The Holocaust. 1934-37: –Jews are no longer allowed National health insurance or legal qualifications and are banned from teaching Germans, accounting,

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Text of The Holocaust. 1934-37: –Jews are no longer allowed National health insurance or legal...

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  • The Holocaust
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  • 1934-37: Jews are no longer allowed National health insurance or legal qualifications and are banned from teaching Germans, accounting, and dentistry. Hitler becomes Fuhrer: approval rating is 90%. Jews are banned from serving in the military. The German Gestapo is placed above the law. Olympic Games take place in Berlin(Hitler is popular). 1938: Kritstallnacht Jews are issued identification cards. Jewish doctors are no longer allowed to practice medicine. Jewish people are forced to add Christian names to their legal documents. Nazis arrest Jews of Polish decent and deport them. Timeline
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  • 1939: Nazis take all gold and silver from Jews. Jews are given curfews and begin to be placed into ghettos.Unsanitary, over Jews are referred to as a plague in German newspapers. Hitler makes proclamation about isolation of Jews. Polish Jews are forced to wear yellow stars to identify themselves. 1940: Nazis build Auschwitz concentration camp. German Jews are deported to Poland and France. 1941: First use of Zyklon-B gas in Auschwitz. 1942: Jews from other countries begin being deported to Auschwitz. New York Times reports that 100s of 1,000s of Jews have been gunned down by Nazis. Medical experiments begin at Auschwitz. Britain recognizes Nazi goal to exterminate the Jewish people. Timeline cont
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  • 1943: Nazis dig up bodies of over one million Jews that were killed and burn the evidence. First Jewish resistance at Concentration Camps-some actually escape. Gas chambers and crematories open at Auschwitz. Dr. Mengele arrives at Auschwitz and begins performing operations. 1944: Roosevelt creates War Refugee Board and accuses Germany and Japan of crimes against humanity. Anne Frank and her family are arrested by Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz-where Anne dies. Nazis continue to gas Jews at Auschwitz and force others to run miles in winter weather. 1945: Nazis conduct death marches of Concentration Camp inmates as allies approach. Russians Liberate Budapest, Warsaw, and Auschwitz. Allies liberate Buchenwald and U.S. Army liberates Dachau. Americans free 33,000 concentration camp inmates. Germany signs unconditional surrender. Timeline cont
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  • Jews Targeted Anti-Semitism: hatred of Jews Christianity vs. Judiasm Blamed for all of Germanys problems Economic and losing WWI 1935, Nuremburg Laws: stripped Jews of citizenship, jobs and property
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  • Kristallnacht Night of broken glass. Nov. 9-10, 1938 Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were destroyed across Germany Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction.
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  • Jewish Refugees Other European countries wouldnt accept them. Britain would only take 80,000 U.S. took 100,000 Refugees would hinder Americans chances for a better life.
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  • Hitlers Final Solution Heinrich Himmler: Head of the Gestapo, Minister of the Interior Adolf Eichmann: Mastermind behind the deportation of European Jews to death camps Genocide: the deliberate and systematic killing of an entire population. Enemies of the state: Jews Gypsies Homosexuals Communists Catholics Mentally / physically disabled
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  • Concentration Camps Jews were placed on RR cars and shipped off to camps in Poland, Germany and Austria. Families were separated Minimum food, 12 hour work days Those who could not keep up were shot.
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  • The Final Stage Overwork, starvation, beatings, shootings = did not kill fast enough. Solution: Gas chambers 12,000 died a day
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  • The Final Solution Crematoriums were built to erase evidence. Victims also subjected to medical experiments: Dr. Josef Mengele Diseases,sterilization, freezing, altering eye color, sexual adaptations, shock treatment and amputations
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  • Liberation Nazis knew the Allies were on their way to the camps Continued to perform mass killings Allies liberated the first camps July of 1944. Soviets were the 1 st to get there Let Jewish survivors have it out w/Nazi guards Estimated 6 million Jews died
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  • We have all been lied to! General Patton was the first Allied commander to force German citizens to visit the camps Horror / disbelief
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  • The Rape of Nanking Nanking = Capital of China Chinese = Jews 400,000 est. killed in 8 weeks Methods: Be-heading competitions, Japanese ate Chinese flesh, burned alive, mass shootings 20,000 80,000 women raped Girls as young as 8, women as old as 80 Pregnant women were not safe Incest Subjected to many horrors as in Europe.
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  • Rape of Nanking No major trials for Japanese officials. Gen. MacArthur bargained w/silence in exchange for research on germ warfare and human biology.