The Process of Acquisition Bills Amendment (Final Version)

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(Final Version)The Process of Acquisition & Implementation of Bills Amendment

Whereas:The PUC Student Senate does not have a step-by-step process in place for purchasing item bills that are passed; for the student body. As a result, due to the lack of oversight and structure, items such as shower clocks, ice machines, vacuum cleaners, have not been purchased. Examples from this year included items such as the Nichol Couch and Grainger Refrigerator, which SA Senate and AD Council approved. Unfortunately, these items have yet to be purchased. The money that had been appropriated for these items, continue to remain in the SA Senate budget, creating budgetary problems and confusion for bills requesting for appropriations.

Therefore, let it be proposed that:A new paragraph under Article VI, Section 10 Duties be added to the PUC Constitution & Bylaws that presents a step-by-step process for the purchase and implementation of item bills and says:

Article VI, Section 10 DutiesThe Process of Acquisition & Implementation of Bills

Para. 61 Any bills of purchase presented by an SA Senator that requests funding to be appropriated by SA Senate must be approved by a two-thirds majority of SA Senate in order for the bill to pass to AD Council. The bill must be approved by AD Council in order to be authorized and implemented. Once approved the SA Executive Vice President shall send a copy of the approved bill to the SA Financial Vice President so the said item may be purchased. In order for the bill to be presented SA Senate, a working link of the item to be purchased must be included in the bill by the SA Senator or Senators who have authored the bill. The bill must be purchased within three to five days after its approval by Ad Council. Once the item of purchase has arrived, a notification by the SA Executive Vice President shall be sent to the authors of the bill for pickup. To implement the bill, the SA Senator must pickup the item from the SA Executive Vice Presidents Office and deliver it to its place of use within a week after its pickup. If items that are purchased cannot be delivered to PUC, it shall be the SA Senators full responsibility for its acquisition and transport to PUC. For items that are of sizable mass and weight, the deliverer must transport the item to its intended place of usage.

Proposed by: Supported by:Author(s):_________________________ ____________________________President pro-temporePresident:Senator-At-Large: Nic MillerGerry Failano ____________________________Executive Vice President:Taleah Tyrell____________________________Financial Vice President:Michael Lawrence____________________________Senator At-Large:Glorianne Besana____________________________Senator At-Large:Dominic Young____________________________Senator At-Large:Armand Domingo____________________________Senator of Andre:Gabby Dennis____________________________Senator of Andre:Stephanie De Mel____________________________Senator of Nichol:Roger Williams ____________________________Senator of Grainger:Rhett Wallace____________________________Senator of Winning:Aida Daniel____________________________Senator of Graf:Crystal Yeap


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