The Southern Colonies Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

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Text of The Southern Colonies Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

  • The Southern ColoniesVirginiaMarylandNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgia

  • Southern GeographyChesapeake BayAtlantic OceanAppalachian Mountains

  • Cash CropsGrown to make money $$$TobaccoCottonSouthern Economy

  • Plantations-

    large farms that usually grow one kind of cash crop..

    Southern Economy

  • Southern Economy


    Sugar Cane

  • Southern GovernmentColonial Assemblies-self-governed organization & structure of British colonialGovernment in America.

  • Virginia House of Burgesses, 1619-Southern Governmentfirst representative Government inColonial America. Representative Government?Power is held by the people who elect representatives to look out for their interests.

  • Church of EnglandReligion:Anglican Church or __________________

    "Anglican" means "of England"Southern Society

  • Sparsely populatedPlantation ownersIndentured servantsAfrican Slaves Southern Society

  • MarylandProprietary ColonyFounder: Lord BaltimoreDate: 1634Reason for establishment: religious freedom for Catholics

  • VirginiaCharter colonyFounder:Date: Reason for establishment:John Smith1607Trade and Profit

  • North Carolina and South CarolinaProprietary ColonyFounder: 8 aristocratsDate: 1660s / 1670 (SC)Reason for establishment: Trade and Profit

  • GeorgiaRoyal colony

    Founder: James Oglethorpe

    Date: 1733

    Reason: Safe Haven for debtorsServed as a buffer state from the Spanish

    *Life revolved around the Plantation systemEach plantation was a community consisting of a main house, kitchens, slave cabins, barns, stables, and outbuildings, and perhaps a chapel and a school. They were in the Tidewater region of the South.

    *The organization and structure of British colonial governments in America ** JAMES OGLETHORPE and a group of charitable investors asked KING GEORGE for permission to create a utopian experiment for English citizens imprisoned for debt. England's prison population could be decreased, and thousands of individuals could be given a new chance at life. With these lofty goals, Georgia was created.King George II signed a charter for the new colony of Georgia Oglethorpe sailed with 114 colonists bound for the new colony. They finally sailed up the Savannah River to Yamacraw Bluff on Feb. 1, 1733 Oglethorpe founded Savannah

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