition March 8. This award is for the highest score of all students competing in all four events. Photos courtesy of SISD PLEASE SEE MATH, PAGE 2A. PLEASE SEE FENCE, PAGE 3A. Coming next week ... Our 6 th Annual Area Guide Special Section

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03-27-14 Issue of The Springtown Epigraph published in Azle, Texas.

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Page 1: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 2014The

Lady Porcupines split softball games Page 6A


Volume 50 Number 49

$1Springtown, Texas 76082

Follow us on Twitter @SpringtownEpi Like The Springtown Epigraph on Facebook

Spring approachesPage 1B

BY NATALIE GENTRYEyesore or improvement?The new fence being built near the Springtown Post Offi ce has gotten some

members of the community asking questions and more than a few people upset.However, the fear that any of the businesses in the shopping center will be-

come inaccessible can be put to rest.According to City Administrator Mark Krey, the plans submitted to the city

BY NATALIE GENTRYThe Sound of Springtown is already

one of the top bands in the state.

Now, the Springtown ISD board has voted to outfi t the district’s band pro-gram with new instruments to replace old and irreparable ones and to add in-

struments as well.The board voted to

allow no more than $105,000 for the pur-chase of instruments.

Instruments on the proposed purchase or-der ranged in price from $1,343 for a baritone horn to $8,343 for a sousaphone with a hard case.

Many of the instru-ments will be used during marching band so they are needed by Aug. 1.

The rest are necessary by the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.

SISD Director of Fine Arts, JB Perry said that because of the age of many of the instruments and the growth in differ-ent areas of the district’s band program, new in-struments are needed.

Many of the instruments that are currently in the department are brands that are no longer being manufactured and have parts that are not available.

In addition, Perry said that the growth in the percussion program over the past few years and the need for more students on bass instruments necessitated the purchase.

“It’s at the point that students play-ing bass instruments are having to share,” Scot McPhetrige assistant band director said.

This fact is not only a health con-cern, but also doesn’t provide students with the opportunity to practice at home, he noted.

“Low brass is crucial to our suc-cess as a band program because it is the foundational sound that the band is built on.” Perry said.

For the past six years, the district has relied on the band boosters to help purchase large equipment, but the scope of this request required an ap-peal to the board.

“Many of the instruments that the stu-dents are using were here before I became director 25 years ago,” Perry said. “This isn’t a one- to fi ve-year budget we are ask-ing for; it is a 10- to 20-year investment.”

BY NATALIE GENTRYThe Springtown Middle School and

Intermediate School Math and Science Teams fi nished the regular season very strong at the Azle Regional Qualifi er on March 8.

This year, 15 students will advance to the Texas Math and Science Coach-es Association (TMSCA) state meet to be held in San Antonio on April 5.

In the 3A division, Springtown won the Sweepstakes award.

The team also placed fi rst in calcu-lator and second in number sense.

“This program has been very strong for many years, but this is the best we’ve done,” SISD Superintendent Mike Kelley said. “The kids and coaches deserve all the recognition and appreciation we can give.”

Individual awards include:

Fifth gradeJabin Burns – fi rst place in math-

ematics Brock Haugen – fi rst in number

sense, second in science, and third in calculator

Marissa Kelley – fi rst in science, second in calculator, and third in mathematics

Shanna Teague – fi rst in calculator, and second in mathematics

Sixth gradePreston Grippin – fi rst place in num-

ber sense, fi rst in science, and third in mathematics

Carli Haugen – second in calculator and fourth in mathematics

Zachary Hantschel – ninth in math-ematics and tenth in science

Rebecca Johnson – fourth in calcu-lator and fi fth in science

Don’t fence me inNew construction has some perplexed

Please don’t stop the music

SISD Fine Arts director JB Perry and Assis-tant Band Director Scot McPhetrige request-ed funds to replenish and replace aging instruments in the district’s music depart-ment, some of which are over 25-year-old. Photo by Natalie Gentry

A homeowner arrived back at the 200 block of Pine Bluff Ridge Tuesday evening, March 25, to fi nd heavy smoke pouring out of her mobile home. La Junta, Springtown, and Reno VFD fi re-fi ghters arrived in time to save the home, although it did suffer heavy smoke, heat, and water damage. Investigator Lanny Padgett with the Parker County Fire Marshal’s Offi ce said the ex-act cause of the fi re cannot be determined. Photo by Carla Noah Stutsman

Great Save

The construction of a chain link fence in the 400 block of East High-way 199 has left some business owners and community members concerned about its effect on business in the area.

Photo by Natalie Gentry

School board approves funds to update band program

15 students advancing to state

SISD math and science teams No. 1 at regionals

The Reno City Council voted unanimously March 24 to pass the ordinance that increases the homestead exemptions for the dis-abled and those over 65. The council raised the exemption an additional $15,000; this increase makes the exemption for Reno residents equitable to those of Azle and Springtown. The council also passed the ordinance to freeze property tax values for the disabled and those over 65. Photo by Natalie Gentry

Unanimous Decision

Gage Trichel won the Top Gun award at the math and science regional competition March 8. This award is for the highest score of all students competing in all four events.

Photos courtesy of SISD



Coming next week...Our 6th AnnualAreaGuideSpecial Section

Page 2: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 20142A


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THESpringtown Epigraph

G/T nominations being acceptedNominations for the SISD gifted/talented program are being

accepted through the month of March for students in grades 1-12. Teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested parties can nominate students. Also, students in grades 6-12 may nom-inate themselves. Contact the Advanced Academics’ coordina-tor at students’ campuses for more information.

STAAR test signups end March 28Students who will be away from their home districts for the

April or May 2014 State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (aka STAAR) end-of-course (EOC) test administra-tion may register to take the necessary assessments at any par-ticipating Texas campus.

Out-of-District (OOD) students must be registered by their home campus.

The May 2014 EOC OOD registration ends March 28.Contact Tammy Shaw, the Springtown High School campus

test coordinator for information about registering as an OOD student at 817-220-3041.

FFA benefit dinner is March 28The Springtown FFA Benefit Dinner is Friday, March 28

at the high school cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and the proceeds benefit SISD FFA members who place at the Parker County Livestock Show and will sell their projects at a June 14 auction.

Tickets are available for pre-order at the Chamber of Com-merce, Springtown Feed and Fertilizer, and the high school. Call 817-995-0765 or email [email protected] for more information.

Parker County cleanup day April 5The spring Parker County cleanup day is set for Saturday,

April 5 at various barns. Precinct 1 residents can bring their items to that barn at 3000 Veal Station Road from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Accepted items include glass (clear, green, and brown), ap-pliances, brush, wax-free cardboard, metal, paper, plastics, tires, used oil, and vehicle batteries.

The barn will not accept shingles, paint, chemicals, or com-bustibles.

For more information, call 817-220-7218.

PC water/soil group meeting April 3The Parker County Soil and Water Conservation District

#558 will meet April 3 at 9 a.m. at the Agriculture Services Center at 6-4 North Main Street, Suite 100 in Weatherford.

The public is invited to attend. Topics include wildflowers, tree seedlings, and water barrel sales among others.


by NATAlie GeNTRyNo one was seriously hurt in

a mid-morning wreck Thurs-day, March 20 on East High-way 199 near Rhoades Lane in Springtown.

According to Texas Depart-

ment of Public Safety Trooper Simon De La Cruz, a red Toyo-ta Tundra driven by Karl Black was in the eastbound lane turn-ing left onto Rhoades Lane when it was struck from behind by a black Oldsmobile Alero.

De La Cruz said Autumn Thomas, the driver of the Alero, may have been distracted and didn’t see the Tundra stopped in the road.

Both Black and Thomas were taken to Texas Health Azle with

non-life-threatening injuries. Amanda Arington and her

5-year-old Tobias Kirby were also passengers in the Alero but declined transport to the hospital.

They later drove to Texas Health via a private vehicle.

A black Oldsmobile Alero driven by Autumn Thom-as struck the back of a Toy-ota Tundra on east Highway 199 outside of Springtown March 20.

Photo by Natalie Gentry

Injuries minor in 199 wreck

Casey Merrell – third in num-ber sense, fourth in science, and sixth in mathematics

Canyon Parker – eighth in mathematics and ninth in sci-ence

Zoie Sudduth – sixth in cal-culator, seventh in mathemat-ics, and seventh in science

Curtis Terry – second in mathematics, second in sci-ence, and eighth in number sense

Gage Trichel – first in calcu-lator, first in mathematics, and second in number sense

Alex Waite – fifth in calcula-tor

Matthew Webster – third in science.Seventh grade

Christian Brumback – first in science, second in number sense, and second in mathemat-ics

Holden Fry – first in math-ematics, fifth in science, and sixth in number sense

Matthew Gum – second in calculator, sixth in science, and tenth in mathematics

Ruben Landaverde – seventh in mathematics

James Wann – first in number sense, first in calculator, and sixth in mathematics

Kyler Wilson – third in mathematics, fourth in number sense, and seventh in scienceEighth grade

McKenna Devlin – second in mathematics and sixth in sci-ence

Tristan Rix – first in calcula-tor, first in science, and fourth in mathematics

Math and science teams advancing to state

Member of the SMS and SiS Math and Science Team competed at the regional meet March 8 and won sweep-stakes. Winning member included: (front, l-r) Gage Trichel, Shanna Teague, Jabin burns, brock Haugen, and Zoie Sudduth; (second row) Matt Webster, Carli Haugen, Rebecca Johnson, Casey Merrell, Alex Waite, and Curtis Terry; (third row) Holden Fry, Matthew Gum, Kyler Wilson, and James Wann; (back) Tristan Rix and McKenna Devlin. Photos courtesy of SISD


by NATAlie GeNTRyThe Springtown Chamber of

Commerce is offering document destruction services for both businesses and individuals.

Confidential materials are

kept in a locked container at the Chamber office off the Square until the shredding truck ar-rives – usually the first week of the month.

All documents are taken di-

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The Chamber provides pro-tected file shredding for the

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Springtown Chamber provides secure document destruction


Page 3: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 2014 3A

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NOTICE TO CREDITORSNotice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of John H. Green, Deceased, were issued on March 12, 2014, in Cause No. 14P027, pending in the County Court of Parker County, Texas, to: Michael Archuleta.All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.c/o: Anne Christine Clary, Attorney at Law313 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 1149, Springtown, Texas 76082DATED the 18th day of March, 2014.Anne Christine Clary, Attorney for Michael ArchuletaState Bar No.: 24052009313 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 1149, Springtown, Texas 76082Telephone: 817-523-5611; Facsimile: 817-523-6534


By Natalie GeNtryThe Springtown High

School Texas Association of Future Educators competed at the Teach Tomorrow Summit State Conference in San Anto-nio on Feb. 22-25.

SHS had six students medal at the competition and Kendal Morrow qualified for the na-tional competition.

Morrow will compete in Minnesota in April with her essay about solving the drop-out problem.

She also earned a pair of golds – on an Education Lead-ership Fundamentals test and with her Bulletin Board pre-sentation at the region and state level.

Cecila Aguilera took first on her Education Leadership Fundamentals test at region and got a silver at state.

Aguilera and Desiree Serra-no earned gold on their Proj-ect Visualize task and presen-tation.

Stephanie Rea and Jessie

Tidwell took the top medal with their Chapter Yearbook and presentation at the region level.

Casey Wellington earned gold on her Education Leader-ship Fundamentals test at the region and state level.

SHS future educators medal at state conference

Six students from SHS medaled at the texas associa-tion of Future educators state competition Feb. 22-25. team members were: (front, l-r) ashley robinson, Casey Wellington, Mason Chenault, adrianna DelaCruz, De-siree Serrano, and Kendall Morrow; (back) Stephanie rea, Kristi Hulme, Jessie tidwell, Cecilia aguilera, and Cindy Goodson. Photos courtesy of SISD

at the weekly Springtown Optimist Club meeting, rachel rayford (left) read her essay “How Dreams lead to Success,” her winning entry into the Optimists’ annual contest. all-State Choir member emily Mitchell sang her Uil solo. SiSD Director of Fine arts JB Perry spoke, giving an overview of the district’s programs.

By Natalie GeNtryLast weekend saw nine Spring-

town High School (SHS) students advance in their chosen events at Lake Worth High School.

Both SHS teams vying in the University Interscholas-tic League (UIL) district level social studies and debate com-petitions qualified for their re-spective regional events.

Those contests are slated for Texas Tech University in Lub-bock May 1.

Three students competed in the UIL social studies district

competition.Alyssa Johns placed third,

Shelby Smith took fourth place, and Julia Tenny finished fifth.

Johns also placed fourth in current events.

In addition, six students com-peted in the speech and debate team district competition.

Individual awards include:Taylor Berlin – first place in

Lincold-Douglas debate and second place in extemporane-ous persuasive speaking.

Michelle Padilla – first place in extemporaneous persuasive

speaking and third place in LD debate.

Sarah Alvis – second place in LD debate and third place in extemporaneous informative speaking.

Emily Hogan – second place in prose interpretation and fifth in extemporaneous persuasive speaking.

Crystal Darnell – third place in prose interpretation and fifth place in extemporaneous infor-mative speaking.

Josue Ramerez – third place in LD debate.

SHS social studies, debate students advance nine

Members of the academic team and the speech and debate team competed and placed in district competitions: (front, l-r) emily Hogan, Crystal Darnell, and alyssa Johns; (back) Sarah alvis, tayler Berlin, Josue ramirez, Shelby Smith, and Julia tenny. Not pictured: Michelle Padilla Photo Courtesy of SISD

keep the access to the post of-fice open as well as the entries near Highway 199 and at Bon-nie Belle Lane.

“Since the fence plans com-plied with our ordinance, we had to issue the permit.” Krey said.

Rick Dauenhauer, owner of N.E.A. Enterprises on Bon-nie Belle Lane, is one of the

community members who has voiced concern and frustration with the construction.

“The fence posts have made it impossible for the 18-wheelers who deliver supplies to back up to the shop,” Dauenhauer said. “It has blocked the easement to our gate.”

Dauenhauer also questioned the impression the fence will give new and perspective area business owners.

“When a new business moves to an area, one of the first places the owner goes is to the post of-fice,” he said. “The fence isn’t very inviting and could make those people wonder about the community.”

Another concern is the aes-thetics value – or lack thereof – of the fence.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Owner of the Laundromat, Karl Klement, says that there is no ill intent involved in the erecting of the fence.

“We’re putting up a nice black fence,” Klement said. “With the repairs to the park-ing lot and the addition of the fence, the area is going to look very nice.”


Fence has some perplexed

Concerns regarding ac-cess to the Springtown Post Office top the list of questions surrounding the fence at 400 block of east Highway 199.

Photo by Natalie Gentry

Morrow advances to national competition

Springtown Optimist Club

Page 4: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 20144A

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Front Row (L-R): Anita White, Bob White, Kari Wright and Mark Reynolds. Back Row (L-R): Jim Cleaver,Bruce Duncan, Richard Woodman and Jay Morrill.

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Some businesses claim to be experienced. But for White’s Funeral Home that’s a bona fide fact.

White’s has been offering funeral services in this area for more than 100 years.

Those services include funeral arrangements, chapel, church, or graveside services, cremation plans, and pre-need plans.

The large, experienced staff includes funeral directors and knowledgeable office personnel and attendants – all available to assist with every family’s needs.

In 1908, 26-year-old W.A. White began his career in Springtown. Eventually, that family business would span more than a century and entail four generations.

Selling coffins, often made from native wood, for the general mercantile store, White moved to Poolville in 1913 then to Weatherford the next year where he purchased an undertaking company.

W.A. White determined that a funeral home with a director would become important in the future.

In 1930, he built the original White’s Funeral Home at 130 Houston Avenue in Weatherford. That building remains as the home office and staff members continue to conduct funerals there.

White’s business expanded and family members were recruited to help. His son, Ford White, worked in the business and now Bob White is the third generation owner and

current president.Longtime Weatherford resident Charles

Hamilton worked at the funeral home for more than 50 years.

White and son Ford moved back to Springtown in 1954 to start another funeral home. W.A. White wanted to thank Springtown and Poolville for their early support of his business.

J. L. Oxford was the resident manager at the Springtown funeral home for many years.

In 1980, Bob and Carolynn White purchased Memory Gardens of the Valley Memorial Park, and in 1986, they acquired funeral homes in Azle and Mineral Wells.

He now sits on the board of the Funeral Director’s Life Insurance Company which insures almost $1 billion in pre-need plans.

In 2012, Bob White was named the North Texas Funeral Director’s Association Funeral Director of the Year.

Today, daughter Anita White has joined the staff, making it four generations of Whites serving area residents in need.

The Springtown home is located at 401 North Main Street, four blocks off the intersections of State Highways 199 and 51.

They encourage everyone to “please stop in and see our newly remodeled facilities.”

The home is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with phones answered 24 hours daily to arrange an appointment.

For more information, call them at 817-220-7111 or visit whitesfuneral.com.

White’s Funeral Home offers complete services

Four generations of family and more than 100 years highlight dedication to local residents

By Natalie GeNtryFour Springtown High

School students – Sara Al-vis, Shayna Johnson, Rayanna Havens, and Cody Presson – competed at the Business Pro-fessionals of America (BPA) Texas State Leadership Confer-ence in Houston on March 5-8.

Johnson placed third in the Keyboarding Production Con-test and qualified to advance to the National Leadership Confer-ence competition in Indianapo-lis, Indiana April 30 - May 4.

Over 1,500 students from across Texas attended the State Leadership Conference to compete in a variety of cat-egories including legal office

procedures, financial math and analysis concept, presentation management, and extempora-neous speech.

The purpose of these compe-titions is to foster practical ap-plication of business education skills.

The goal of BPA is to devel-op leadership abilities through participation in career and tech-nical education as well as civic, recreational, and social activi-ties.

The organization also aims to assist students in establishing realistic employment objec-tives and to promote high stan-dards in ethics, workmanship, and scholarship.

SHS students compete at state conference

Four Springtown High School students competed at the Business Professionals of america texas State leader-ship Conference in Houston on March 5-8: (front, l-r): rayanna Havens and Shayna Johnson; (back) Sara al-vis and Cody Presson. Photo Courtesy of SISD

By Natalie GeNtryYoung artists from Spring-

town High School (SHS) and Springtown Intermediate School (SIS) have joined forces to paint a student-created mural in the indoor archery range at SIS.

“The whole project came about as a result of the creation of SIS Archery Club,” said SIS art teacher, Sharon Buell.

