The changing role of Public Libraries in Rural Communities: Session #420 Presented by: Julie Andrews-Jotham Branch Manager, Brampton Public Library I

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The changing role of Public Libraries in Rural Communities: Session #420 Presented by: Julie Andrews-Jotham Branch Manager, Brampton Public Library I. Craig Davidson CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Municipality of Hastings Highlands Kimberly McMunn CEO, Hastings Highlands Public Library Slide 2 Where is Hastings Highlands? Slide 3 Maynooth Slide 4 History Slide 5 Naturallyinspiring Closer than Algonquin, but with all the rugged charm, pristine lakes and outdoor adventures... North Hastings will empower you! Slide 6 Artistic Community Slide 7 Where we started.. Slide 8 Where we ended up. Slide 9 A multipurpose community facility The gymnasium is the place for presentations and gatherings. Here, mayor Ron Emond and members of Council receive a donation of childrens art for the library while grades 5 and 6 from Maynooth Public School look on. Childrens area is bathed in natural light Slide 10 The build up In the years preceding the actual building process, the library underwent significant changes in its programs and services and was able to increase public support and library membership. Circulation rose over 250% during the three years prior to building Programming attendance rose exponentially as connections with the local public school and other community groups were forged The case for a new library was solidified! Slide 11 How we got here Imagination Collaboration Research and many library tours and investigation enabled us to create a vision of how the multi-use building could function. Meetings with stakeholders and residents helped us think big about the possible uses for the facility. We wanted to anchor our community, inspire learning, and model what public buildings can be. We were always, and continue to be, open to new ideas and partnerships. Hastings-Prince Edward District School Board Hastings Highlands Council HHP Library Board Downtown Revitalization Maynooth Business Association North Hastings Heritage Network Community residents Slide 12 Funding RFP Process Choosing an Architect: design vs. design-build Community consultation: public meetings and strategic meetings with stakeholders Support from provincial and federal governments Slide 13 Creating a Landmark Library Journal May 2011 This article listed the top 10 new icons of the library world. These spaces acted as community living rooms for self-learning, experiencing culture, connecting, communicating and tapping into information and entertainment. Slide 14 Criteria for success: how we measure up Green Merchandising State of the art HVAC with propane-fired boilers, hot water radiators and in-floor heat in the gym White roof reduces the heat island effect Construction waste managed to minimize recycling Regionally available materials and labour were used wherever possible Re-purposed furniture from MTO and Carleton University cut our costs and consumption 75% of the public and work spaces have exterior views and daylight illumination Sensors make sure water gets turned off and toilets have a small and large flush option Old building moved and re-purposed Flexible Everything possible in the library is on wheels Very few interior walls have been installed Expansive sight lines Lower shelving Retail-style displays highlight new acquisitions and topical items Local artists are featured each month in a rotational display Dcor Focal point of the library is the cultured stone fireplace and the area directly in front of it This conversation area is front and centre upon entering the library and it creates a feeling of warmth and welcome Furnishings are comfortable and neutral Library living room encourages customers to linger Slide 15 The new library has a caf and wifi to make it a comfortable place to bring your laptop and get some work done. The fireplace creates a welcoming vista and keeps it cozy in the winter months Slide 16 Serving the Recreational Needs of the Community Community Use Gymnasium/Multi- purpose Room Now we have: School Board support for the project and school use of facility Community recreational programming Healthy Communities Fund Slide 17 Thanks for coming! Get in touch with us: Julie Andrews-Jotham Branch Manager South Fletchers & Mount Pleasant Village Branches Brampton Public Library Kimberly McMunn Chief Executive Officer Hastings Highlands Public Library Craig Davidson CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Municipality of Hastings Highlands Libraries have been around in various forms for nearly 4,000 years and have become a cornerstone of activities for the communities in which they exist. Even though the role and function of whats happening inside will change, the library itself will remain a powerful entity around which communities will rally. Thomas Frey