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The Jonestown Carnage: A CIA Crime (From USSR)

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The Jonestown Carnage: A CIA Crime by S.F. Alinin, B.G. Antonov and A.N. Itskov published by Progress Publishers. This is out of print and virtually unknown in the US. It was written by USSR operatives (in Russian but many English originals included) - published in Soviet Union in 1987 containing witnesses of some people at Soviet embassy in Guyana and copies of documents unknown to western world. Soviet ambassador recalls a meeting on 18 November with Deborah Touchette (she passed a briefcase with cash, tape records and documents of People's Temple to him) and a call from Sharon Adams (she told about radio message from Jonestown about military helicopters and armed people approaching Jonestown on 18 November). The Russians see C.I.A. agents everywhere, the American see them nowhere. But the internal documentation from Peoples Temple seems quite solid, and the sources used were personnel from the Soviet Embassy in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, at the time the tragedy happened.

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