The district found a new use for a dirty old storage room by converting it into an indoor ar-chery range.

“The only problem was that it looked really bad,” Buell said.

“Coach Andy Allen asked me if there was a way for my sixth grade art classes to maybe paint a mural on the nasty gray walls.”

Buell discussed the idea with SHS art teacher Shannon John-son, while they were at an art convention.

And so the collaborative project between the schools was born.

“We came up with the idea that some of the high school art students could plan and draw the mural, and the sixth graders could paint it,” Buell said. “The students were eager partners.”

Johnson said, “I have several students who have been inter-ested in helping with the mural. Four of them have been over there, had some great ideas, and finished some drawings on the mural for the younger kids to color.”

The SHS students go by the archery range after school to sketch out parts of the mural.

“My sixth graders are really enjoying painting on such an exciting canvas,” Buell said.

The SIS students keep old “painting” clothes in the class-room and are ready to paint on a moment’s notice.

Many families have even helped with the expenses of a project this size by donating

brushes, rollers, and paint trays.SIS Principal Joe Brown

helped combine the project with ongoing art instruction by sup-plying paints in basic colors.

This limited color selection requires the students to mix and learn first-hand how various shades of colors can be made.

Brown said, “The area we are using for our archery range had previously been a large stor-age area and was not a very at-tractive space, so when our art teacher Mrs. Buell, and Coach Allen came to me with the idea of painting a mural, I thought it was a great idea.”

“It’s fun to see their excite-ment build,” Buell said.

The artists started out ba-sically painting all day on Wednesdays.

Now they have unofficially formed the 7:30 Club.

“We meet and paint most mornings before school starts and many students come into the archery room to paint at lunchtime,” Buell said.

Students from SiS and SHS work together to create a mural depicting the changing of the seasons in the archery range at SiS: (l-r) Kimberly Wyatt, taylor Donaghue, ashleigh Finchum, and Mariah edwards. Photo by Natalie Gentry

So happy togetherArt students from

SHS and SIS create a mural

SHS senior emily Wilk-erson was named a Daughters of the ameri-can revolution’s “Good Citizenship award” win-ner for her “exemplary citizenship, service to others, leadership, and patriotism.” She accept-ed a certificate, medal, and pin at the Weather-ford Chapter Dar meet-ing March 25.

Good Citizenship

Award Winner

Page 5: The Springtown Epigraph

Obituaries Jeffery Lee Thompson

1958 - 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014 5A

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Front Row (L-R): Anita White, Bob White, Kari Wright and Mark ReynoldsBack Row (L-R): Jim Cleaver, Bruce Duncan, Richard Woodman and Jay Morrill

by carla noah stutsmanTwo Azle residents and four

from Springtown were among 25 individuals indicted on 26 criminal charges by a Parker County Grand Jury Thursday, March 6.

• Eva Dianne Kramolis, 54, of Azle, was indicted for driv-ing while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Terrence Donald Lanfear, 57, of Azle, was indicted for driving while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Ralph Matthew Janics, 46, of Springtown, was indicted for driving while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Rachelle Deann Martin, 23, of Springtown, was indicted for aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

• John Lindsey Meeker II, 31, of Springtown, was indicted for theft, less than $1,500 enhanced

with two or more prior theft convictions, a state jail felony.

• James Joseph Reed, Jr., 56, of Springtown, was indicted for assault family violence (chok-ing), as well as for assault fam-ily violence enhanced, both third-degree felonies.

Individuals also indicted but who do not live in the immedi-ate area include:

• Joe Luis Arevalo, Jr., 25, of Weatherford, was indicted for assault family violence (chok-ing), a third-degree felony.

• Michael Balderas, 25, of Keller, was indicted for theft of property $1,500-$20,000, a state jail felony.

• Rodney Franklin Clink-scale, 39, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 4, 28-200 grams, a third-degree felony.

• Bridgette Elaine Covington,

27, of Alvarado, was indicted for possession of a controlled sub-stance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

• Ryan Edward Cox, 23, of White Settlement, was indicted for aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

• Sherry Diane Fontaine, 50, of Wylie, was indicted for driv-ing while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Clifford Wayne Garner, 54, of Weatherford, was indicted for driving while intoxicated, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Christopher Michael Green-leaf, 33, of Mineral Wells, was indicted theft, less than $1,500 enhanced with two or more prior theft convictions, a third-degree felony.

• J.W. Hancock, Jr., 53, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled sub-

stance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

• Marcus Allhoff Nast, 17, of Weatherford, was indicted for aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

• Richard Anthony Pina, 26, of Weatherford, was indicted for credit card or debit card abuse of an elderly person, a third-degree felony.

• Nathan David Rawls, 30, of Andrews, was indicted for possession of a controlled sub-stance in penalty group 2, 4-400 grams, a second-degree felony.

• Terry Dean Roberts, 54, of Leander, was indicted for pos -session of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

• Robert Sisomphone, 30, no address listed, was indicted for aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

• Debra Bethke Tilley, 56, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

• Christopher Joseph Walker, 23, of Weatherford, was indict-ed for driving while intoxicat-ed, third or more, a third-degree felony.

• Tobin Allen Warren, 38, of Weatherford, was indicted for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, 4-200 grams, a first-degree felony.

• Kaleb Wayne Wilks, 22, of Breckenridge, was indicted for theft, less than $1,500 enhanced with two or more prior theft convictions, a state jail felony.

• Billy Joe Williams, 46, of Weatherford, was indicted for possession of a controlled sub-stance in penalty group 1, less than one gram, a state jail felony.Eva Dianne Kramolis terrence Donald lanfear ralph matthew Janics

rachelle Deann martin John lindsey meeker II James Joseph reed, Jr.

PC Grand Jury indicts 25Including 6 from this area

Jeffery Lee Thompson, 55, passed away Monday, March 24, 2014 in Springtown.

Graveside service will be at 1 p.m. Friday, March 28, at Springtown Cemetery. Visita-tion from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at White’s Funeral Home in Springtown.

The family request memori-als to the American Cancer So-

ciety, 3301 West Freeway, Ft. Worth, 76107.

Jeff was born July 14, 1958 in Fort Worth to Wayne and Nell Thompson. He graduated from Weatherford High School in 1976 and attended Weather-ford College. He married Karey Thompson, June 19, 2008 in Springtown. Jeff was a natural gas mechanic for over 30 years.

Jeff was preceded in death by brother, Joe Dewayne Thomp-son in 1981.

Survivors include; wife, Kar -ey Thompson of Springtown; daughters, Amanda Thompson Haynes and husband Preston, Stephanie Garrett and husband, James, all of Weatherford; sons, Jerad Thompson and husband, Cody Henderson of Ft. Worth, Cody Thompson of Springtown; two grandsons and a grand-daughter; parents, Wayne and Nell Thompson of Weatherford.

The Springtown Epigraph, March 27, 2014 Edition

Springtown Fire Departmentsaturday-Friday, march 15 - march 21March 15 1:56 p.m. ................ Vehicle unlock ............................................. Springtown areaMarch 16 4:39 a.m. ................ Vehicle accident .......................................... Springtown area 8:20 p.m. ................ EMS ............................................................ Springtown areaMarch 17 9:50 a.m. ................ EMS ................................................................. LaJunta area 11:42 a.m. ................ Vehicle accident .......................................... Springtown area

8:21 p.m. ................ Illegal burning ............................................. Springtown areaMarch 18 9:04 a.m. ................ Vehicle accident ....................................... City of Springtown 11:14 p.m. ................ Fire/smoke investigation ............................. Springtown areaMarch 19 1:50 am. ................ EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 4:25 a.m. ................ Structure fire ............................................... Springtown area 11:29 a.m. ................ Vehicle accident .......................................... Springtown area 1:36 p.m. ................ Structure fire ............................................... Springtown area 3:22 p.m. ................ Illegal burning ............................................. Springtown area 3:56 p.m. ................ EMS ......................................................... City of Springtown 9:11 p.m. ................ Illegal burning .......................................... City of Springtown 10:58 p.m. ................ Fire/smoke alarm ..................................... City of SpringtownMarch 20 9:44 a.m. ................ Vehicle accident .......................................... Springtown area 10:14 a.m. ................ EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 5:15 p.m. ................ Hazardous Materials Spill ........................... Springtown areaMarch 21 11:52 a.m. ................ Fire/smoke investigation ............................. Springtown area 2:03 p.m. ................ EMS ............................................................ Springtown area 9:06 p.m. ................ EMS ............................................................ Springtown area

parker County emergenCyServiCeS DiStriCt #1

EmErg Ency c alls

Accident minor ............................................. 1Assist officer .............................................. 39Burglary investigation .................................. 1Suicide ......................................................... 1Domestic disturbance .................................. 1Reckless driver ............................................ 3Meet complainant ........................................ 8Suspicious person ....................................... 5Suspicious vehicle ....................................... 7Open building .............................................. 1Investigation ................................................ 3Prisoner transfer ........................................ 10Other .......................................................... 15Request patrol ........................................... 44Vehicle maintenance ................................. 21

Report writing ............................................ 32Information ................................................... 2Security check ......................................... 314Animal at large ............................................. 5Traffic stop ................................................119Traffic control ............................................... 6Training ........................................................ 1Council packet delivery ................................ 9Welfare concern .......................................... 1Impound lot .................................................. 8Out of vehicle ............................................... 2Out at station ............................................. 51School security .......................................... 12

Springtown poliCe Dept.Call report

monday-sunday, march 17-23, 2014

Page 6: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 2014 www.springtown-epigraph.net

SPORTS6ASeveral meet records fall at POJO Relays

Golfers hit the links

Springfield lowers both hurdling marks

Lady Porcupines split district softball contests

Springtown earns first district baseball victory

Springtown’s Shelbi Meek waits for the baton. The Lady Porcupines took second in the 4x200-meter relay at the POJO Relays. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

The Lady Porcupines won one district game with a no-hitter before falling at Mineral Wells after a slow start there. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

A big victory over Lake Worth not only gave SHS its first 6-3A win of the season, but catapulted Springtown up the district standings. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

Kelsey Huff is leading the Lady Porcupines from the hill and in the batter’s box. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

Porcupine Dillon Springfield lowered the 110-meter and the 300-meter POJO Relays hurdling records at this year’s event. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

by MARK K. cAMPbeLLOne day of the POJO Relays

was nice and the next not as nice.

But hometown athletes and visitors alike tore up the event, setting several meet records March 21-22.

While the boys varsity was on the way to winning its event, four Springtown athletes set new POJO Relays records:

• Dillon Springfield – 110-meter hurdles (14.95 sec-onds) and 300 hurdles (39.54)

• Benji Brokenshire – pole vault (14 feet, 6 inches, raising his own record by an inch)

• Chanse Lee – long jump (21-3.75)

• Kolyn Waldrop – discus (164-3)

Lee and Waldrop shone, yet despite their exceptional ef-forts, they did not win gold medals as Springfield and Bro-kenshire did. Lee and Waldrop took silvers.

The long jump pit saw sever-al POJO Relays marks tumble.

In the boys competition, Nicolas Foster of Keller Fos-sil Ridge set the new distance leap at 22-6. The bronze win-ner, Biren Clardy of Mineral Wells sailed 21-2.5, also farther than the previous relay record of 21-1.5 by a Brewer jumper in 2011.

In the girls varsity long jump, the old mark was 17-2.5 by a Brewer girl in 2011.


SHS 2-2 as end of 1st round of 6-3A play nearsSpringtown High School’s

softball team stayed at .500 in district play.

First came a 10-0 victory over Lake Worth in a game highlighted by a no-hitter from star starter Kelsey Huff.

Meanwhile, SHS scored six runs in the third inning at home to send the Lady Frogs pack-ing.

A 10-3 loss on the road March 25 at Mineral Wells followed.

Coach Amy Balke said four Lady Porcupines collected hits: Gabby Casanova, Kaitlyn Hill, Jasmine Ricks,and Mary Anne Sayles.

The Lady Rams scored five runs early, in the first inning.

Springtown got one back in the second and two more in the sixth but the deficit was too great.

The first round of 6-3A play ends Friday at home against Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jar-vis.

In the second round of dis-trict action, the Lady Porcu-pines will travel three times out of five games: to Kennedale, Lake Worth, and Diamond Hill.

First-year Porcupine baseball coach Stan Gideon got his ini-tial 6-3A win when Springtown (8-10, 1-2) defeated Lake Worth March 21, 6-4.

Immedi -ately after the Bullfrog game, SHS traveled to S t e p h e n -ville for a non-district game and lost 12-0.

Back in 6-3A play March 25 at Miner-al Wells, the Rams topped the Porcupines 5-1.

Mineral Wells and Kennedale share the top spot in the district standings at 3-0.

Castleberry sits at 2-1 – the same Lions club that SHS led 4-1 entering the fifth inning back on March 18 before the

River Oaks team rallied.Springtown is 1-2 while Lake

Worth and Diamond Hill-Jarvis are tied in the cellar at 0-3.

E v e r y remaining game for the Porcu-pines is a district af-fair.

S H S hosts Dia-mond Hill on March 28 then fac-es powerful

Kennedale on April 4 to end the first round of 6-3A play.

Junior varsity – The Porcu-pine JV has put up a shining 11-3 record so far this season.

That mark includes a per-fect 4-0 record in district play including thwarting a Mineral Wells rally and beating the Rams 4-3 March 25.

District 6-3A StandingsKennedale 3-0Mineral Wells 3-0Castleberry 2-1Springtown 1-2Diamond Hill-Jarvis 0-3Lake Worth 0-3

Springtown High School golfers began district play.

The boys sat in third place af-ter the first round of action with a tally of 440.

Trey Skaggs paced SHS with a score of 95.

Next came Cody Croft (113), Tyler Plato and Jerry Lilo (116), and Brawner (137).

The girls were led by Abbi Hatton’s 112.

She was followed by Ra-chael Rayford (115), Kaylon Cremeen (122), Michala Ro-driguez (134), and Jimmie Gee (143) for a total of 483.

Earlier, the teams played at Cross Timbers GC in Azle.

The boys shot a 415 – Croft (94), Lilo (100), Aiden Feder (102), Logan Lackey (119), and Connor Kelley (129).

The girls fired a 492 – Hatton (103), Rayford (129), Gee and Cremeen (130), and Rodriguez (133).

Page 7: The Springtown Epigraph

Thursday, March 27, 2014 SPORTS 7A

128 Pearson Lane & Hwy 199 Azle • 817-221-4000

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MAR 28 - APRIL 4 Students may prepay for their meals.

MONDAY - Cheese Pizza, Breaded Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Glazed Carrots, Rosey Applesauce TUESDAY - Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Roasted Broccoli, Pinto Beans, Tater Tots, Mandarin Oranges, Wheat Roll WEDNESDAY - Steakfi ngers, Fish, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Garden Salad, Pear Cup, Wheat Roll THURSDAY - Taco Salad, Chicken Sandwich, Refried Beans, Corn, Orange FRIDAY - Cheese Pizza, Fish, Broccoli, Baby Carrots, Garden Salad, Apple

LUNCH: Everyday - Choice of one meat, two vegetables, and one grain/bread with milk

MONDAY - Breakfast Bagel, Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Oatmeal TUESDAY - Tac-Go, Sweet Roll, Apple Cinnamon Cereal WEDNESDAY - EggStravaganza, Cinnamon Toast, Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Apple THURSDAY - Pancakes, Cheese Toast, Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Fruit Cocktail Cup FRIDAY - Breakfast Stick, Toast, Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Pear Cup

BREAKFAST: Everyday - Various Juices & Cereals, Toast, Milk Variety, Jelly Assortment, Buttermilk Biscuit, 100% Apple Juice

PK - 8th GRADE

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9th - 12th GRADEMONDAY - Cheese Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Glazed Carrots, Rosey Applesauce, Pear Cup, Wheat Roll TUESDAY - Asian Chicken, Breaded Chicken, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Mandarin Oranges, Applesauce, Rice, Garlic Bread Stick WEDNESDAY - Steakfi ngers, Popcorn Chicken, Fish, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli, Pinto Beans, Mandarin Oranges, Peach Cup, Wheat Roll THURSDAY - Taco Salad, Chicken Sandwich, Refried Beans, Corn, Bananas, Grapes FRIDAY - Cheese Pizza, Catfi sh, Hamburger, Broccoli, Tater Tots, Baby Carrots, Garden Salad, Bananas, Orange, Wheat Roll

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Springtown HSMarch 21-22, 2014

VARSITY GIRLSShot put – 2. Kylie Hornback, 32-4.5.Long jump – 5. Brooke Dauen -hauer,15-11.Triple jump – 1. Savannah Sut -ton, 34-10; 5. Kendyl Dean, 32-10.75; 6. Kelly Boyett, 32-1.4x100 – 3. Savannah Sutton, Joc-elyn Pando, Kendyl Dean, Shelbi Meek, 53.22.100 – 1. Savannah Sutton, 12.94.4x200 – 2. Savannah Sutton, Kendyl Dean, Jocelyn Pando, Shelbi Meek, 1:52.77.200 – 6. Brandy Branson, 28.22.4x400 – 6. Kristine Camacho, Kendyl Dean, Brandy Branson, Shelbi Meek, 4:26.05.TEAM (9): 1. Saginaw, 144; 2. Keller Fossil Ridge, 94; 3. Min -eral Wells, 81; 4. Graham, 80; 5. Springtown, 68; 6. Saginaw Ch -isholm Trail, 57; 7. Lake Worth, 52; 8. Boyd, 24; 9. Castleberry, 19.

JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLSDiscus – 4. Victoria Waldrop, 82-2.High jump – 3. Ashton Weaver, 4-4.Triple jump – 1. Taylor Ervin, 32-9; 5. Harley Phares, 29-4.Long jump – 6. Chanae Richard-son-Pitts, 13-6.3200 – 1. Sharaia Stout, 14:12.28.4x100 – 2. Bailey Willett, Taylor Ervin, Kirsten Alexander, Jessica Schneider, 55.79.100 – 2. Jessica Schneider, 13.95.4x200 – 2. Bailey Willett, Taylor Ervin, Kristen Alexander, Jessica Schneider, 1:58:52.200 – 1. Ashton Weaver, 28.44.4x400 – 2. N/A. 4:41.42.TEAM (11): 1. Saginaw, 125; 2. Springtown, 111; 3. Keller Fos -sil Ridge/Graham, 66; 5. Mineral Wells, 63; 6. Lake Worth, 49; 7. Lake Country, 36; 8. Boyd, 29; 9. Saginaw Chisholm Trail, 28; 10. Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jarvis, 16; 11. Castleberry, 11.

