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The Legal Office Specialist Program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN

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The Mission Of Minneapolis Community And Technical College (Mctc) Is To Help Students Make Their Dreams Realities. Legal Office Specialist Is Not A Paralegal Program, It Is A Certificate Program That Prepares Individuals To Work In A Legal Office As A Support Person.

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    The Legal Office Specialist Program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN[By Judith Earley]

    The mission of Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) is to help students make their dreams realities.

    MCTC offers a wide variety of academic programs culminating in certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. If transferring

    to a traditional four-year college is your goal, you can do so through many of its programs.

    MCTC is accredited by the Higher Learning

    Commission and boasts a student-to-faculty

    ratio of 22:. With an enrollment of 0,880,

    93% of the student body is from the state of

    Minnesota; the average student age is 27.

    54% of the population is female, and 44%

    is male. The student populations ethnic

    breakdown is as follows:

    White: 52%

    Black or African American: 29%

    Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander:


    Hispanic or Latino: 4%

    American Indian or Alaska Native: 3%

    Undisclosed: 6%

    MCTC offers classes during the day, in the

    evening, and online. Full- and part-time

    programs are also available. The schools

    most popular programs are those providing

    instruction in liberal arts, nursing, business

    management, law enforcement, and child

    development. However, if you are intrigued

    by the world of law and related legal matters

    and think you will enjoy expressing yourself

    in that environment, the Legal Office

    Specialist Program may be just what you are

    looking for.

    According to Dean Mike McGee, Legal Office

    Specialist is not a paralegal program; it is a

    certificate program that prepares individuals

    to work in a legal office as a support person.

    This program prepares students for

    employment in the legal industry in positions

    such as administrative assistant, form

    processor, general/legal office assistant,

    legal proofreader, legal support specialist,

    and legal receptionist.

    Upon completion of the program, certificate

    holders are able to provide top-notch legal

    assistance to corporate legal teams and

    internal employees. For example, a legal

    office specialist can prepare and maintain

    corporate records, systems, and documents;

    track and assist in the management of

    ongoing legal matters; and maintain

    litigation schedules.

    Our program is very unique, continued

    Dean McGee, in that we worked with a

    staff member from the State of Minnesota

    Department of Employment and Economic

    Development (DEED) who helped us

    assemble representatives of the 2 largest

    downtown law firms to discuss their specific

    needs. We then worked with a subgroup of

    the larger assembly to form a curriculum

    advisory committee of human resources

    experts from these firms and set about

    establishing career program outcomes that

    would be necessary to meet the workplace

    needs of these offices. These outcomes

    became the learning objectives that helped

    us select both current coursework (from our

    business technology program) as well as new

    courses that wed need to


    The following courses at MCTC equip

    students with specific concepts and skills as

    well as broader competencies that will help

    them to be well rounded in this career area:

    BTEC 00 - Fundamentals of Business


    BTEC 060 - Keyboarding

    BTEC 60 - Legal Office Procedures

    BTEC 800 - Business Culture and


    BTEC 835 - Business English

    BTEC 900 - Business/Client Relations

    BTEC 2375 - Written Business


    BTEC 2730 - The Professional Office

    BTEC 2775 - Power Keyboarding

    SPCH 00 - Interpersonal Communication

    The program went through a rigorous

    internal academic council approval process

    and also won approval by our system

    office of the Minnesota State Colleges and

    Universities (MnSCU). It will be a 28-credit

    certificate called Legal Office Specialist.

    This award comes from an

    institution that is fully accredited by the

    Higher Learning Commission, as opposed

    to many private colleges that offer legal

    assistant training but are not accredited,

    except within their own sphere of

    institutions, said Dean McGee.

    If you are interested in using the MCTC

    certificate program as a stepping stone into

    a paralegal program, the recipient institution

    in a student transfer always makes the final

    determination about which courses it will

    accept. Some courses will readily transfer,

    and other course requirements may be

    satisfied by taking exams at the receiving

    institution to avoid retaking classes.


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    I do believe this is great preparation for

    a student, said Dean McGee. The law

    firm representatives were very excited

    about the possibility of urban residents,

    including candidates of color, becoming

    skilled through our program and thus more

    available for job opportunities. They also

    talked about encouraging these kinds of

    employees to consider careers as lawyers.

    Minneapolis Community and Technical

    College proudly boasts the most diverse

    student body in the state of Minnesota. If

    you are seeking a comfortable, welcoming

    environment and the opportunity to interact

    with people of all cultures and backgrounds,

    if you desire to learn from friendly,

    experienced faculty members and receive

    support from a knowledgeable, helpful staff,

    then MCTC is the place for you!


    Minneapolis Community and Technical


    The Higher Learning Commission

    The Minnesota Department of Employment

    and Economic Development