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  1. 1. Who Was Helen Keller? By: Dani, Caroline & Ashley
  2. 2. Helen Keller Birth Date: June, 27th 1880 Death Date: June 1st 1968
  3. 3. Early Life Helen could lock doors. She locked her mom in the pantry for hours! Helen met Anne Sullivan when she was about 6. Helen got a disease that made her turn blind and deaf when she was 2.
  4. 4. What is Helen Keller Famous For? She is famous because never gave up. She was also able to talk. Helen was deaf and blind, witch was rare. She made a difference for the blind and deaf.
  5. 5. Where in the world is Helen Keller? Helen Keller first lived in Alabama, Tuscumbia. Helen mostly traveled to Boston.
  6. 6. Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!!! Anne Sullivan was once blind too. Helen wasnt always blind and deaf. She got a disease. Being deaf and blind was rare in Helens time. Anne Sullivan was homeless when she was little. A friendly man found her and took her to Perkins School.
  7. 7. Character Traits of Helen Keller Curious: Helen was always asking questions. Smart: Helen learned fast. Appreciative: She always was polite and said thanks... Eager: She was always eager to learn. Responsible: Helen took care of herself and others. Kind: Helen respected others. Caring: She visited friends often. Mature: Helen was polite to other people. Helpful: Helen helped around the house. Determined: She was determined to learn. Strong: She fought through her life even though she was blind and deaf. Honest: Helen was accused of copying an authors book but she told the truth and said that she didnt. Courageous: Helen went over a worn down, train track bridge that could easily break. It was 40 ft above a ravine.
  8. 8. Message Helen Keller taught us that even if your blind and deaf you can still fit in and do what other people can.
  9. 9. Credits Ashley: Pictures Caroline: Helped typing Dani: Typed and edited