VARSITY BOYSPole vault – 1. Benji Brokenshire, 14-6.Shot put – 3. Kolyn Waldrop, 46-4.5.Discus – 2. Kolyn Waldrop, 164-3.Triple jump – 6. Richard Najera, 39-10.5.Long jump – 2. Chanse Lee, 21-3.75; 4. Richard Najera, 20-8.25.4x100 – 2. Ricardo Reynoso, Mykeal Cummings, Evan Glesne, Tyler Farris, 44.57.110 hurdles – 1. Dillon Springfield, 14.95.100 – 2. Evan Glesne, 11.58.4x200 – 1. Mykeal Cummings, Chanse Lee, Evan Glesne, Tyler Farris, 1:32.83.400 – 1. Mateo Herrera, 52.77; 5. Ricardo Reynoso, 53.76.300 hurdles – 1. Dillon Spring -field, 39.54.200 – 2. Chanse Lee, 22.55; 3. Tyler Farris, 22.77.4x400 – 1. Ricardo Reynoso, Chanse Lee, Mateo Herrera, Dil -lon Springfield, 3:33.02.TEAM (10): 1. Springtown, 147; 2. Boyd, 98; 3. Graham, 80; 4. Mineral Wells, 73; 5. Saginaw, 71.66; 6. Keller Fossil Ridge, 70; 7. Saginaw Chisholm Trail, 55; 8. Lake Worth, 14.33; 9. Lake Coun-

SMSBullfrog RelaysLake Worth HSMarch 20, 2014

8TH GIRLSShot put – 4. Kristina Sanchez, 31-3.2400 – 5. Maddie Diaz, 10:38.74.4x100 – 3. Mindy Mullens, Lexi Phomthisane, Haylee Klein, Ally -son Barrow, 56.85.800 – 6. Jazzmyne Mannin, 3:09.71.100 hurdles – 4. Aubra Young, 19.6; 6. Haylee Klein, 19.89.100 – 5. Allyson Barrow, 14.28.4x200 – 5. Karlee Eddy, Hannah Downes, Kiersten Williams, Ally -son Barrow, 2:03.78.400 – 2. Lexi Phomthisane, 1:05.72.300 hurdles – 6. Hanna Turman, 1:01.94.1600 – 5. Maddie Diaz, 6:30.82.4x400 – 2. Jazzmyne Mannin, Kassidy Sugg, Hannah Turman, Lexi Phomthisane, 4:51.72.TEAM (5): 1. Azle, 309.5; 2. Irma Marsh, 148.5; 3. Springtown, 57; 4. Collins, 53; 5. Creekview, 43.

7TH GIRLSShot put – 4. Rachel Hellam, 25-10.5.High jump – 4. Peyton Yates, 4-0.2400 – 1. Taylor Cox, 10:35; 2. Meleah Pineda, 11:13.11.800 – 3. Vanessa Murillo, 3:03.04.4x100 – 2. Samantha Wann, Tay-lor Smith, Vanessa Murillo, Mad -die Owens, 57.99.100 hurdles – 2. Megan Green, 19.95; 4. Bailey Harmon, 21.05.100 – 4. Samantha Wann, 14.68.400 – 3. Vanessa Murillo, 1:14.71; 5. Natalie Conner, 1:18.21.4x200 – 3. Kayla Levesque, Sa -mantha Adams, Brittany Naron, Bailey Harmon, 2:10.85.

try, 8; 10. Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jarvis, 3.

JUNIOR VARSITY BOYSPole vault –1. Wriley Russell, 10-0.Shot put – 6. Caleb Chesney, 38-0.High jump – 1. Austin Chenault, 5-8; 5. (T) Jared Green, Books Pennington, 5-4.Triple jump – 3. Books Penning -ton, 39-0.Long jump – 2. Zach Burton, 19-9; 5. Austin Chenault, 19-4.3200 – 6. Luis Martinez, – 4. Jacob Deskins, Jona -than Chavez, Austin Chenault, Blake Sanders, 47.13.100 – 4. Austin Chenault, 11.96; 5. Blake Sanders, 12.06.400 – 2. Caleb Chesney, 56.36; 3. Zach Burton, 56.69.200 – 1. Austin Chenault, 24.34.4x400 – 2. Zach Burton, Jacob Deskins, Caleb Chesney, Jared Green, 3:46.06.TEAM (9): 1. Keller Fossil Riege, 109; 2. Saginaw, 101; 3. Saginaw Chisholm Trail, 100; 4. Spring-town, 94; 5. Graham, 47; 6. Min -eral Wells, 41; 7. Boyd, 28; 8. Lake Country/Lake Worth, 25.

300 hurdles – 2. Bailey Harmon, 1:00.04; 6. Megan Green, 1:05.27.1600 – 1. Taylor Cox, 6:41.13; 3. Meleah Pineda, 7:06.52.200 – 4. Brittany Naron, 32.41.4x400 – 2. Maddie Owens, Kayla Levesque, Brittany Naron, Taylor Cox, 5:10.42.TEAM (5): 1. Azle, 287; 2. Spring-town, 130; 3. Irma Marsh, 78; 4. Creekview, 62; 5. Collins, 47.

8TH BOYSPole vault – 2. Ethan Adams, 8-6; 6. Dakota Boughan, 7-0.High jump – 3. Pryce Morgan, 4-10: 4. (T) Nelson Valle-Delgado, 4-10.Triple jump – 2. Eric Antonucci, 32-9; 4. Logan Jones, 32-2.5.2400 – 2. Angel Lopez, 8:22.38; 5. Charles Crume, 9:45.12.4x100 – 5. Eric Antonucci, Lane Hill, Guillermo Pando, Pryce Mor -gan, 49.97.800 – 2. Josh Miller, 9:22.3.110 hurdles – 6. Ashton Watson, 19.11.100 – 3. Pryce Morgan, 12.94; 6. Guillermo Pando, 13.49.4x200 – 4. Nelson Valle-Delgado, Montana Harthcock, Ashton Wat -son, Logan Jones, 1:47.88.400 – 3. Ethan Adams, 1:02.71; 4. Eric Antonucci, 1:04.11.300 hurdles – 4. Josh Miller, 49.74.1600 – 1. Angel Lopez, 5:22.95.200 – 1. Nelson Valle-Delgado, 25.89.4x400 – 2. Eric Antonucci, Logan Jones, Pryce Morgan, Nelson Valle-Delgado, 4:08.26.TEAM (5): 1. Azle, 194.33; 2. Springtown, 115.33; 3. Collins, 114; 4. Creekview, 101.33; 5. Irma Marsh, 73.

7TH BOYSShot put – 1. Cesar Quintero, 32-6.Discus – 2. Cesar Quintero, 78-0.75; 5. Zach Payne, 70-1.5; 6. Bowden Bond, 69-3.5.Long jump – 2. Adam Aguirre, 15-7.25; 3. Sawyer Drewry, 15-5.5; 4. Cody Akers, 15-4.75.High jump – 1. Christian Morales, 5-2.Triple jump – 4. Sawyer Drewry, 31-7; 5. Cody Akers, 30-9.2400 – 2. Hugo Escobar, 9:23.67.4x100 – 3. Sawyer Drewry, Cody Akers, Brady Rhodes, Adam Agu-irre, 51.57.800 – 6. Fernando De Los Santos, 2:42.18.110 hurdles – 4. Zach Payne, 20.48.100 – 3. Cody Akers, 13.03; 5. Sawyer Drewry, 13.38.4x200 – 2. Adam Aguirre, Sawyer Drewry, Brady Rhodes, Christian Morales, 1:52.42.400 – 1. Christian Morales, 1:01.49; 6. Gumercindo Meraz, 1:09.68.300 hurdles – 5. Zach Payne, 53.68.1600 – 3. Hugo Escobar, 5:57.9.200 – 2. Adam Aguirre, 27.17.4x400 – 2. Gumercindo Meraz, Fernando De Los Santos, Cody Akers, Christian Morales, 4:28.07.TEAM (5): 1. Azle, 163; 2. Spring-town, 147; 3. Creekview, 127; 4. Collins, 118; 5. Irma Marsh, 48.

Next up: SHS – Jacket Relays, Boyd, March 27

District 6-3A Championships, SHS, April 9-10SMS – Colt Relays, Creekview, @ Boswell HS March 27

Zone 2, SHS, April 3

Track resulTs

Tennis squads win in Glen Rose and Ft. Worth

The Lady Porcupines’ soccer season ended at Azle March 18. Waiting for a corner kick on the Hornet Field pitch are SHS’ Allison Neely (13), Lizbeth Melendez (10), and Ally Cordell ( 21). Photo by Mark K. Campbell

SHS to be site of district meet April 9-10

That was passed three times – by Markia Sanders of Sagi-naw (18-0.25); Tatyana Flanni-gan of Fossil Ridge (17-11.5), and Tiffany Roberts (17-4.5), also from Fossil Ridge.

Other non-SHS athletes set new records, too.

Mineral Wells high jumper Rascellis Williams’ 6-7 leap broke an old Wichita Falls Hirschi mark by three inches.

Boyd’s Dalton Stidham sped to a 40.75 in the 110 hurdles but was second to Springtown’s Springfield.

Waldrop finished second in the discus to Mike Freeze of Graham whose 166-3 hurl

broke a prior mark of 159-1 by a Haltom thrower last year.

The boys varsity easily out-pointed Boyd and eight other visiting schools.

Mateo Herrera again was un-touchable in the 400, winning this time in a smoking 52.77.

He also ran the third leg of the gold-winning 4x400 relay behind Ricardo Reynoso and Lee and ahead of Springfield.

The latter was untouchable in the hurdle races.

He won the 110 event by al-most half a second – 14.95 to 15.32 – en route to the new POJO Relays mark.

Graham’s Ben Davis, now a future TCU quarterback, held the previous fastest meet record

The Springtown High School tennis teams competed in split squad action.

In Glen Rose, SHS took the first place plaque in the Dick Conte Invitational March 21.

Half of SHS’ 14 athletes won medals there:

• Amanda Glover – 1st, girls singles

• Parker DeLano-Rayana Ha-vens – 2nd, girls doubles

• Jacob Matthews-Garrison Trichel – 3rd, boys doubles

• J Hicks-Peter Schneider – boys double consolation champs

Also collecting wins on the

day were Tanner Morgan and Lauren Brouhard-Kirsten Mc-Donald.

Glover has won 5-of-6 sin-gles matches this season, coach Ron Elston noted.

Matthews and Trichel are both “fast rising” freshmen.

Former wrestler Schneider has earned the nickname “All Day and All Nighter” for “re-lentless practice regimens,” the coach said.

Other Springtown athletes ventured to the McLeland Ten-nis Center in Fort Worth.

There, Justin Minter finished fourth in boys singles.

Amber Benton was also fourth, in girls singles.

Savannah Sutton and Kolyn Waldrop teamed up in mixed doubles and took fourth.

Coleman White was a boys singles quarterfinalist as was the combo of Hayden Nettle-ton-Dylan Ray in boys doubles and Michelle Padilla in girls singles.

Caleb Whiteman-Chandler Wright were consolation final-ists in mixed play.

Johnathan Chandler reached the consolation finals, too.

Tyler Cantrell-Luis Martinez picked up a victory at TCU.

n SHS, FROM PAGE 6A. at 15.2.Springfield slipped under 40

seconds in his definitive victory in the 300; he held the old mark at 41.2.

Brokenshire, a two-time state visitor, was not challenged at the pole vault pit, winning by a foot.

The varsity girls were again led by Savannah Sutton.

She won the triple jump by five inches. POJO Relays re-cord holder Kendyl Dean fin-ished third.

Sutton won the 100-meter dash then ran opening legs of the 4x100 and 4x200 relays.

Springtown will host the dis-trict meet April 9-10 at Porcu-pine Stadium.

Page 8: The Springtown Epigraph

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EditorMark K. Campbell

I thought this was for kids to have fun and learn to play volleyball.

Apparently some parents think it’s all about winning and stacking all of the better playing girls on one team so that they can prepare for seventh grade. That is what is being done this season.

According to the rules that were ex-plained to the coaches: A coach can

As Mary moved into the later stages of her life, it’s clear she refused to let her poor health keep her from tend-ing to the needs of her

family and friends. Always suffering from constant pain, she went about her life with an unwavering faith in God, a strong love and commitment to her husband and children, and a genuine desire to ease the pain and discomfort of those around her – even when their was seldom any relief for her own physical suffering.

“During her idle time after the Civil War, which was rare, Arlington was foremost in her mind and she won-dered if she would ever get to see her childhood home again.

“The main difficulty Mary expe-rienced while her husband was off fighting in the War with Mexico was the task of solely caring for all her children; however, the fact that they were back at Arlington made the task a bit easier. After the war, Mary was excited to learn Robert's next post was West Point; a blessing that meant the Lees would be close to Custis who was

now in his second year at the academy.“They were no sooner settled in

their quarters in New York that Mary received word that her mother was dy-ing. She immediately left for Arling-ton but didn’t arrive in time to bid her mother goodbye. Her mother’s pass-ing left her father in deep mourning and Mary knew he was in no condi-tion to see to the funeral arrangements and as she had so often done in the past, she squared her shoulders and took the heavy burden upon herself. She became a pillar of strength as the household fell apart. She was now the new Lady of Arlington.

“Shortly after the funeral, Mary returned to West Point where she be-came popular among the cadets who enjoyed her doting and motherly af-fection. Some of the students she grew fond of included: Jeb Stuart, John Pe-gram, and Otis Howard. In 1854, she was pleased when Custis graduated first in his class from West Point.

“By this time, Rooney was attend-ing Harvard College, having failed to receive an appointment to West Point. No sooner had Mary fallen into a comfortable routine, the family

was uprooted once again as Robert ac-cepted a field command in Texas. He dutifully es-corted his family back to Arlington and prior to his depar-ture, Mary's father pre-sented him with George W a s h i n g -ton's service sword. It was during that visit that Robert noted the disarray of the Ar-lington finances and worked tirelessly to bring order to the books in the short amount of time he had before report-ing to Texas.

“When it was time for him to leave, he turned the task over to Mary and later wrote to her concerning her addi-tional duties: ‘As regards your house-hold arrangements & what concerns your father's comfort & welfare, as

well as your own, you must yourself act & not rely on him or wait on me.’ Not only was she raising the children and overseeing the household, she was now responsible for the finances of Arlington, as well as all of the other properties her father owned.

“During that year, Mary's health de-teriorated and she suffered more bouts of swelling, stiffness and pain. Walk-ing became difficult and climbing the steps near impossible. Much of the time she was confined to her bed. But although her health was failing, she kept up current events, especially pol-itics – it was an election year. Many topics were being debated, especially concerning slavery. She was still op-posed to the institution, a view that was in disagreement with her husband which is evident in a letter he penned to her in December of that year: ‘…The blacks are immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally, so-cially & physically. The painful disci-pline they are undergoing is necessary for their instructions as a race, & I hope will prepare & lead them to bet-ter things…’

“Mary made a difficult journey to

the springs in Berkley hoping to find some relief from her pain and suffer-ing. When she returned to Arlington, she found her father had taken quite ill. They had a few days together before he died on October 10 with Mary at his bedside. Robert immedi-ately asked for, and was granted, two months leave to oversee his father-in-law's estate. While Robert grappled with finances that included decades of poor financial decisions and poor re-cord keeping, Mary, having stumbled upon her father's memoirs of his days growing up at Mount Vernon, orga-nized the papers and arranged them into a book. Her crippling disease made the task difficult and painful, but she was persistent.

“In 1859, she completed the project and it was published shortly thereaf-ter under the title Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington, by his Adopted Son George Washington Parke Custis, with a Memoir of this Author by his Daughter. It received favorable reviews.”

When I was a young buck, I had vi-sions of being a chick magnet. Now, I didn’t use that terminol-

ogy because it hadn’t been invented yet. We had chicks, of course, and we had magnets, but we had not put those together in a phrase that means “he attracts all the girls.” The girls I attracted were either in elementary school or in the senior adult Sun-day School class, which doesn’t do a lot for your teen heartthrob image, but really does make you feel good and enhances your image as a really nice guy. Thirty years ago, I attract-ed the chick now known as Mrs. Sweetie, so it all worked out great.

Yesterday after church and lunch, we were head-ed home with visions of a Sunday nap dancing in our heads. Mrs. Sweetie was driving. Fewer than five miles from our house, a kamikaze deer decided that it must cross the road at that precise moment or it would be late for a very important date. As I said something to the effect of, “No, you stupid deer,” Mrs. Sweetie tried to slow enough to avoid it without swerv-ing off the road. She missed missing it by about two feet. A solid impact on the front driver’s side bumper sent the deer tumbling. As my Mrs. pulled over to the shoulder, I looked back to see if the deer had landed in the road.

I turned just in time to see the car behind us hit the second deer.

To make a long story short, we end-ed up with two dented cars and two apparently bruised deer that disap-peared into the trees and got to their appointment with quite a story to tell.

Several months ago, while driving late on a rainy night, Mrs. Sweetie had to straddle a deer carcass on the road. Her van is really low to the ground and it was quite an impact. While re-

covering from the shock of the impact and trying to get pulled over, she didn’t see a red light. To make a long story short, she got a ticket for the red light, but it was dismissed a week later when the police chief heard about the circumstances.

Life is full of adventures. Some good and some…not so much. There is something about knowing that God is with us on the journey that helps keep it in perspective. “I am with you always.” (Jesus, Mat-

thew 28:20). Our lives matter so much to God that He does not want us to travel solo. When we choose to fol-low Christ, He not only accompanies us, He leads us on the adventure. The path is not always smooth, but as Cor-rie ten Boom said, “When God leads us on rocky paths, He gives us strong shoes.”

I told Mrs. Sweetie that she is obvi-ously a deer magnet. And then I told her that’s how she got me. I’m not sure what she meant when she said, “Yes, dear.”

No, my Deer!


Azle resident Dr. Gerry Lewis is director ofmissions for the Harvest Baptist Association,

which is headquartered in Decatur. He writes a blog at www.lifematterstoday.blogspot.com/

Verily I say unto thee: Hurry up, already!


Mark K. Campbell

Mark K. Campbell is the Epigraph editor and once dared to take a Living Bible to Sunday


Uh-oh. I clearly had chugged too much sweet tea and the church small group meeting was just be-ginning.

