The Flower Behind a Flower

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Text of The Flower Behind a Flower


    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I say I behold you are beautiful. You are beautiful

    more than words can say, more lovely than I can relay, and from afar I admire you in silent gaze.

    The moment I first saw you my heart leaped out of my chest, at which point I exclaimed; Can this

    be so?

    A perfect rose whos stem has not been cut, that basks daily in the sight of men, yet more radiant

    than the sun. Whose beauty out shines a thousand roses of coloured fun. Yet no one can really

    see this rose that stuns.

    I have seen many beautiful flowers in my days and I have admired them all but you surpass them

    all. Who would let such beauty as this go un-seen, who would let such flower go un-gathered? A

    flower behind a flower!

    I thank your creator for making a rose of such unrivalled beauty and my Creator for allowing me to

    see the radiance of your beauty that is within. A beauty that comes from a place deep within where

    no man has been.

    May it be that you will allow me the honour to cut your stem and take you home with me where I

    can parade you as my own and adore you in bridle piety and in spring uncover your veil among family

    and friends?

    As my rose of passion and desire, daily I will water you with words of tender mist and shower you

    with gifts of praise and bliss. Draw me in with the fragrance of your mystic, where I know my soul

    will unite with its twin within.

    And in time as peddles twine in love first found, our roses will become a bouquet of roses of our

    making and design.

    The Rose Series A poem by Meredith Meredith @ 2015