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The Millenium

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The Millenium. 2000!. Size Zero Craze. Models at london fashion week are prone to be a size 0 model Super skinny was what teenage girls wanted to look like Celebrities such as Nicole R ichie want drastically down this was the ‘IT’ look - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Millenium

The Millenium2000!

Size Zero CrazeModels at london fashion week are prone to be a size 0 modelSuper skinny was what teenage girls wanted to look likeCelebrities such as Nicole Richie want drastically downthis was the IT lookStylist such as Rachel Zoe would only style size 0 celebs thus making them starve themselvesLondon fashion week have not banned size 0 models on the catwalk because it look good on the clothesThe likes of Karl Lagerfeld has had an operation to make him skinny because to him skinny is beautifulVictoria Beckham being the most famous spokes person for this size 0 craze

Size 0 news is an article I found recently of karl calling adele fat) to size 0-documentary)MusicMusic influenced a lot of what people wear in the early 2000s by the likes of LL cool J, or Jay Z or P.diddy.Music really put fashion in the game because young teenagers by this are very much looking to celebrities and rappers.What they wore really brought significance to the music and audience making sports brands such as NIKE or Adidas even more popularGold chains, over the top jewellry, hats and brand prints part of their look popular video back then to show some fashion)

Shoreditch hipstersHipsters that what they call them now a days, having the ability to dress completely different to others.Excentrique is what you would call them, the confidence they have and the fashion statements they make turns heads.Some of the key pieces are brought back from the 70s or the 80s.Blogging is apart of the hipsters trait and dying the hair or having lots of tattoos