This was nothing new; church folk bring food and drink and it gets con-sumed at very unbiblical paces at times. I am highly skilled at this.

The 22-minute DVD lesson began. It was about Joseph and forgiving or something like that, but I had more pressing concerns.

It’s always bad form to just get up in the middle of a church lesson, even if Max Lucado is lecturing from a TV screen.

Another problem was that I knew that there would be discussion after-ward then we’d break up into small prayer groups. More time delays...

And – always! – within this sort of piecemeal gathering there’s somebody who is a professional, Old Testament

prayer sort, full of “beseeches” and “verilys” and scads of “thees” and “thous.” They are PPPs: professional pray persons.

Some Christians are astounding at praying for “hedges of protection” and donning “armor of God” and a slew of other groovy phrases snatched from the Good Book.

Not me.In fact, I was recently chastised for

my meal prayer – which has been the same for decades.

Dear Lord:Thank You for our safety and good

fortune. Please keep watch over our family, friends, and troops. Thank You for this food. In Christ’s name, Amen.

I always felt that covered it. It’s sin-cere and honest and keeps the ham-burgers from getting cold.

(The first thing I learned in journal-ism was two words: Be Concise. Ev-erything can be shorter. [Prayers are not journalism, however. Clearly.])

My just-fine prayer, I was informed, in Christian love by the Bride, was perhaps a bit rote. Maybe I should mix it up a bit, I was informed. Per-haps try some-thing different occasionally.

I’m not a big out-loud prayer. When I was a kid in

youth groups, I prayed silently often – to not be chosen to pray aloud.

I’m fine praying verbally now, even if it’s a tad briefer than the pros.

Usually, it’s the old folks who are PPPs, the guys and gals who sit in the back of whatever gathering is go-ing on – the King-James-is-the-only-

real-Bible people – who will whip out elongated, flowery, dense praises and laments that can go on for a while.

I have no doubt that they are sincere when they bring in detailed statements concerning “discernment” for politi-cians and helping the evil biased lib-eral media “see the light”.

Then, there’s always the PPPs’ standby, the weather.

How things are going outside is al-ways a constant with the pros’ prose and their confined audience. Especial-ly rain: either appreciative for recent rains – “Verily, we thank Thou!” – or pleading for absent rain – “We beseech Thee!” (That last prayer has been go-ing on for about three years now.)

So, anyway, after Max Lucado told us on the TV to be more forgiving, we chatted for a while. I remember noth-ing. All those cups of tea...

Then came the breakout into smaller groups. Fortunately, I didn’t get the PPP. In a few minutes, all the other

groups had broken up and were mill-ing about in the hallway (I eventually joined them after taking care of busi-ness) while the PPP was on fire with a series of Old School words and phrases.

Now, there’s something kinda cool about an 80-year-old man who has been a member of the same church for 70 years intoning concerns and thanks in a Shakespearian manner. There’s a poetry there, no doubt, and Spirit led, hopefully.

But a lengthy prayer doesn’t work for all of us. Just like some of us are OK with the NIV or even – gasp! – The Message, we’re also OK with knowing that God knows our hearts and it might not be necessary to evoke every situation you can think of.

Still, if you need to whip out some “verilys” and “begots” go for it. I’ll cut back on the tea.

Mounting responsibilities: Mary Custis Lee, Part 5


Laurie Moseley

Laurie Moseley is an author, archeologistand historian who lives in Springtown. He is the

director of Springtown’s Legends Museum.

“protect” their daughter from being chosen for another team. The commis-sioner this year has decided to coach. She has no daughters playing in the league. But she has taken it upon herself to “coach protect” three girls whom she says are like her daughters.

Ironically these are some of the best sixth grade girls. After the draft on Sunday night, she then called my wife who is a coach as well, and wanted to “trade” my wife’s first pick because this girl’s mother might cause prob-lems if she is not on the “right” team.

If you are so worried about your

daughter being prepped for the next level, go play club ball and get profes-sional coaches. Let the rest of the girls just have fun.

Stacking one team with all of the best girls so they can win every game teaches them nothing. The commis-sioner should at least be setting the example and following the rules.

What a joke. This used to be fun for the girls; now several don’t want to play and for obvious reasons coaches now don’t want to coach. Randy Harris Springtown

Concerns about youth volleyball

Letter to the editor

Page 9: The Springtown Epigraph

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The Texas Depart-ment of Public Safety on March 18 announced the creation of the Texas Crimes

Against Children Center within the agency’s Texas Rangers Di-vision.

The stated goal is to protect children through the collec-tion and dissemination of vi-tal intelligence, investigative support and cooperation with victim-assistance counselors by “providing support to local, state and federal partners on investigations related to miss-ing and exploited children, the trafficking of children, child abductions and other high-risk threats to children.”

“The exploitation and hu-man trafficking of children is a deplorable crime and it is criti-cal that we use all available re-sources to keep them safe,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw.

Flu season isn’t overFor the week ending March 8,

the Department of State Health

Services on March 14 reported the presence of “influenza-like illness or institutional out-breaks in at least two but less than half the regions of the state with recent laboratory evidence of influenza in those regions.”

And although “influenza lab-oratory data and influenza-like illness indicators have demon-strated a consistent decrease for the last several weeks,” in-fluenza-like illness intensity “is still elevated throughout Texas” and 14 pediatric flu deaths have been confirmed in Texas this season.

The state health department punctuated its report by encour-aging “everyone six months old and older to get a dose of flu vaccine” for this season’s par-ticular strains.

Drought declaration lives onGov. Rick Perry on March 14

renewed an Emergency Disas-ter Proclamation he originally issued on July 5, 2011, certi-fying that exceptional drought conditions posed a threat of imminent disaster in specified

counties in Texas.The 30-day renewal applies

to 143 or Texas’ 254 counties, and suspends “all rules and regulations that may inhibit or prevent prompt response to this threat.”

Actor speaks for vets pro-gram

Barry Corbin is front and center in a new 30-second Tex-as Veterans Land Board public service announcement that be-gan airing March 17 in targeted broadcasts, announced Land Commissioner Jerry Patter-son, who oversees the Veterans Land Board.

Corbin, a Lamesa native who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, played roles in such films as War Games, Urban Cowboy, and No Country for Old Men, in television shows such as Northern Exposure and in the 1989 TV mini-series Lonesome Dove.

In the part of the announce-ment, Corbin says, “Right now, if you’re a Texas veteran or a member of the military,

the VLB has low-i n t e r e s t l o a n s up to $100,000 with only 5 percent d o w n . This is a great deal, just for veter-ans.”

Inter im charges are made

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who presides over the Sen-ate, announced items for four standing committees to study and report on before the 2015 Legislature.

The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services is to: Evaluate prescription drug abuse and strategies for reduc-ing it; monitor initiatives to im-prove the quality and efficiency of Medicaid; monitor fraud, waste and abuse in Medicaid

and other health and human services programs; monitor the State Board of Dental Ex-aminers’ ability to respond to complaints and reports of po-tential fraudulent activity; and monitor efforts to increase the transparency of the Cancer Pre-vention and Research Institute of Texas.

For the Senate Committee on Jurisprudence, charges include monitoring: (a) the implemen-tation of laws passed in 2013 regarding criminal procedures related to children who commit certain Class C misdemeanors; (b) the prosecution of certain misdemeanor offenses commit-ted by children and to school district law enforcement; and (c) the state’s new electronic, digitized court filing system.

The Senate Committee on Open Government is to “review the Texas Public Information Act to ensure that access to pub-lic records and information by the public remains fully trans-parent, but that governmental entities have the authority to protect the privacy interests of

citizens, including primary and higher education students, from improper public disclosure.” The committee also will review and make recommendations on improving the transparency of information available on state websites regarding state expen-ditures, reports and contracts, including a comparison of how similar information is provided by other states.

The Senate Committee on Transportation is to evaluate comprehensive development agreements and design/build project delivery methods and make recommendations. The panel also is to examine the implementation of law passed in 2013 to provide “remedies for habitual violators of non-payment of tolls” and “make recommendations for any leg-islation needed to improve, en-hance, and/or complete imple-mentation.”

DPS creates a center to protect children



Veteran state reporter and legislative analyst Ed Sterling is member services

director for the Texas Press Association, whose 518 member newspapers have combined circulation of 3.7 million.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014Movie Man10A

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The mission of this sale is to make fresh produce affordable and accessible to all.

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Divergent PG-13Mon - Thurs: 2:50, 6:30, 9:30 Fri - Sun: 11:45, 2:50, 6:30, 9:30

Non Stop PG-13Mon - Thurs: 2:00, 4:35, 7:10, 9:45Fri - Sun: 11:30, 2:00, 4:35, 7:10, 9:45

Need For Speed PG-13Fri- Thurs: 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 10:15

Mr. Peabody and Sherman PGMon - Thurs: 1:25, 3:40, 6:05, 9:20Fri - Sun: 11:00, 1:25, 3:40, 6:05, 9:20

Muppets: Most Wanted PGMon - Thurs: 1:50, 4:20, 7:00, 9:40 Fri- Thurs: 11:15, 1:50, 4:20, 7:00, 9:40

300: Rise of an Empire RMon - Thurs: 2:15, 4:45, 7:25, 10:10Fri - Sun: 11:45, 2:15, 4:45, 7:25, 10:10

Sabotage RMon - Thurs: 2:05, 4:40, 7:20, 10:00 Fri- Thurs: 11:30, 2:05, 4:40, 7:20, 10:00

Noah PG-13Mon - Thurs: 3:00, 6:15, 9:30 Fri- Thurs: 11:55, 3:00, 6:15, 9:30

940-627-5522www.plazacinema4.comCHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR MOVIE TIMES!


Plaza Cinema IV920 W. Thompson, Decatur

Friday 03/28 - Thursday 04/3

Tickets Now on Sale For: Captain America

The Winter Soldier, April 3-8:00pm 3D Only

Coming April 11: RIO 2

Mr. Peabody and Sherman PG

Muppets Most Wanted PG

Noah 7pm Thursday, March 27 PG-13

Divergent PG-13

Box Office Opens: Sun - Fri 12 pm · Sat Only 9:30 am

Weatherford Cinema 10 strongly enforces the National M.P.A.A. Rating System. NO ONE UNDER 17 will be admitted into an “R” rated movie without being accompanied by their parent. There are no exceptions to this policy and I.D. WILL BE CHECKED.


purchase tickets onlinewww.citylightstheaters.com

1000 Cinema Drive in Hudson Oaks1 mile West of Lakeshore Drive, off of Fort Worth Highway

For times & info.

FRI. 3/28 - THUR. 4/03

Non-Stop PG-13

Mr. Peabody & Sherman 2D/3D PG

Noah PG-13

Sabatoge R

300: Rise of an Empire R

Gods Not Dead PG

Muppets Most Wanted PG

Divergent PG-13

Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club PG-13

Need for Speed PG-13

Alas, here’s another sequel that sadly lives up to the Sec-ond Movie Theory: the prede-cessor is usually better.

While the Movie Man wasn’t blown away by the Muppets re-turn in 2011 (Movie Man No. 958, a 6), this new one, the se-quel, is certainly a lesser effort.

About the fi lmMuppets’ history goes way

back – from early appearances on TV’s Sesame Street to the puppets shooting to the top of the pop culture zeitgeist in the 1970’s in a TV show that every major star of the day scrambled to be on.

Movies followed, but, like plenty of fads through the years, the Muppet bloom faded.

Then, a generation that grew up on the critters began harken-ing back nostalgically like all generations do. And there stood those happy, slightly wonky Muppets. Thirty-four-year old Jason Segal was one of those kids who watched the TV show as a boy. He was the primary im-petus for the big screen revival.

The rebirthed Muppets also clung to their low-rent Broad-way song and dance numbers. That ’11 movie even won an Academy Award for Best Orig-inal Song with the witty “Man or Muppet.” Of course, it only had to beat out one tune, from the animated movie Rio (2011, MM #926, 4).

Once there was a time when Best Song was a major battle, an era when a movie’s theme song was often a major pop hit.

For many stretches of con-secutive years, every Oscar winner for Best Original Song was also a big radio hit.

From 1969-73: “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969, B.J. Thomas, No. 1 on the charts; “For All We Know” from Lovers and Other Strang-ers, 1970, the Carpenters, No. 3; “Theme from Shaft,” 1971, Isaac Hayes, No. 1; “The Morning Af-ter,” from The Poseidon Adven-ture, 1972, Maureen McGovern,

No. 1; and “The Way We Were” from The Way We Were, 1973, Barbra Streisand.

An even more awesome stretch came in 1980-87: “Fame” from Fame, 1980, Irene Cara, No. 4; “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)” from Arthur, 1981, Christopher Cross, No. 1; “Up Where We Belong” from An Offi cer and a Gentleman, 1982, Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, No. 1; “Flash-dance…What a Feeling: from Flashdance, 1983, Irene Cara, No. 1; “I Just Called to Say I Love You” from The Woman in Red, 1984, Stevie Wonder, No. 1; “Say You, Say Me” from White Nights, 1985, Lionel Richie, No. 1; “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, 1986, Berlin, No. 1; and “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, 1987, Bill Med-ley & Jennifer Warnes, No. 1.

Today, few major songs from movies are hits, even though the most recent Best Song win-ner, “Let It Go” from Frozen, is an exception.

The plotThe Muppets, fresh off their

2011 movie, are encouraged to go on a world tour under the auspices of promoter Dominic (Ricky Gervais). But he plans on teaming up with evil Con-stantine – a dead ringer for Ker-

mit the Frog – and pulling off a great heist.

Kermit gets arrested and sent to a Russian gulag overseen by Nadya (Tina Fey). His place in the Muppets’ troupe is taken by Constantine as the puppets tour foreign cities.

Gervais and Constantine must collect hidden artifacts – a paint-ing, a key, and a locket – before they can rob the Tower of Lon-don. So the Muppets “tour” a few major capitals where the evil duo gathers the items.

Only a couple of Muppets suspect Kermit’s been replaced. Eventually, the real Kermit is rescued and the bad guys are thwarted with minor help from a French detective (Ty Burrell) and Muppet Sam the Eagle.

What worksThere are a few cute mo-

ments, like seeing Christoph Waltz waltz with a giant Mup-pet or seeing Kermit/Constan-tine standing on Gervais’ head.

The only memorable song is a near-dead-on 70’s soul mimic called “I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu).” But it’s not really “Best Song” worthy.

The fi nal shot of the movie has some of that sly Muppet humor that is so missing in the rest of the movie.

Best sceneA voice from a metallic soli-

tary confi nement area sings out

occasionally in the Russian gu-lag. When Kermit organizes a criminal talent show, the owner of that captive voice is fi nally revealed…briefl y. It’s pretty funny – and from a guy who is proving to be a master of dash-ing his own ego.

What doesn’t workWow, Most Wanted is really

not very funny. For every stray chuckle – Fey walks down the line of locked-down prisoners’ cells saying good night to each off camera, “Killer” and “Scar,” then eventually says “Danny Trejo” an actor in the movie’s actual name – almost 99 per-cent die. They’re not wincingly unfunny bad, just bad.

The plot is a rehash from an earlier Muppet movie and that’s OK, but Most Wanted is terribly slow and uneven. It looks hur-ried and just thrown together.

Worst of all is the songs. It seems like there are a hundred and all but one is either imme-diately forgettable or too unin-telligible. Even attempts at be-ing self-aware in a hipster sort of way fails when the fi rst song addresses the fact that sequels are always worse than the origi-nals.

Even the stinger – the post-end credits bit – is nothing

worth staying for.

The ratingThere is nothing offensive

here; it’s a “PG” for rude hu-mor, but there’s very little of it.

Summing upMuppets Most Wanted is al-

most two hours long and it feels like much more. The audience with the Movie Man was nearly dead quiet the entire movie – even the kids got seat-bouncing bored.

Next upNoah.

Here’s a new Muppet character suggestion: Snoozer

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Photo by Paula Campbell

Photo by Ryan Burger

Photo by Ryan Burger

Spring Approaches

It’s been slow going, but, after a winter that re-fuses to exit, spring is fi-nally arriving. Peach trees (above) are blossoming, something bees appreci-ate (left). Bluebonnets (far left), the true harbinger of Texas spring, are finally getting their chance to shine here in the north-ern part of the state. Also in action are springtime birds, including red-head-ed woodpeckers (upper left), bluebirds, and our state bird, the mocking-bird.

Photo by Paula Campbell

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Wednesday, March 26, 20142B COMMUNITY

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The following individuals who list addresses in the Azle and/or Springtown areas were ar-rested by various law enforce-ment agencies and booked into the Parker County Jail during the week of March16-22.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 43-year-old Springtown man on March 17 for a commitment order for driving with an invalid license with pre-vious convictions. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail with no bond set.

A 37-year-old Azle woman was arrested by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies on March 17 and charged with possession of a controlled substance – penalty group 3, less than 28 grams. She posted $1,000 bond and was re-leased from the Parker County Jail the same day.

Azle police arrested a 36-year-old Springtown woman on March 17 and charged her with theft of property, $50-$500. She posted $500 bond and was re-leased from the Parker County Jail on March 18.

Springtown police arrested a 32-year-old Springtown woman on March 17 for active Spring-town warrants for failure to ap-pear in court, and failure to dim headlights. She posted $506 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 18.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers arrested a 52-year-old Springtown man on March 17 and charged him with possession of marijuana, less than two ounces. He posted $750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 18.

A 46-year-old Springtown woman was arrested on March 18 by Parker County Sheriff’s depu-ties for a warrant for burglary of a habitation. As of March 24 she

was held in the Parker County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bond.

Springtown police arrested a 56-year-old Springtown man on March 18 and charged him with driving with an invalid license with previous convictions and no insurance. He also had an out-standing warrant for driving with an invalid license. He posted $1,692 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail later that day.

A 27-year-old Azle woman was arrested by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies on March 18 on a motion to revoke parole or probation for a previous charge of possession of a controlled substance – penalty group 1, less than one ounce. As of March 24 she was held in the Parker Coun-ty Jail without bond.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 34-year-old Springtown man for a warrant for assault of a family or household member – impeding breathing or circulation. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

A 34-year-old Azle man was arrested on March 18 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies on a commitment order for a previous charge of aggravated sexual as-sault of a child. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond.

Springtown police arrested a 44-year-old Springtown man on March 18 and charged him with driving with an invalid license with previous convictions and no insurance. He posted $750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 19.

