The Beach Bachelor: Day Five

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Text of The Beach Bachelor: Day Five

  • 1. Welcome to Day Five of the Beach Bachelor!Last time, Vogue was asked to leave meaning only Victoria, Luteand Betria were left in the house with Forrest.Also, Forrest decided to get to know the girls a bit better in the lastupdate, and discovered Lute is extremely enthusiastic, Betria is afraidof werewolves, and Victoria sees life as a party. It also rained for mostof the morning.Anyway! Day Five! ->
  • 2. By hot tub time on the fifth day, there was enough people to fill a tubwith no spares.However, that didnt mean all was well in the bachelors tub. It seemedsome people really didnt appreciate Betrias nudity.Eventually, though, they managed to move past that fact mostly withBetria insisting she was wearing a bathing suit, but it was invisible before Forrest decided to move the conversation towards the end ofthe week.
  • 3. So I was thinking, what are your plans after this week is finished?Forrest asked, casually.His question was met with three shrugs.Well...whoever is here on the last day, one of you three, how about Itake you back to where I come from, and introduce you to myfamily...
  • 4. It sounds great! Lute grinned. Forrest returned her smile.
  • 5. It sounds like commitment... Betria added, in a small voice.Oh no, Forrest replied, its just fun. You know, like hanging outtogether, but in the place I come from.
  • 6. I have to agree with Betria, Victoria said, it does sound likecommitment.
  • 7. I didnt think so, but if you guys dont want to meet my family-No, Forrest, it is commitment! Victoria insisted, Meeting your familyis a huge deal!Both Betria and Lute fell into a silence as they watched Victoria yell atForrest.Im sorry that you think that way, Victoria, Forrest said, quietly, nowlets change the subject.
  • 8. Lets talk about dinner tonight, Forrest decided, I found a shirt and atie in my suitcase, and was planning on making tonight a smart-casualevening. How about that?
  • 9. That sounds really nice! Lute answered, going through her wardrobein her mind.All dressed up for a salad in the dining room? Victoria raised aneyebrow.
  • 10. Dont worry about the food, Victoria, Ill cook something really nice forthe four of us.Victoria smiled, Now Im convinced this could be fun.
  • 11. Im pretty sure it could be fun! Betria nodded at Lute, with anencouragingly smile, Also, Im surprised Forrest even owns a tie.Me too! Lute agreed, returning the smile, I just have to choosesomething to wear now.
  • 12. Of course I own a tie! Okay, so I dont own a full suit but... Forrestlaughed, Im going to spend my afternoon transforming the diningroom, will you ladies be okay to entertain yourselves?With that decided, the four of them got out of the hot tub, and setabout enjoying their afternoon.
  • 13. The three girls found themselves spending the late afternoon on theshoreline, just enjoying it.Im going to miss the beach when we go, Lute said, but I suppose itwould be nice to go home.Or to Forrests home, Victoria added, but that is commitment, isntit?Who know? Betria laughed, Who cares? Lets just enjoy the end ofthe week, right?Time to go get ready, then. Lute replied.
  • 14. By the time darkness had fallen, the girls were ready to head down todinner.What do you think were having for dinner? Victoria asked, He said itwouldnt be salad.Im wondering, too. Lute smiled.Betria entered the hallway, Are we ready?Shortly after Betria finished speaking, all of the lights in the housewent out.
  • 15. Girls! Its a power cut! But Ive lit some candles down here, so youshould probably come down now. Forrest called.
  • 16. The girls stood in the dining room. Lute and Betria admired the table,set with candles at either end, while Victoria stared straight at Forrest.You killed the power on purpose, didnt you?
  • 17. You can see right through me, Victoria, Forrest laughed, but Iwanted an excuse to break out the candles. Anyway, did I mention youare all looking seriously beautiful tonight?For emphasis, Forrest whistled, earning some giggles in reply.
  • 18. So whats for dinner, Forrest? Lute asked, smiling.What do you three think of lobster? Forrest asked. Victoria pulled aface, Well, I hate lobster, so were having turkey. Any protests?The four of them got up and moved to the end of the room to get aglass of champagne each.
  • 19. Their food arrived as the friends sat down with glasses of champagne,and it was decided they couldnt eat until after a toast.To new friends, I guess! Betria announced.New friends! The others chorused.
  • 20. This is nice, Victoria decided, we should dress up for dinner moreoften.Theres only one more dinner left, Lute pointed out, and only threeof us will be here.The girls and Forrest fell quiet, thinking about how the week wasalmost over.
  • 21. Did I mention I love you all? Forrest laughed, breaking the silence.You had one glass of champagne, Forrest...why so sentimental?Betria smiled.Forrest gave a chuckle, and they carried on with dinner.
  • 22. After dinner was over, Forrest stepped out onto one of the balconies towatch the waves.Youre going to miss this place, too, arent you? Betria asked,stepping up behind him.Forrest allowed a smile, How can you tell? And its not just the placeIll miss, either...
  • 23. ...its the people, too. He murmured, and kissed Betria, gently.She pulled back from him and smiled a little, I dont want to saygoodbye to you, Forrest.Betria let him go and stepped back, offering him another smile beforeshe left him on the balcony.(I failed to get a picture of the kiss :( Which is disappointing, I know,but I couldnt exactly make them kiss again, thats not fair on theothers ;) )
  • 24. Powers back on, Victoria said, stepping out onto the balcony. Forrestturned to look at her.You saw through my plans, then. Forrest smiled.Well, the candlelight was nice, Victoria added, but the power-cutthing is so overdone.
  • 25. Everythings a little overdone, Forrest murmured, and this isprobably one of them, but I dont care.He leaned forwards and kissed Victoria. When she pulled away, shesaid nothing more, smiled, and left him standing there, a faint smile onhis face.
  • 26. Lute, you look wonderful, as always. Forrest said, causing Lute toblush a little.Thanks...its all because its nearly the end now, isnt it?Forrest nodded, Yeah. Its really...close. But Ive enjoyed m