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The importance of the key image on comedy

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  • 1. The importance of the key image on Comedy films trailers By Dan Grant

2. Key conventions of comedy posters A lot of comedy film posters will have the maincharacters face at the forefront of the poster. This will often be a close up/extreme close up of the subjects face. Here are some examples: 3. Facial expressions Facial expressions of the characters are alsocrucial in terms of portraying the genre of the film. As you can see from the example of the film, the facial expressions of Seth Rogan on that poster instantly portrays the genre of the film due to the witty and humorous smile. 4. How did this help me to plan my film poster Learning to think carefully about the main imagehas helped me to realise the importance of considering how to take my image, where I want to position my character and what kind of facial expressions aim to use. I was mainly influenced by the poster for Johnny English (see below) as it is an action/comedy, which is similar to my choice of genre. I believe that the facial expressions of the character are effective as he is attempting to be serious, but you can tell he has doubts about what he is doing. This is a theme I aim to portray in my poster.