Michael Wade Reusch, 47, of Springtown was arrested March 19 by Texas DPS troopers and charged with DWI with an open alcohol container and unlawful

carrying of a weapon. He posted $3,000 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 20.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 32-year-old Springtown man on March 19 on a motion to adjudicate guilt for a previous charge of assault. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail without bond.

A 46-year-old Azle man was arrested on March 19 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies and charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon. He posted $2,000 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail fi ve hours later.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 38-year-old Springtown man on March 20 and charged him with driving with an invalid license with pre-vious convictions and no insur-ance. He posted $750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 21.

George Wesley Earl Ary, 44, of Springtown was arrested on March 21 by Texas DPS troop-ers and charged with DWI, pos-session of marijuana – less than two ounces, and evading arrest or detention with a vehicle. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail in lieu of $11,750 bond.

A 28-year-old Springtown woman was arrested on March 21 by Springtown police and charged with driving with an invalid license with previous convictions and no insurance. She posted $750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on the same day.

Texas DPS arrested a 27-year-old Azle man on March 21 and charged him with possession of a controlled substance – pen-alty group 1, less than one gram and possession of marijuana, less than two ounces. He posted $3750 bond and was released from the Parker County Jail on March 22.

A 43-year-old Springtown man was arrested on March 21 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for a warrant for cru-elty to non-livestock animals. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker County Jail in lieu of $2,000 bond.

Parker County Sheriff’s depu-ties arrested a 21-year-old Azle woman on March 22 for a Tar-rant county warrant for theft of property, $50-$500. She was re-leased to Tarrant County authori-ties on March 24

Justin Lee Downs, 21, of Springtown was arrested on March 22 for DWI. As of March 24 he was held in the Parker

County Jail in lieu of $2,500 bond.

Reno police arrested a 20-year-old Azle woman on March 22 for four active Reno warrants – two for failure to appear in court and two for speeding. As of March 24 she was held in the Parker Coun-ty Jail in lieu of $1,186 bond.

A 26-year-old Azle man was arrested on March 22 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for a Tarrant County warrant for theft of property $50-$500. He was re-leased to Tarrant County authori-ties on March 24.

The Parker Countywide Cleanup is slated for Saturday, April 5 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at all precinct barns.

All Parker County residents are encouraged to clean up their personal property and, if possi-ble, form neighborhood groups now to tidy up and mow road-sides and public areas, and as-sist disabled persons in clean-ing around their homes.

The cleanup can be seen as an opportunity to meet neigh-bors and enhance the forma-tion of networks throughout the county, which can actively sup-

port a number of worthwhile projects from crime watch to helping neighbors in need.

Cleanup day is for private citizens, not commercial dis-posal.

Residents are required to bring some form of proof of residency, as the cleanup is for Parker County residents only.

Commissioners’ precinct barns will have areas or recep-tacles designated for the fol-lowing items:

• aluminum, iron, glass etc.• newspapers, cardboard• tires (rims removed)

• furniture/appliances• dried paint cans• lumber, limbs and brush• batteries, oil fi lters, and oilNo fl ammable liquids, shin-

gles, paint, or chemicals will be accepted.

As a courtesy to workers, sepa-rate items and bag securely to speed unloading and reduce labor.

They will not unload loose garbage.

All Parker County residents may go to the closest collec-tion site. Directions to precinct barns:

Precinct 1 (Commissioner

George Conley, 817-220-7218) – 3000 Veal Station Road, south of Springtown

Precinct 2 (Commissioner Craig Peacock, 817-594-4022) – 3033 FM Road 1885, Peaster

Precinct 3 (Commissioner, Larry Walden, 817-594-0371) – 1111 FM 1189, Brock

Precinct 4 (Commissioner Dusty Renfro, 817-596-0004) – 1320 Airport Road, Aledo

For more information call your county precinct barn or the Parker County offi ce of Texas AgriLife Extension Ser-vice at (817) 598-6168.

The Garden of Hope Community garden is accepting registra-tion for the 2014 growing season.

The garden offers 4-by-8 foot raised beds with rich garden soil, free irrigation water, a central tool shed, wide paths with wheel chair access, a water fountain, a washout tub, and free parking.

There will also be organic gardening tips and health education information available to gardeners.

Registration kits are available at Hope Lutheran Church, Reno City Hall, Azle Chamber of Commerce, Azle Caring Community, Springtown Chamber of Commerce, Neighbor to Neighbors, and many local builder, feed, and garden supply stores.

There is a fee of $25 for the entire growing season and all gardeners must provide their own seeds, plants, drip hoses, and tools.

Ten percent of the produce will go to local food pantries and shelters.

Lake Bridgeport 836.00 814.60 -21.40Eagle Mountain Lake 649.10 641.85 -7.25Richland-Chambers Res. 315.00 307.63 -7.37Cedar Creek Lake 322.00 318.42 -3.58Lake Arlington 550.00 546.56 -3.44Lake Benbrook 694.00 688.50 -5.50Lake Worth 594.00 590.63 -3.37

*Data provided by USGS March 25

Lake Report

Conservation Current Current Level Level Status


Parker County residential countywide cleanup day April 5

Garden of Hope accepting registration

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Rodney Gatlin, D.C.400 Boyd Court

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Our family serving your family since 1908

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Commercial & ResidentialExperienced & Competitive Prices

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

Repair & Installation LandscapingSod/Hydromulching

DrainsRock & StoneworkLandscape Lighting

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113 Denver Trail • Azle 817-444-3249 Fax 817-444-3275


STUDIO - 1 bath , 350 sq. ft.ONE BEDROOM - 1 bath, 450 sq. ftTWO BEDROOM - 1 bath, 642 sq. ft.

Larry’sCARPETWarehouse full of

rolls and remnants

8305 Jacksboro Hwy.Fort Worth, TX 76135

“Since 1979”




East 817-283-6911

West 817-444-0090Keith Hufsey


Joe RiderPropane, Inc.



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Thank you for your support!

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Therapeutic Optometrist

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817-444-8885 after hours 817-925-3359200 Walnut Creek Ave.



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Clarks Precision Machine & Tool 636 Profi t St., Azle, Tx

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“Celebrating 13 years serving Azle area”

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S nirpgtown


“Caring about what Jesuscares about... You!”

1227 Old Cottondale • 817-220-7177

140 W. MAIN ST.


Compliments of

Rural Gas SupplyP R O P A N E

“In business since 1946”

CLEANERSBrookshire’s Shopping CenterThank you for your support!

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302 Palo Pinto 1088 E. Hwy 199 Weatherford Springtown 817-594-3888 817-220-5959


“Not Just a Tire Store”Complete Automotive, Light

Truck & Diesel“We are making drivers smile”


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&This devotional and directory is made possible by these businesses who encourage all of us to attend worship services.

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APOSTOLIC CORNERSTONE APOSTOLIC CHURCH1801 FM 730 N., Azle817-400-0612HARVEST TIME APOSTOLIC1 Block N. FM 2048 in Keeter817-433-8220ASSEMBLY OF GOD FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD114 Porter Drive, Azle 817-237-4903FELLOWSHIP OF LAKE WORTH4024 Dakota Trail, Lake Worth817-237-9433NEW BEGINNINGS CHURCH810 Goshen Rd, Springtown817-523-4462 OUTREACH OF LOVEHwy. 199 W. at FM 2257, Azle 817-221-2983 / 817-221-5760BAPTIST ASH CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH300 South Stewart, Azle817-444-3219AGNES INDEPENDENT BAPTIST350 Agnes N., Springtown 817-523-7271BETHEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST 408 S. Ash St., Springtown817-220-4238AZLE AVENUE BAPTIST2901 Azle Ave., Fort Worth817- 626-5556BRIAR FIRST BAPTISTWest of FM 730 N. at sign, Briar817- 444-3484BROOKSHIRE BAPTIST114 Brookshire Ave., Azle817-237-0892CALVARY HEIGHTS BAPTIST1 block off Hwy. 199,east of David’s Patio,Springtown, 817-221-2241CENTRAL BAPTIST4290 Old Agnes Road - 817-594-5918CHRISTWAY BAPTIST7673 West Hwy. 199, Agnes817-220-9133 or 817-220-3581CLEAR FORK BAPTISTCorner of FM 730 & Ragle Rd., Weather-ford, 817-594-1154COTTONWOOD CREEK BAPTIST10905 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth 817-238-8269 817- 237-8113CROSSWAY BAPTIST CHURCH1355 Northwest Pkwy., Azle 817-691-0000CROSSROADS BAPTIST CHURCHCorner of FM 730 South & FM 1886 817-270-8476EAGLE MOUNTAIN BAPTIST8780 Eagle Mtn. Circle, Azle817-237-4135FAITH BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP1411 Carter Road, Springtown817-220-5828FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH171 Green Branch Road, Weatherford817-454-4582FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF AZLE1017 Boyd Road817-444-4828FIRST BAPTIST CASTLE HILLS401 Beverly Rd., Azle817-237-3891FIRST BAPTIST LAKE WORTH700 Charbonneau Tr.,west side of Effi e Morris Elementary817-237-2624FIRST BAPTIST LAKESIDE8801 Jacksboro Hwy., Lakeside817-237-8113FIRST BAPTIST BRIAR6 miles N. of Azle on FM 730817-444-3484FIRST BAPTIST COTTONDALE1 block N. of FM 2123, Cottondale940-433-5539FIRST BAPTIST PEASTERFM 920 in Peaster817-596-8805FIRST BAPTIST POOLVILLE1 block W. of FM 920, Poolville817-594-3916FIRST BAPTIST SPRINGTOWN5th & Main Street, Springtown817-523-7011FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST801 Friendship Rd., 9½ miles S. of Springtown off Hwy. 51 S.817-594-5940 or 817-599-4917FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST5th & Main in Springtown817-523-5477GRACE BAPTIST3 miles N. of Springtown on Hwy. 51across from Radio TowerHERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH3577 FM 51 N., Weatherford817-564-3946HILLTOP FAMILY CHURCH

1227 Old Cottondale Road,Springtown, 817-220-7177LAJUNTA BAPTIST5207 E. Hwy. 199, LaJunta817-221-3989IGLESIA BAUTISTANueva Jerusalen6640 Midway Rd., Springtown 817-677-2907 INDIAN OAKS PRIMITIVEBAPTIST CHURCH3229 Shawnee Trail, Lake Worth817-237-8441LAKE WORTH BAPTIST4445 Hodgkins, Lake Worth817-237-4163LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST6409 FM 730 S., Azle817-444-4311METROPOLITAN BAPTIST6051 Azle Ave., Fort Worth817-237-2201MIDWAY BAPTIST4110 E. Hwy. 199, Springtown817-221-LOVENEW HOPE BAPTIST782 New Hope Rd., Reno area817-221-2184NORTHWEST BAPTIST5500 Boat Club Rd., Lake Worth817-237-6063 or 817-270-8476SILVER CREEK BAPTIST730 S. & Veal Station Rd., Azle817-444-2325NEW BEGINNINGS BAPTIST CHURCH3605 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle817-707-2741PLEASANT GROVE BAPTISTFM 2048 and CR 4677, Boyd940-433-5477PRIMERA IGLESIA BAUTISTA301 S. Stewart, Azle817-523-0074SPRINGTOWN BAPTIST TEMPLE201 J. E. Woody Rd., Springtown817-523-0376UNION BAPTIST CHURCH3451 Sarra Lane, Springtown817-613-1441WALNUT CREEK BAPTIST220 W. Reno Rd. in Reno817-221-2110WEST PARKWAY BAPTIST836 NW Parkway, Azle817-444-3752BIBLE COMMUNITY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP1405 Reynolds Rd., Reno817-444-7117CROSSING FELLOWSHIP1177 Southeast Parkway, Azle817-381-5888 · 817-381-5808NORTHWEST BIBLE CHURCH5025 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth817-624-2111SOLID ROCK BIBLE CHURCH591 S. Reno Rd., Springtown817-221-3444CATHOLIC HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC800 Highcrest Dr., Azle817-444-3063CHRISTIAN THE CHURCH AT AZLE1801 S. Stewart, Azle817-444-9973AZLE CHRISTIAN(DISCIPLES OF CHRIST)117 Church St., Azle817-444-3527AZLE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP35 West Forty Estates., Azle817-688-3339CENTRAL CHRISTIAN1602 S. Main St., Weatherford817-594-3043FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH4th & Main, ParadiseGREATER VISION FELLOWSHIP1801 S. Stewart St., Azle817-825-0485LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP404 Main St., Azle817-308-2557THE ABBEY CHURCH10400 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle817-238-1404VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER737 Boyd Rd., Azle817-444-LOVEWORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER1¼ mi. S. of LaJunta817-677-2577CHURCH OF CHRISTAZLE CHURCH of CHRIST336 NW Parkway817-444-3268BRIAR CHURCH of CHRIST109 W.N. Woody Rd.(½ block west of FM 730 N. in Briar)817-444-7102

MIDWAY CHURCH of CHRIST6400 Midway Rd.817-221-2107 NEWSOME MOUND ROADCHURCH of CHRIST1460 Newsome Mound Rd.817-677-3290NORTHWEST CHURCH of CHRIST6059 Azle Ave., Fort Worth817-237-1205POOLVILLE CHURCH of CHRISTWest of FM 920 in Poolville817-594-4182SOUTHSIDE CHURCH of CHRIST130 W. Bradshaw Lane, Springtown817-221-2799SPRINGTOWN CHURCH of CHRISTJust west of Hwy. 51 North817-523-4419TRI-COUNTY CHURCH of CHRIST525 Hwy. 199 W., Springtown817-538-8209CHURCH OF GOD ABUNDANT LIFE CHURCH of GOD4800 East Hwy. 199, Suite 7Springtown, 817-677-3208CHURCH OF GOD of LAKESIDE9500 Confederate Park Rd. (FM 1886)817-237-5500 or 817-237-7837EPISCOPAL ST. ANNE’S EPISCOPAL6055 Azle Ave., Fort Worth817-237-1888PROVIDENCE REFORMED EPISCOPAL405 Bowie Dr., Weatherford 817-596-7476ST. ELISABETH EPISCOPAL 5910 Black Oak Lane, River Oaks817-739-0504GOSPEL CENTRAL FULL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP3009 Delaware Tr., Lake Worth817-237-7919JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES212 Pearson Lane, Azle817-221-2242LUTHERAN GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN (MISSOURI SYNOD)1313 SE Parkway, Azle817-237-4822HOPE LUTHERAN (ELCA)4795 Hwy. 199, Reno817-221-HOPEMETHODIST BOYD UNITED METHODISTFM 730 North in Boyd940-433-5334EAGLE MT. UNITED METHODIST7955 Reed Rd., Azle817-444-0226FIRST UNITED METHODIST200 Church St., Azle817-444-3323LIGHTHOUSE FELLOWSHIP7200 Robertson Rd., Fort Worth817-237-2758SILVER CREEK UNITED METHODIST2200 Church Rd., Azle817-444-1382FIRST UNITED METHODISTHwy. 51 N & 3rd Street, Springtown817-523-7874GARVIN UNITED METHODIST3 miles West of Boyd on C.R. 4699POOLVILLE UNITED METHODIST1 block W. of FM 920(behind Poolville Post Offi ce)817-599-3601THE CHURCH OF JESUSCHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS (THE MORMONS) THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRISTOF LATTER-DAY SAINTS1010 Timberoaks, Azle817-237-5075PENTECOSTALGRACE CHAPELUNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH3508 Shawnee Trail, Lake Worth817- 237-4844IGLESIA CRISTIANA JUDA1649 S.E. Parkway, AzlePRESBYTERIANGRACE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN606 Mockingbird Lane, Weatherford817-594-2744ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF FORT WORTHMeeting at Northwest YMCA 5315 Boat Club Road, Fort Worth817-989-9800CONVENANT ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

4300 Williams Spring Rd., Fort Worth1 mile west of 820 on Jacksboro Hwy.JOHN KNOX PRESBYTERIAN4350 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks817-642-9265

OTHER BETTER LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH3131 E. Hwy 199, Spt 817-677-2300 CORNERSTONE COMMUNITY CHURCH2233 Hwy 199 East, Springtown817-221-LIFE (5433)FAMILY CHURCH9 miles S. of Springtown on Hwy. 51817-599-7655FOUNTAIN OF FAITH4397 E. Hwy 199, Springtown817-304-4739GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH2964 W. Hwy 114, Paradise940-969-2427HARVEST FOR CHRIST CHURCH1108 NW Parkway (Hwy 199), Azle817-740-5774THE HOUSE OF PRAYER1356 Reno Rd., Springtown817-221-2551JUBILEE HOUSE11210 Hwy. 199 W., Poolville817-271-8008LIBERTY LIGHTHOUSE120 S. Main St., Springtown817-523-0222OASIS CHRISTIAN CENTRE CHURCH & HEALING SCHOOL1121 S.E. Parkway, AzlePOWERHOUSE OF PRAISE CHURCH1649 S.E. Parkway, Azle817-319-7364BRANDED CROSSCOWBOY CHURCH3282 FM 2048, Boyd 76023940-636-9158SECRET PLACE MINISTRIES112 Optimist Rd., Springtown682-229-1433SPRINGTOWN 7TH DAYADVENTIST Hwy. 199 4 miles west of Springtown GOSPEL GATHERING FELLOWSHIP7315 Silver Creek Rd at Flatrock Rd, Azle817-313-1793GOSPEL WAY COWBOY CHURCH420 Jaybird Ln. (FM 2257/ Hwy 199)Springtown, 817-225-8755 LIGHTHOUSE HARBOR CHURCH1960 Long Circle, Pelican Bay817-444-3547JESUS NAME HOUSE OF PRAYER2813 E. Hwy. 199, third drive past Boyd Feed Store817-221-4426NEW LIFE FAMILY FELLOWSHIP525 W. Hwy. 199, Springtown817-523-2045NEW LIGHTED WAY624 Harbor Dr. Circle, Azle817-444-1577NORTHWEST TEMPLE OF PRAISE6781 Jacksboro Hwy., Lake WorthPRECIOUS FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH8601 Hwy. 199 @ Vance Godbey’sSPIRIT FILLED CHURCH603 SE Parkway, Azle817-444-3058THE HOUSE OF PRAYER1356 Reno Rd., Springtown817-221-2551UNIVERSAL LIGHT OF CHRIST6117 Graham St., Lake Worth817-881-3889REAL FAMILY FELLOWSHIP202 Pearson Lane, Azle817-677-5963SOULS HARBOR11701 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle817-726-2065WESTERN HARVESTFELLOWSHIP CENTER6577 Old Springtown Rd., Weatherford817-523-2855 or 817-995-9087SHEPHERD’S HEART CHURCH14435 FM 730 N • Azle940-577-1954WESTERN STAR COWBOY CHURCH790 CR 3696 • Springtown817-880-5488

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1825 W. Hwy. 199 Springtown, TX 760821825 W. Hwy. 199 Springtown, TX 760821825 W. Hwy. 199 Springtown, TX 76082

Air Conditioningand Heating


TACLA014745E RRC#11349


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Ac Guys R Us


Heating andAir Conditioning

TACL #B00028986E

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Quality Service with NO Service Call Fee!

Locally Owned & Operated

Garry Harris


New Systems $2,800

Servicing All Brands • Fast Response

B & H

Equipment and Labor

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3BCOMMUNITY

EAGLE MOUNTAIN AUTO PRO“Everyone otta know an Auto Pro”

Auto, Diesel, RV, Equipment

Azle, TX ASE Certifi ed Clay Stanton


We will welcome you at the Azle

Church of Christ

336 NW Parkway817-444-4202


OF THE LORD’S WAYSunday 7:00 a.m. Channel 27 TV

Page 14: The Springtown Epigraph

Wednesday, March 26, 20144B COMMUNITY

Ad Classifi cation RATESUp to 16 words, fi rst insertion:

Combo (Azle & Springtown)Only $8.00!

Over 16 words, add 20 cents per word

• Discounted rates for additional insertions available if no weeks are skipped and words do not change

• Boxed display ads also available

(All ads must be paid in advance unless you have previously established credit)

Reach more than 8,000 households with combo advertising in the Azle News and the Springtown Epigraph.

Nobody does it better!


MONDAY BY 5:00 P.M.Most ads require payment in advance, but we do accept VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER by phone.

CLASSIFIED 817-270-3340 - Azle - classifi [email protected] - Springtown - [email protected]

Springtown Epigraph



1. Air Condition/Heating2. ......................Antiques3. ................... Appliances4. .........Appliance Repair5. ....................Arts/Crafts6. ............ Asphalt Paving7. .......................Auctions8. ............... Autos, Trucks9. .... Auto Repair Service10.........Backhoe Service11. ............ Boats, Motors12...............Bookkeeping13. .................... Business

Opportunity14........ Campers/Trailers15...................... Carports16...... Equipment Repair17............ Carpet Service18 ......................Catering19...............Cement Work20.................Ceramic tile21................... Child Care22................... Cosmetics23...Computers/Services

24................... Electrician25............... Equipment &

Tool Rental26 ................. Excavating27............. Exterminating28 ........Farm Equipment29 ...................... Fencing30 .................... Firewood31 .............................Free32 ...................... For Sale33 .................... Furniture34.............. Garage Sales35 .........Garden, Mowing

Service36........................ Hauling37...............................Hay38.............Health/Fitness39 ...............Help Wanted40 ...Home Improvement41 ..........House Leveling42.......... House Cleaning43.................. Income Tax44....... Janitorial Service45................. Job Wanted

46................Legal Notice47.............. Lost & Found48 Maintenance/Repairs49...................... Masonry50 Mobile Home Service51................ Motorcycles52.........................Movers53.. Musical Instruments54........... Music Lessons55.............Miscellaneous56........................ Notices57........... Pets, Livestock58..............Piano Service59................Pool Service60................Professional

Services61...................... Personal62.....................Plumbing63...............Public Notice64............... Photography65........................Printing66........................Roofi ng67.................... Recycling68........................Storage

69................ Sand/Gravel70................Septic Tanks71.....Sewing/Alterations72.............Sewer Service73......................TV/Radio74... Too Late to Classify75.................. Upholstery76....... Vacuum Cleaners77........................ Wanted78.................Well Drilling79....................... Welding80.............. Lots/Acreage81..................Business &

Commercial Property82..........Resort Property83.......... Houses for Sale84............. Mobile Homes

for Rent85............. Mobile Homes

for Sale86.... Mobile Home/RV Lots87...........Rent Furnished88....... Rent Unfurnished89 ..........Wanted to Rent

001 Air Conditioning/HeatingAIR WORKS BY SCOTT. A/C & Heating Service and installation, residential & mobile homes, Honest and Fair. TACLB017017E. 817-724-8680 Boyd, TX.

006 Asphalt Paving

008 Autos, TrucksGet rid of those yard cars, as well as good used cars. Arvin 817-925-8768.

2000 Chevy 3500 truck, in great condition, auto, V-8, bed cover, leather interior, new tires, new brakes, 103K miles, $6,500. 817-253-4526.

Buying junk vehicles, $150.-$200, plus title or not. 940-255-7572.

1960 Ford 3/4 ton truck. Runs and drives. The bed fl oor is rusted in front and it is in Azle, $2,300. Cell 972-835-2088.

2000 Daewoo Laganza for sale, $1,500. 4-door, automatic, 69,630 miles, new battery. Runs Great! 817-304-2054.

2006 Ford Taurus. 4DR/AM/FM/CD, Sunroof. One owner since 2007. No accidents. Only driven to/from work. $4,200. Call 817-925-5024.

009 Auto Repair Service

011 Boats, Motors

27.5 ft. Pontoon Boat, newly leather covered seats, bar, restroom, LED lights, boat cover and more. A Must See! Asking $19,500. For appointment 682-239-6690.

014 Campers & TrailersRV for Sale: 2010 Dutchman Sport, excellent condition, 30 ft., 30 amp, sleeps 7-9, self-contained, bumper pull, lots more to see. Email pics available. $10,000. 817-220-5028.

015 CarportsCarports and Patio Covers. All steel construction. Off-duty fi refi ghter. 817-925-0922.

3-Family Garage & Moving Sale Saturday, 8A-6P; Sunday, 8A-4P, 6380 Silver Creek Azle Road. Deep freeze, oak desk, fi ling cabinets, offi ce equipment and etc. Free Coffee!

Friday & Saturday, 28th & 29th, 8A-4P, 417 Misty Oak, Azlewood Addition. 5th wheel hitch, TT hitch, new 18’ A&E awning, camper misc. items, bikes, shooters, wood hutch, clothes, misc. household items.

Saturday, 8A-? 7698 Briar Road. Huge amount of kid’s clothes, over 1,500 VHS tapes.

Huge Garage Sale Saturday, March 28th, 8A-4P, 813 Amon Trail, Azle. Lots of items!

035 Garden/Mowing ServiceFREE ESTIMATES. Mowing, weed eating, scrap haul off, property clean up. Call Brett 817-881-2357.

Tree trimming, removal, mow, weeding, cleanup, tilling, rake leaves, haul-offs. Free estimates. Kevin 817-363-0010.

SEASON SMART TREE SERVICE. Fully insured, trimming, hazard prevention, removal, stump grinding, senior discount. Seth 817-829-9656.

INFERNO LAWN SERVICE. Off duty fi refi ghters providing a dependable lawn service you can trust. 817-734-7448.

SUNSCAPE LAWN CARE & OUTDOOR DESIGN.Mowing/Mulch/Sod/Tree Trimming and Removal. Light Tractor Work/Brush Hog, Lots Cleared. 817-688-6806.

Honest and dependable lawn care, mowing, and tree trimming. Handyman Services. Call Robert 817-966-9552.

BRIAN’S LAWN CARE SERVICE. Lowest prices! SPRING SALE: Flower Bed Mulching & Clean up. 817-696-3477.


028 Farm Equipment

2006 John Deere 2320 24HP, 4x4, 3-cylinder diesel, 70 hours, TURF tires, foldable ROPS, cat 1, brush guard with JD200X QA loader, QA 50” bucket, joystick valve and JD62D on ramp 62” belly mower. $12,500. 817-475-5906.

029 FencingAll types fences and metal buildings built and repaired. Portable welding, 817-444-6461.

BOBBY’S FENCE. All types, free estimates, over 23 years experience 817-444-3213.

RAY’S FENCE CO. Free Estimates, 817-444-2146, [email protected].


All Types Fences - Tractor Work817-846-6645

031 Free15 cu. ft. box deep freeze, works great, lid seal needs repair. 817-875-5902.

Need a good home for mixed breed puppies. Will be medium size dogs, very cute. 817-988-3235.

032 For Sale36” Electric cooktop; double oven; misc. house and offi ce furnishings, etc. 817-929-0503.

2 Prime Spaces in Azleland Memorial Park Cemetery, $1,500 fi rm for both. For information call 817-360-8475.

2 cemetery plots located at Azleland Memorial Park. If interested, call 817-237-7705.

Sharp AR-M257 Digital Imager. Has 4 copy drawers, $4,000. Call for more info 817-253-4002.

Amazon Parrot, 2 parrot cages, gasoline golf cart, zero-turn lawnmower, lots of petrifi ed wood. 817-584-0217, leave message.

Three 250 gallon propane tanks, $200 each or $550 for all three. 817-996-0530.

Snowcone Stand, includes everything needed to start the season. Can be moved. 940-210-9169.

New electric hospital bed with upgraded mattress, $250. 361-229-2536.

Half beef - grain fed, choice plus. 817-988-3235.

033 FurnitureTwin Mattress only, like new. $70. 817-964-2560.

034 Garage SalesHIDDEN CREEK NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE, Newsom Mound Road at Partagas Drive (look for signs) Friday, March 28th 8A-4P, Saturday, March 29th, 8A-2P.

VENDORS WANTED! Hope Lutheran School will be having their Annual Spring Garage & Vendor Sale Saturday, April 12th. Vendors, craft vendors or anyone wanting to sell their own treasures are welcome. Space will be available to rent in the parking lot for $20/space. Call for more information 817-221-4673.

Barn Sale Friday-Saturday, 8A-4P, 602 Reese Loop, Azle. 817-501-1189. Woodshop tools, misc. furniture and crafts.

Friday & Saturday, 8A-3P, 311 Ridgecrest Court, Azle.

Estate Sale Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 28th-30th, 8A-5P. Little of Everything! 133 Spring Valley Drive, Springtown.

Huge Yard Sale Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 157 P.R. 3797, Springtown (off FM 51 N.) 817-353-1503. Women’s, men’s, children’s clothes of all sizes, rolltop desk, trailer, pictures, some tools, knick-knacks, much more.

Moving Sale Friday & Saturday, March 28th-29th, 8A-4P, 839 N. Avenue B. Books, children’s toys and clothes, collectibles, Christmas, knit & crochet patterns, much more.

Multi-Family Sale Friday-Saturday, 8A-? 1 mile from Main Street, 12801 FM 730 S. Stationary bike, electric bike, microwave, wood blinds, furniture, baby items, misc. household & auto items, knick-knacks and much more.

FRIDAY 8:00 - 5:00; SATURDAY 8:00 - 12:00. Baby boy & girl clothes, Size 0-18 months. Infant toys, Travel car seat & strollers, Convertible car seat, Bouncer, Swings, Women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, purses, Motorcycle riding Jackets, Above ground pool w/deck and pump (needs liner), Diamond Rapture Bowtech Adult Bow w/hard case, 7FT pre-lit Christmas tree; plus many more household items. NO EARLY BIRDS, PLEASE...7447 Elman Lane, Azle...(Take FM 730N to Peden Road, turn right, then right on Elman.

019 Cement WorkART’S CONCRETE. All types of concrete: foundations, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. Free Estimates. 20 years experience. 469-348-6379.

Allen Chesney ConcreteAll Types of Concrete Work

Residential - CommercialFoundations, driveways, sand, gravel, demolition, haul-off, retaining walls


021 Child CareARK CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER has a loving place for your child. Ages 2 weeks-12 years, ABEKA pre-school, 3 meals, 2 snacks. Service to all Azle schools and SES. Mon-Fri, 6A-6:30P. 817-237-3711; 817-994-5228.

024 ElectricianBULLDAWG ELECTRIC CO. All types of electrical services

and MH hook-ups. Free Estimates. 817-675-4921

www.bulldawgelectric.com. TECL#25253.

026 Excavating

D R I V E WAY SAsphAlt & GrAvel

Seal Coating, Pot Hole Repairs, Crack Filling

817-907-7410 • 817-221-2125

MARCH 29TH at 10:00 AM8205 Highway 199 West,

Springtown (6.5 miles West of Springtown

High School)

Terms & conditions: Payment by cash or check (all checks must have a bank letter of credit). All lots must be paid for day of sale. If claiming Ag exemption, must have exemption number. 10% buyer’s premium not to

exceed $250 per lot. All lots sold as is/where is, and no warranty.


Accepting consignments of trucks, tractors, trailers, farming implements, construction

equipment, etc. until 5:00 PMThursday, March 27th.

Auction preview Friday, March 28th 9a–5p.To consign call Troy Robinett at 817-995-7509

Now serving Azle &

Lake Worth

817-319-4185Eddy Wood


J.A.M. ConcreteAll Types of Concrete, Building Pads,

Driveway, Patios, WalkJim McKiel

817-480-884130 yrs. exp.

Kiley Chesney ConstructionDirt & Concrete Work

Kiley Chesney, OwnerSpringtown, TX • Mobile 817-846-6645

Driveways • House Slabs • Garages • Add-onsSmall Land Clean-ups • Gravel Driveways


Dump Truck Hauling 817-919-3696

• Small jobs accepted• Rough landscaping • Jobsite clearing



All types materials deliveredExcavation—Final Grade—Demolition

We Shape the Worldto Fit Your Needs!

You have a Friend in the Business!

☺ ☺

Cliff Hall (817)221-2681

HALL'SSand, Dirt & GravelQualified Family Business Since 1938

817-523-7248 • 817-239-6215

ALL TYPES OF EXCAVATINGTanks • House Pads • Clearing

Also ..Sand • Top Soil • Gravel

• Lot Clearing • Driveways/Parking Lots• Pasture Mowing


Bobcat & Tractor Service INSIDE/OUTSIDE SALE

SATURDAY ONLYDishes, Pictures, Furniture, Cast Iron9 miles west of 199/51 on 199,

left on Poolville Cutoff



Serving the Metroplex Since 1975

Residential • CommeRCialtRee Removal • topping

pRuning • Feeding


STUMP GRINDINGDon’t dig it! Grind it!1 or 100 - We can do it.

$65 minimum817-237-5592

Lic. #4346 & #6537

Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

Commercial & ResidentialSprinkler Installation & Repair • Landscaping

Tractor Work • Drainage • Lot GradingRock & Stonework • Sod & Hydromulching


Sprinkler Installation & Repair • Landscaping Experiencewith Competitive

PricesFamily Owned & Operated Since 1989


817-270-0544 • 817-379-0545

817.479.9503 LI 19046

Landscape Sprinklers

Lawn Care

Best Lawn Guarantee in Town

Online Account Management

• Sod• Flower Beds• Clean Up

Dependableand Reliable

• Stone Work• Fencing• TreesEmail: [email protected]

Tree Removal & Trimming · Brush Hog · Box Blade Front Loader · Tiller · Truck & Trailer for Hauling

Jon Reed, Owner

All work is done by off duty professional firefightersFirefighter Tractor & Tree Service

Call, Text 817-291-3955 or Email [email protected]

007 Auctions

Advert is ing Works !

Continued next column...

026 Excavating

Find it in the classifieds

034 Garage Sales

Jason’s Lawn Serv ice

Free Estimates, Competitive Rates,

Lawn Maintenance, Raking, Hedge/Shrub Trimming,

Scrap Metal Haul-Off

Call Jason at682-333-6382

Frank’sLawn ServiceMowing • Weed EatingEdging • Trimming

Frank sugg, Jr.


035 Garden/Mowing Service

Garden/Mowing ServiceContinued next page...

Page 15: The Springtown Epigraph

5BWednesday, March 26, 2014COMMUNITY

Classifieds817-270-3340 - Azle817-220-7217 - Springtown

Deadline:5:00 PM Monday

Wise Ready Mix now hiring Mix Drivers, Class B-CDL. Apply in person, 1349 NW Parkway, Azle.

Full-time position for Accounting/Bookkeeping in the Springtown area. Requirements: 5 years experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Skills needed: Quickbooks, Microsoft Office and Excel. Email: [email protected].

Double L Plumbing in Azle is looking for a young mechanically inclined individual to become a Plumbing Apprentice. Get the opportunity to learn a well-paying trade. Must have high school diploma, pass a drug test and have good driving record and clean criminal record. Please call 817-444-3100.

EXPERIENCED USED CAR SALESMAN needed for Buy Here Pay Here used car lot. Must have neat appearance, good communication and computer skills. 940-440-5074; 817-233-2633.

HELP WANTED: Growning Real Estate Company looking for well-organized, computer literate individual for a part-time position. Hours 8:30A-3:15P M-F. Must be proficient with MS Office. Send resume to [email protected].

Drivers: Company or Owner/Ops OTR Good Home Time. Co. $0.43 & Great Benefits. Owner Ops: 58% up to 75% of load. 100% F.S. Special Comm/Truckload. Joe 800-257-9595 x9490.

ONE ENTHUSIASTIC TELEMARKETER NEEDED. Paid training, part-time hours, 6:30A-1P, no weekends, smoking okay. Call Ms. Wright between 8A-Noon at 817-221-9222.

EXPERIENCED CHEMICAL APPLICATOR - IMMEDIATE OPENING. Experienced Commercial Chemical Applicator needed. Knowledge of treatment for common lawn problems required. Some sales and customer service required. Must be clean-cut, honest, professional. TDA license a plus. Must have valid DL, SS# and a clean record. Compensation based on relevant experience. Classic Green, LLC 817-479-9503 or [email protected].

Pneumatic Technology desires to hire Mechanics or Mechanic Trainees. Trainees must posses basic mechanical aptitude and desire to work. Small shop working environment at a busy and growing company. Class 8 truck PM work and minor repairs to include A/C, Electrical, Mechanical and PTO. No internal engine work; also pneumatic dry bulk trailer repairs. Attractive salary and insurance benefits. Fax resume to 817-625-4033.

Vance Godbey’s Restaurant now hiring Dishwashers & Caterers for part-time work. 817-237-2218.

Pneumatic Technology is a dry bulk tank trailer distributorship with a strong parts business. Now accepting applications for Parts Department Countermen and Parts Warehouse Fulfillment Workers. Will consider training the right people. Trainees must possess above average aptitude and a desire to work. Parts counter work requires basic computer skills and taking telephone orders. Attractive salary and insurance benefits. Fax resume to 817-625-4033.

CITY OF AZLE - SEASONAL MOWER (2 positions). Max 30 hours per week, assignment completion by 9/30/2014. Must be at least 18 years of age with a H.S. diploma or equilvalent. Must possess a valid Class C Texas Driver’s license. Apply in person at Azle City Hall, 613 SE Parkway or visit us on the web at www.cityofazle.org to download an application. No phone calls please. The City of Azle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The City of Springtown is now accepting job applications for a full-time certified Patrol Officer, $16.10/hour. Vac/Hol/Ben. High School Diploma or GED and TX driver’s license required. Must be TCLEOSE certified. Applications may be obtained at City Hall, 102 E. Second St., Springtown, TX. E.O.E. Open until filled.

USED CAR PORTER.Need Helper to assist in the day-to-day operation of used car lot. Must have driver’s license and good driving record. 940-399-7060; 817-233-2633.

Drivers: CDL-B: Great Pay, Hometime! No-Forced Dispatch! New Singles from Dallas to surrounding states. Apply: TruckMovers.com or 1-866-224-8948.

Maintenance Man needed for make ready and remodeling work on rental properties. 40 hours per week. Need to have own transportation with valid TXDL and liability insurance plus your own tools. Pay according to experience in painting, sheetrock, tape and bed, carpentry, light electrical and light plumbing. Please call 817-237-5463.

DENTAL ASSISTANTS ALWAYS NEEDED. Enroll in Dental Assistant School to become an RDA. 12 weeks instead of 9 months and $$$$ less. $3,000, includes books, learn and externship in the dental office of a General Dentist, Limit 6. Email for packet and details. [email protected]. Class starts Saturday, April 5th, 8AM-5PM.

The City of Springtown is now accepting job applications for a full-time Utility Clerk. M-F, $12.00 PER HOUR. VAC/HOL/BEN. Looking for analytical, detail oriented, multi-task person, flexible, self-motivated and dedicated with customer service experience. Incode experience a plus. Requirements: 10 key, typing, excel, word. An application may be obtained at City Hall, 102 E. Second Street, Springtown, Texas. Open until filled. E.O.E.

Mature, dependable person needed to work part-time this spring and full-time this summer at Hidden Valley Miniature Golf Course. All hours plus some weekends. Please call 817-237-5463.

Busy HVAC Company is looking for experienced HVAC Techs & Installers. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to work out of town. Please call 817-270-3615 or fax resume to 817-270-3642.

Hair Salon Suites & Hair Stations for Lease, Coming Soon! 817-304-2078.

040 Home ImprovementBefore you buy vinyl siding or windows, call Jimmy for a free estimate 817-444-5270; 817-296-7567. allamericanhc.net.

Keith Hays Construction Company. All types cement work, carpentry, roofing and metal buildings. 817-220-7201

Let my 40 years of experience work for you. Integrity and quality work at affordable prices. BOBBY MCWILLIAMS PAINTING 817-821-6377. www.bobbymcwilliams.com.

PAINTING, REMODELING, CARPENTRY. Home Improvement Special: $100 off any job of $1,000 or more. Painting, carpentry, sheetrock, storage buildings, porch covers, decks. 36 years experience. Call Bill Rosser now for a Free Estimate. 817-374-2566; 866-374-3559. www.billrosserpainting.com.

DEVIN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Carpentry, cement, rock, granite, tile, painting, siding, insulation, kitchen/bath, roof/gutters, powerwashing, decks. SPRING SPECIAL: 20% Off w/this Ad! 817-629-9608.

WILLIE SIMON TILE & WOOD. Shower, Tub Surround & Backsplashes. 817-366-4555.

ROBERT’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. I do additions, kitchen & bathroom remodel, ceramic tile, foundation repair, painting, pressure washing, roofing, fencing and decks. Call for Free quote. 817-964-2562.

WORKHORSE HANDYMAN SERVICES. Bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, remodels, mobile home repair and roof repair, well repair. Quality at a reasonable rate. 817-874-6109.

AZLE HOME REPAIR & REMODEL. No job too big; no job too small. 30 years experience. Contact Doug Batey 817-361-2361.

Handyman Service, over 35 years experience for all your home needs call 817-907-2487.

MANDO’S TREE SERVICE. Take downs, trimming, lot clearing, haul offs. Senior Discounts. Save Big Money! Call 817-808-2873. 20 year expert.

037 HayAlfalfa 100# Arizona/California leafy green bales. Buy 100 get one free special. 817-798-7712. NO Blister Beetles(See us on Facebook AzleAlfalfa).

039 Help WantedLVN & CNA needed for Lake Worth Nursing Home. Contact Jon 817-319-9073.

Business is Booming! Now interviewing servers. Apply in person, Shinola’s Texas Cafe, Springtown.

NOW HIRING: 2 Openings at group homes located in Azle. 1 part-time & 1 full-time position. Both positions require working weekends. Must have clean criminal & driving records. Training will be provided. Please text or call 817-443-2494, Monday-Friday, 9A-5P.


4 COUNTIES :Wi se , Jack ,

Pa rke r & Ta r ran t


Coastal Bermuda & Tipton 85


Paid Weekly, Insurance,Aflac, Paid Vacations

and much more

Oilfield/EnvironmentalConstruction Transportation

with 2 years experience


Call Daniel1-800-448-6323

Affiliated with Baylor Health Care System

Wise Regional Health System

A Not-For-Profit Hospital • EOEDecatur, TX • Job Line: 940-626-2525

For all of our available job opportunities, visit


“Class A” Flat Bed Drivers and Frac Sand Haulers.

2 years of verifiable driving exp. $500 BONUS after 90

days, plus Benefits.

817-444-7711 • 817-444-7774

Trucking Company Hiring

Karl Klement Properties, Inc.

Employees needed for 2014 opening of New Dealership

NOW HIRING Automotive Technician

Up to $7500.00 SIGN ON Bonus for Chrysler Certification

Experience & ASE Certification RequiredChrysler / Dodge Experience Preferred

Paid Holidays, Vacation & Training

NOW HIRINGGas & Diesel Technician

Experience in Automotive Repair RequiredPaid Holidays, Vacation & Training.

For consideration of all positions apply to:Jodi Dusek, H/R Mgr.

605 N. Business 287, Suite 102, Decatur, [email protected]


No positions available at this time

Outside Sales - Inside Assistant

Full TimeQualified Person Must Be:• Dependable • Outgoing • Self-Starter

Good Communication SkillsAble to Follow Directions

Have Reliable Transportation

Azle NewsThe

To apply, Email: [email protected] Mail to: Azle News - Attn: Kim Ware

321 W. Main St., Azle, TX 76020


WantedLVN/RN Fulltime

6-2/2-10Every weekend - Good PayBaylor Plan Available...Apply

AZLE MANOR721 Dunaway Lane

817-444-2536 E.O.E.

Drivers - CDL/A - Lease Purchase

Limited Dedicated Openings

in Select Areas! $1 Buy Out!$2,000 per Week!

Higher StandardsPremium Pay.

That’s the KLLM DifferenceNO MONEY DOWN

855-378-9335 EOEKLLM.com

$5,000 Sign On Bonus!

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9 10 11 12 13 14

15 17


22 23 24 25

Copyright 2014 by Orbison Bros.


by Charley & Guy Orbison













1 in Grayson Co. on 5 5 TXism: “_ ___ late and a dollar short” 6 TX astronaut Don “____” Slayton 7 first TXn to walk in space: __ White 8 sixth sense 9 TXism: “______ out” (ate too much)15 TXism: “cut from the ____ bolt” 16 this TX Helmond was on “Who’s the Boss?” 19 TXism: “_____ __ with kid gloves”21 once a Houston NFL player22 TX Willie tune: “____ ___ It You Wanted”27 TX singer Vikki28 released29 TX frontier scout James B. who got Medal of Honor30 conservative TXns are ____-___ government32 UT ‘66 sniper (init.)34 TXism: “____ _____ my hide!”37 grant possession to38 a Cowboy, Rocket, Spur, Star or Astro39 TX Jim Reeves tune about island girl40 knees that stick out more42 TX Dan Jenkins football novel45 entreated46 “in the year of Our Lord” (abbr.)

1 TXism: “___ my boots retreaded” 2 TX Benson film: “___ to Billy Joe” 3 TX Nat Stuckey tune: “She _____ __ Every Morning” 4 Athens is “Black- _____ ___ ______ of the World” 8 TXism: “plain as the ____ on a mule” 9 this TXn killed “Billy the Kid”10 TXism: “run __ by a lawyer”11 this Gene was in “Bonnie & Clyde” about TX duo (init.)12 star of “Oh God! Book II” with TX Louanne Sirota13 a Great Lake

47 _____ Maria, TX48 TXism: “shoots dice over the phone” (____-taker)49 TXism: “you ain’t _______ nothing while you’re talking”52 ammo for bows53 TXism: “suits __ __ a fare-thee-well”54 DFW guesstimate55 Cowboy Hatcher pos.

14 east TX reptile croco____15 shirts worn at a honky tonk16 Mission, TX AM17 Coleman Co. stream: “Jim ___ _____”18 TXism: “let ‘__ rip!”20 TXism: “____ his hide” (spanks)22 this Devane was in “Rolling Thunder” with TX Tommy Lee Jones23 TXism: “sells like ___ cakes”24 Dallas cosmetics queen Mary Kay25 TXism: “____ dog won’t hunt”

26 TXism: “___ __ _ drowned rat”28 hound name31 past TX CEO of BSA: ___ _ Love33 TXism: “____ wrangler” (writer)35 TXism: “gonna slap ___ a new hat size”

36 gratuity for a “menu mamma” (2 wds.)38 TXism: “when ____ fly!” (never)41 naval prison43 Hico h.s. class44 TXism: “he’d be _______ in a battle of wits” (dumb)50 TXism: “___ _ lick” (none)51 Harlingen has ___ Jima statue




















43 44

50 51


• Interior & Exterior• Commercial Residential• Tape

Cabinetry/Wood Work/Staining


• Sheetrock repair/replace

• Bed• Texture• Seal & texture

Steve Feltman Painting

• Remove old wallpaper/seal & texture• Pole fence painting • Pressure washing

Call Steve


Sebas t ianSebas t ianSebas t ianSebas t ianSebas t ianEnterpr i sesEnterpr i sesEnterpr i sesEnterpr i sesEnterpr i ses



Many Happy Local Customers Since 1978

Chapman CarpentryOff-Duty Firefighter

Professional& Dependable

exterior & interiorremodeling, patio

covers, drywall repairs



Custom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesCustom HomesBRIAN HENSLEY817.229.7668

LOOKVinyl Siding: Insulated ReplacementWindows: Complete Remodeling

Lowest Prices: Best MaterialFree Estimates: Since 1963817-991-6815

Devin’s Handyman Service• Carpentry• Cement• Rock• Granite• Tile• Painting• Siding

Call Devin at 817-629-9608


with this ad!

• Insulation• Kitchen/ Bath• Roof & Gutters• Powerwashing• Decks

Mr. Sweeps

Keep your home safe.Call Parker/Wise County’s oldest chimney

sweeping company, Mr. Sweeps

817-692-5624 ask for Dougwww.mrsweepschimneycleaning.com

Chimney CleaningService

$90Spring Special

Chimney & Dryer Vent



John Kidd Painting

Exterior PaintingFree Estimates


Campfire Lawn & GardenTrees trimmed-removed

Full lawn care & haul-offsInsured • Azle since 1962 Compare Prices

A.W. Teater 817-444-0861817-690-4011 cellAll major credit cards accepted

Terms AvailableNo Job Too Small

Chad's TreeService

Trimming • Removals - Stump GrindingSystemic Feeding • Brush Chipping • Cable Bracing

Insured for your protection

817-221-2201 • 817-246-5943




Licensed ProfessionalServices include Wire &Valve locates,Pipe repair,Head adjustor replace,System Design


RNA Lawn ServicesServing Our Community

since 2007.Reliable Service at a

Competi t ive Rate.817-304-3677

035 Garden/Mowing Service

039 Help Wanted

039 Help Wanted

039 Help Wanted



The classifieds is the best place to find a job in your community.

040 Home Improvement

www.azlenews.net www.springtown-epigraph.net



OVER THE PHONE:817-270-3340817-220-7217

or EMAIL:[email protected]

Page 16: The Springtown Epigraph

6B Wednesday, March 26, 2014 COMMUNITY

Classifieds817-270-3340 - Azle817-220-7217 - Springtown

Deadline:5:00 PM Monday

057 Pets/LivestockWill pay top dollar for grazing and hay leases. Call 940-389-1936.

Local Breeder Selling Parakeets & Love Birds; Parakeet, Love Bird & Parrot seed and different size cages, plus millet spray. 817-715-2446, 9A-6P.

Petting Zoo & Pony Rides for Your Family Events. 37 years of experience

Call [email protected]

Male ShihTzu, 5½ years old, free to good home. 817-523-5486.

Goats for sale; chickens for sale, $10 each. 817-905-0335.

059 Pool ServiceSummer will be here soon. Is your pool ready? If not, call Gannon Swimming Pool Service 817-230-3838.

060 Professional ServicesAffordable Handyman Services For Both Household and Automotive Maintenance and Repair, Call 682-333-3839.

SENIOR CARE PROVIDER. 30 years experience, have reliable references. Call 817-343-4652 or email [email protected].

062 Plumbing

066 Roofing

068 StorageInnerspace Storage Hwy 199, Springtown. Now renting all unit sizes, 24-hour access. 817-677-4050.

NEW STORAGE OPEN! 8x8x48 to 8x8x53 containers, $200-$225/mo. 11475 FM 730 N., Azle. Call Darrell 817-308-6345.

Storage Buildings Built To Last!!! We build quality buildings at affordable prices. We’ll beat all competitors prices! 817-838-8634.

069 Sand/GravelDriveway gravel, top soil, septic rock, tandem dump trucks. Grady Mansell 817-713-7495.

HALF LOADS! Top Soil, Sand, Gravel, Compost, Tractor Work. 817-907-7410 or 817-221-2125.

075 UpholsteryQUALITY UPHOLSTERING. Free Estimates. Pick-up and Delivery Service. 817-727-6836.

077 WantedWant to buy canoe or flat bottom boat. 817-406-4448.

078 Well DrillingNeed a quality water well at a fair price? Also pump sales and installation. Kelvin’s Pump and Well Service, 817-221-4300.

079 Welding

T&M CLEANING. Cleaning done the way you want. 15 years experience, reliable, references. 817-333-8786.

SERENE GREEN CLEANING. Residential & Commercial. All Natural & Safe Products, Family Owned & Operated, Insured & Bonded, Free Confidential Estimate. 817-602-1696. [email protected].

Services4you.us. Family-owned business. All work done by owners only! House Cleaning & Maintenance Services. 25+ years experience. Call or text Beth @ 817-361-2182 or check our website: www.services4you.us.

Residential House Cleaning Service. Weekly & Monthly Rates, excellent references. Call for a Free Estimate 479-216-3675.

045 Job WantedRetired Man, 64 years old, needs a part-time job. Reliable, honest, punctual. 817-902-2291.

048 Maintenance/RepairsMETROTEX WINDOW & DOOR. Window, door and glass replacement. Contact: 682-401-1822 for FREE Estimate.

049 Masonry

050 Mobile Home ServiceMOBILE HOME MOVER NEEDED (Tax Write-off Donation). Elderly woman needs 10x60 home moved to different location on same property. 682-582-4860.

051 Motorcycles

2000 Harley Sportster, red/white/blue, 10,000 miles, $8,000 817-228-2255.

FUNKYTOWN POWERSPORTS Has moved to Springtown. We service and repair dirt bikes, ATV’s, side by side units, and all small engines including lawn mowers and generators. Our shop has been in business for 35 years in Fort Worth. We are an authorized Tucker Rocky dealer. Come check us out at 3090 W Hwy 199 Springtown Texas or call us at 817-201-7587. You can visit our website at www.funkytownpowersports.com.

052 MoversU.S. Army Retired-but not tired! Careful moving-Cheap. Call Big Jim @ 817-237-5151.

055 Miscellaneous

080 Lots/AcreageUnimproved 1.74 acres For Sale or Trade, $12,000. Close to Springtown. 817-703-3754.

FOR SALE: 6704 sq. ft. lot in Azle (1908 Gale Drive). Has electric, city sewage, gravel driveway and includes mineral rights. 817-237-5118.

1 full acre of fenced land, Springtown area, $95/mo. 817-458-2349.

081 Business/Commercial40x50 building for rent 3 miles west of Springtown 817-713-7495.

3 acre gravel lot in Springtown area for lease. 817-657-5682.

Professional Office Space For Lease. 800 sq. ft., Suite 101, 1230 E. Hwy 199, Springtown. 817-220-2150.

FOR SALE OR RENT: 6,700 sf office/warehouse at 1750 N. FM 51, Springtown. Several offices, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, large meeting room, warehouse area, loading dock, all on 1 acre. $169,000 or $1,600/mo. 817-220-5339; 817-798-0891.

40x60 metal building on 1 acre for rent. 1661 E. Hwy 199, Springtown. $800/mo. $800 deposit. 817-360-9318.

40x40 building with office and roll-up door at Hwy 199 & New Highland Road, Springtown. 817-313-7821.

950 sq. ft. Building for Lease.Nice large restroom,Very well insulated.

Located on FM 730 N.Lots of Parking817-300-2928

083 Houses for SaleFSBO: 3 BR 2 BA brick home on 6.5 acres with barn, 4 car carport, 18x30 gunite pool, 20x30 shop w/30x25 awning. FM 730 N. $230,000/OBO. 817-965-2156.

BIG HOUSE ON PRAIRIE. 4 BR 2 BA 2 LA, Mini-Ranchette, acreage, $803 down $777/mo. EZ QUALIFY! 940-626-8066.

KOZY KOTTAGE. New 3 BR 2 BA, privacy galore!!! Country kitchen, $500 down $620/mo. Hurry-Move In Now! 940-626-8066.

3 BR 1 BA fixer upper, large lot, carport, some upgrades done. Must See! 817-946-6787.

NEW HOME-WEATHERFORD, TX: Azle ISD, 4 BR 2 BA, 1,929 sf, $144,900, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances, 1 acre lot. FHA, VA, USDA or Owner Financing-We Got It! 817-385-7892.

NEW HOME-BOYD, TX: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,503 sf, $134,900, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances! Will help with financing! 817-385-7892.

NEW HOME-WEATHERFORD, TX: Peaster ISD, 4 BR 2 BA, 1,516 sf, $134,900, 1 acre lot, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, new appliances. Will help with financing! 817-385-7892.

NEW HOME-WEATHERFORD, TX: Azle ISD, 3 BR 2 BA, 1,639 sf, $129,900, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, 1 acre lot. Will help with financing - FHA, VA or Owner Finance! 817-385-7892.

NEW HOME-WEATHERFORD, TX: Dove Hill Subdivision, 4 BR 2 BA, 1,929 sf, $182,900, energy efficient, 42” cabinets, 2 car garage. Financing available-FHA, VA or Owner Finance! 817-385-7892.

084 Mobile Homes for RentUnits starting at $450/mo., trash service paid. 817-221-3112; 817-235-2284.

3 BR 1 BA mobile home, $525/mo. + electric & propane, $500 deposit, CH/A, Azle ISD, no pets, $35 application fee. 817-744-7874; 817-501-2238.

Efficiency Home for Lease, free wifi and water, $500/mo. plus electric. Call James 817-332-4442.

2-2 SW, Springtown ISD. $575/mo. $350 deposit. 817-360-9318.

RENT OR SELL: Pelican Bay. 2 BR 2 BA, some furnishings, Rent: $105/weekly; Move-In with pet: $710; Move-In without pet: $510. $100 credit toward clean-up before move-in. 817-929-0503.

RENT TO OWN: Singlewide, Springtown ISD. 817-458-2349.

3 BR 2 BA, stove/fridge, carpeted, $750/mo. $500 deposit. 817-233-5353 or 817-774-5983.

3-2 DW with carport, on 1 acre, Springtown/Azle ISD, $800/mo. $400 deposit. 817-360-9318.

2-2, Springtown, $750/mo. 817-220-4095.

PELICAN BAY: 1525 PARTIDGE, 2-1, $395/$300 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-246-4646. gtatx.com. Hablamos Espanol.

2 BR 2 BA singlewide with carport. Ready April 1st. $650/mo. 817-925-9527.

3 BR 2 BA DW on 1 acre, nice neighborhood, furnished or unfurnished. Must have good rental references. $750/mo. 682-333-1374.

4-2 DW, fenced backyard, large family room, references required, No Pets, $750/mo. $500 deposit. 817-629-8214.

Pelican Bay: 1524 Partridge, 1-1, $295/mo. $250 deposit. S&R, CH/window unit. Owner/Broker 817-988-9954.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Solutions


• Single Deep Cleans

• Regularly Scheduled Cleanings

• Move in/Move out/Make Ready

• Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

And Yes, We do Windows

All Types Stone & Brick WorkNew Construction • Remodels

Free Estimates

Cell 817-308-6512Home 817-444-3806

email [email protected]

commercial • residential

Azle, TX

Landscape Designs, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls, Mailboxes


Menix Pet Lodge


Where Pets are PamperedClimate Controlled Kennels Dog Runs, Large Yard


Hwy. 281 N. - Stephenville(254) 646-3161 or 968-4844

On-Site EIA Test - $20



Plumbing Repairs

Drains Cleaned

Water Heaters


Slab Leaks


“The Solution

To AllYour

Plumbing Needs”



Serving Springtown, Azle, Boyd,

Weatherford Area



Your CleaningServiceProfessional

Cleaning since 1989

Backgrounds CheckedWe furnish Tools & Chemicals

Hospitality Guarantee“Your Way”

One time - Monthly - Bi-Weekly - Weekly, or as needed

You’ll love the care you get!

Phone hours: Mon thru Fri7 am - 1 pm: 817-237-9848

PLEASE LEAVE VOICE MAILour pros may be out chasing fairy dust

042 House Cleaning 042 House Cleaning

Last Puzzle Solution







Tired of alwaysreplacing your roof?

We’ll be hereafter the storm.

Call us for ametal roof quote.


Commercial & Residential• Roofing• Windows• Attic Insulation• Painting

712 N. MaiN • SpriNgtowN


Commercial • ResidentialFREE ESTIMATES • FULLY INSURED

Repairs • New Construction

PREFERRED CONTRACTORwww.owenscorning.com®

28 Years in Azle

State CertifiedApplicator # 106

Insurance Claim Specialists

Robert Burge Roofing & Remodeling

Residential 817-344-8465New ConstructionAdd On’sElectricalPainting


FlooringFencingFree TrimmingLandscaping


We buy cars & TrucksCopper • Aluminum • CAns

BuyingCars & Trucks


Roll OffContainer Service

191 Monticello Dr. • Springtown

RV, Boat or TrailerSpaces Available

Office 11400 FM 730 N. Azle

AZCO Self Storage

$20.00 per month1st Month Free!

Ash CreekStorage

Convenient LocationCorner of Main St. & Locust • Azle


West Side Storage

Now LeasingStorage Units

817-239-1670 • 817-220-5813

STORAGE UNITS1350 Liberty School Rd, Azle


817-246-46466 Months ... $125

5x10 $25/month



(sizes ¼ inch up to 2 feet)


BEST DEALDozer and Tractor Work


Jerry W. Mitchell

QualityFamily Business

Since 1938

(817)221-2681We go the extra mile to ensure you

get more for your $. On House Pads,Driveways, Lot Clearing & Tractor

Work, Etc.

CALLCliff Hall

Our Business is Metal Buildings- And We’re Good!



Fabrication and erection of qualitymetal buildings at reasonable prices,

any size - any design

Office Fax 817-237-0904

Mark Cozart Jeremy Cozart817-233-6668 817-237-2028

Metal BuildingSpecialist

• Weld Ups/ Bolt Ups• Pipe Fencing• Concrete• Horse Barns• All Types Fencing• Metal Roofs

NO JOB TOO SMALLCompare Pricing

R & EConstruction

owner Rodney Vick 817-220-3044

fax 817-523-7639 cell 817-253-1614

Dauenhauer Contractors, Inc.


Metal Buildings · Pre-Engineered · Shops / Barns Arenas / Churches · Aircraft Hangars


Version 2

Metal Building Erectors• Pre-engineered Weld-up •

Barns/Shops• Arenas/Hangars • Fencing

1220 E. Hwy. 199 • Springtown

817-220-2150 www.weld-done.net




AFFORDABLE COUNTRY LIVING2 or 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Also, RV lots & rentals and mobile home lots for rent.

Tis the Season to Advertise in the Classiÿ eds!Call Today to get started!

817-270-3340 Azle News817-220-7217 Springtown Epigraph

067 Recycling

068 Storage

069 Sand/Gravel

Welding Continued next column...

079 Welding

Sell It In The Classifieds!

081 Business & Commercial

Page 17: The Springtown Epigraph

7BWednesday, March 26, 2014COMMUNITY

Classifieds817-270-3340 - Azle817-220-7217 - Springtown

Deadline:5:00 PM Monday

085 Mobile Homes for Sale

TURN TO THE EXPERTIn Financing Mobileson Acreage & Land.

Quick & Easy with NoCredit Check or Qualifications.

Any or No Credit.817-994-3730

7 days til 11PMPictures Available

[email protected]

80x14 MH on 1 acre, fenced double lot, Loma Vista. Very solid home, needs remodeling. Some work already completed. Private location. By Owner, will finance or lease/purchase. [email protected]. 972-732-7430.

NO CREDIT, BAD CREDIT, NO PROBLEM! 20 years experience in financing homes on acreage. Don’t keep renting when you can own. Several properties available, but going fast! You owe it to yourself to call 682-333-1374.

We buy used mobile homes with clear titles. K&P Homes, Inc. 817-677-3446.

TWO HOMES FOR SALE: 3-2 DW on 1 acre, great condition, fenced backyard, fireplace; 3-2 DW on 1.7 acres, fenced backyard, large concrete shop, corner lot, open concept. HELP WITH FINANCING. Call today 817-757-9388.

Single Wide on 1 acre, 3 BR 2 BA, fenced w/gated entry, carport/decks/shop. Springtown ISD. Owner finance, 15% down w/monthly payments. 817-694-3412 or 817-909-2903.

RHOME, TEXAS: 4 BR 2 BA, 2,027 sf, $94,900, on 2.69 acres, FHA or Owner Finance. We will help with financing! 817-385-7892.

GRANBURY: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,624 sf, $74,900, lots of trees. Will help with financing. FHA or Owner Finance, we can help! 817-385-7892.

SPRINGTOWN: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,280 sf, $79,900, on 1 acre lot. We will Owner Finance! 817-385-7892.

WEATHERFORD: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,760 sf, $82,900, on 1 acre! Owner financing available or FHA loan! 817-385-7892.

WEATHERFORD: Horseshoe Bend near Brazos River: 3 BR 2 BA, 1,624 sf, $69,900. We will Owner Finance! 817-385-7892.

SPRINGTOWN: 5 BR 4 BA, 2,120 sf, $89,900. Owner Financing Available! 817-385-7892.

WAXAHACHIE: 4 BR 2 BA, 1,594 sf, $89,900, on 1 acre lot. FHA or Owner Financing Available! 817-385-7892.

WEATHERFORD/PEASTER: 4 BR 2 BA, $89,900, 1 acre lot. FHA or Owner Finance Available! 817-385-7892.

086 Mobile Home/RV LotsRV space with 20x20 outbuilding. Hwy 199 between Springtown & Azle. $300/mo. water & trash service provided. 817-360-9318.

RV Spots for Lease, free wifi and water, $325/mo. plus electric. Call James 817-332-4442.

PELICAN BAY: Mobile Home Lots for rent: 1708 GALE DRIVE, $155/mo. $50 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-246-4646. gtatx.com. Hablamos Español.

088 Rent Unfurnished4-plex, 2-2, Azlewood, $695/$400 security deposit, WBFP, walk-in closets, box windows, large kitchen w/pantry, 1,100 sq. ft. 817-360-3039.

SPRINGTOWN APARTMENTS, 624 East 3rd Street. 2 bedroom 1 bath, clean, new carpet, $600/mo. includes water, trash service & basic cable, $500 deposit. 817-875-8406.

2 & 3 bedrooms, 2 bath duplexes, 1 car garage, fenced backyard, all appliances, all brick, great location. Stewart Bend Duplex Homes in Azle. 817-444-2362.www.stewartbend.com.

UPSTAIRS EFFICIENCY APARTMENT: 1 BR 1 BA, 900 sq. ft., no pets, $600/mo. plus deposit. 817-925-4343.

Cozy 2 bedroom home, CH/A, appliances, no pets, $800/mo. 817-444-3636.

Newer 3-2-2 located in Springtown. Nice brick home. Stained concrete floors, new paint. Ready to move into, $1,100/mo. rent, $1,100 deposit. 403 Summertree. 817-501-4997 Kelly.

4-2 for lease, 1594 sq. ft., huge fenced in backyard, Azle ISD. $1500/mo. Call for appointment 817-599-3131.

HOUSE FOR RENT. 1 bedroom, kitchen, DR/LR combination. 100 Shady Hill Road, 5 miles west of Springtown. 817-907-6159.

HALF-OFF FIRST MONTH’S RENT! 3-2 Duplex, 251 Baughman Hill $750/mo. $500 deposit. 817-909-5160.

3-2 duplex, Windy Creek, Springtown ISD, $700/mo. $300 deposit. 817-360-9318.

FOR LEASE: 2-2 duplex. 312 Avenue E, Springtown. Available 4/1/14, $500/mo. $300 deposit. No pets please. 817-523-7334.

Nice 3-2 with bonus room on 1 acre in nice quiet area. Brick, recently remodeled, has stainless steel appliances. NO PETS, $1,200/mo. with $1,200 deposit. Call 940-393-3129, Owner/Agent.

2 BR 1 BA 1 Car Garage, fenced backyard, Azle ISD, $650/mo. plus deposit. 817-223-4355.

4-Plex, 3-1.5 at 6340 Midway Road. $675/mo. $675 deposit, $500 pet deposit, newly remodeled. For more info call 469-258-8118.

PELICAN BAY: 1904 PELICAN DRIVE N., 3-2-1, $735/$400 deposit; 1572 REEF, 3-2-1, $685/$400 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-246-4646. gtatx.com. Hablamos Espanol.

3-2 country setting, 1,400 sq. ft., 2 story on ½ acre, AISD, no smoking, no pets, $1,000/mo. $850 deposit. 817-221-3659.

1 BR house, water furnished, no pets, $500/mo. 817-296-6169.

RV Spaces by Day, Week or


Pecan Acres RV Park Inc.12667 FM 730 South • 1 mile south of Azle

• LargeShadedLots• Nice&Clean• Electric,Water& Sewerincluded• LaundryRoom& ShowerFacilities• Wi-Fi

Call for Rates - 817-291-4679817-846-8190

We now have Pull-Throughs!

We’ll relocate your RV here for FREE!

(up to 50 miles)


5 Miles south of azle on 730 • 817-444-3760

Ask Us About Moving Your RV FREE!

Heritage rV Park

• Free Wi-Fi• Mail Service• Laundromat• Coke Machine

• Free Wi-Fi• Free Mail Service• Free Storage• Free Water• Free Lawn Maintenance




Adult Park • Large Spaces • Lots of Trees

Laundry and Coke Machine

Halfway between azle and springtownTiny Houses

& RV for RentCovered & Uncovered

Spaces for Rent

4627 Robertson Rd.,Fort Worth, TX 76135

Mention this ad

and save.

817-237-2527We have new sites available.$310/mo Bills Paid. Includes water, trash, lot, electric cap of $110. You will need to use a holding tank on these sites. We will dump your holding tank once a week free of charge. We are located off Ten Mile Bridge Road and are 2 miles from Eagle Mountain Lake.

EaglE REsoRts RV PaRk

RV Spaces by Day, Week or MonthLaundry Facilities

- Free Internet -

Texas Star RV Park Inc.14504 FM 730 N. • 6 miles North of Azle

• LargeLots• Nice&Clean


(Electric, Water & Sewer included)


30 Amp Move-In Special for March

Duplex Homes2 & 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bath • 1 Car Garage

(817) 444-2362www.stewartbend.com

Stewart Bend Court, off South Stewart Street close to Cross Timbers Golf Course in Azle

For Lease

CrestwoodCrestwoodCrestwoodCrestwoodCrestwoodAparAparAparAparApartment Homestment Homestment Homestment Homestment Homes

1, 2 & 3Bedroom



From $565/mo.

525 Commerce St.817-444-0030

Pool • Water paid

Mon-Sat 9-6 • Sun 1-4


700 JARVIS • AZLE700 JARVIS • AZLE700 JARVIS • AZLE700 JARVIS • AZLE700 JARVIS • AZLE817-444-1712817-444-1712817-444-1712817-444-1712817-444-1712

1 & 2 BedroomUnfurnished

Rent based on income.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Azle Creek Apartments

519 West Main St. • Azle

• Newly Remodeled• Friendly & Quiet Community

• Laundry On Site



Call for appointment

1/1 - $475 & Up2/1 - $595

(Water, Trash & Sewer Included)

Pet Friendly!(size restrictions and additional fees apply)


See the Di f f e r ence !817-444-6122




500 E. 7th St · Springtown, TX 76082


Call Today! 817-523-4308

* Energy efficient appliances* Playground


For 1 bedroom UnitsStarting at $443

Rental assistance available with some units

PUBLISHER’S NOTICEAll real estate advertising

in this newspaper is subjectto the Fair Housing Actwhich makes it illegal to ad-vertise “any preference, limi-tation or discrimination basedon race, color, religion, sex,handicap, familial status ornational origin, or an inten-tion, to make any such pref-erence, limitation or discrimi-nation.” Familial status in-cludes children under the ageof 18 living with parents orlegal custodians, pregnantwomen and people securingcustody of children under 18.

This newspaper will notknowingly accept any adver-tising for real estate which isin violation of the law. Ourreaders are hereby informedthat all dwellings advertisedin this newspaper are avail-able on an equal opportunitybasis. To complain of dis-crimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. Thetoll-free telephone numberfor the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

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MISCELLANEOUSCOMPUTER PROBLEMS? Viruses, spy-ware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-800-764-8995

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REAL ESTATE20.27 ACRES in Rocksprings. Electricity, native and exotic game. Rolling live oak, cedar terrain. $2787 down, $508/month (9.9%, 20 years.) 1-800-876-9720. www.ranchenterprisesltd.comMOBILE HOMES with land. Ready to move-in. Owner financing (subject to credit approval) Lots of room for the price. 3 br, 2 bath. No renters. 1-817-983-7784, VMFhomes.comLOOKING TO SALE land? Reach over 2-million readers for one low price in the Texas Statewide Advertising Network. Contact this newspaper or call 1-800-749-4793 for more detail.

SAFE TUBSSAFE STEP WALK-IN TUB Alert for Seniors. Bathroom falls can be fatal. Therapeutic Jets. Less than 4-inch step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation included. 1-888-960-2587 for $750 Off.

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14x56 Fleetwood 2/1 Stk#7056 $15,900

16x56 Crestridge 2/1.5 Stk#1554 $20,000

28x56 Clayton 3/2 Stk#2054 $36,900

28x72 Homestar 4/2 Tape & Texture $45,900

16x56 Champion 2/2 Stk#0695 $27,900

28x68 Champion 4/2 Stk#0444 $51,900

32x98 Champion 4/2 Stk#2437 $72,900

· New, Used Repos

· Mobile Home Insurance

· Service After the Sale


4272 E. Hwy 199 · Springtown, TX 76082 · Lic. #35875

In Business 10 Years · Open Monday - Saturday

085 Mobile Homes For Sale

086 Mobile Home/RV Lots

086 Mobile Home/RV Lots

088 Rent Unfurnished 088 Rent Unfurnished

088 Rent Unfurnished

088 Rent Unfurnished

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The Bryants Co. 817-220-2021Dana Bryant/Realtor 817-613-7189

Azle Pkwy CenteR -

neAR Azle hosPitAl1,980 sq.ft. $950/mo $950 deposit

CommeRCiAl RentAls!

lAnD13.58 ACRes inside city limits. Excellent and convenient location for business. $155,000

1 ACRe restricted lot on cul-de-sac.


1.26 ACRes on restricted cul-de-sac. $18,500



4.510 ACRes with water, septic and electric, ready for your home and animals! Slidell ISD. $42,500

3-2 Dw on 2.906 ACRes. Peaster ISD. $79,9002-2 triplewide on 8.74 acres. Double horse barn, corral, pond and 24 x 24 workshop $137,500.3-2 on .830 acres. Easy access to town. Older home on nice wooded lot.


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